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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The audio is titled as Shaikh Salim vs Sufi Imam Boston :)
  2. At least for the case of Hanafi Sunnis, they have rigorously authenticed ahadith as proof detailing the exact form of the adhan and the iqama, from none other than Imam 'Ali karamallahu wajjhu himself and numerous of his students and companions including Sayyidna Bilal radiallahu anhu, mostly 'Iraqis and not under the umayyads. See Fath al-Qadir of Imam ibn Humam. Sunnis also deny the reason that has been given for beginning tarawih, Sunnis do not believe Imam Ali is a "normal" person. Sunnis will take an offence to that expression. A Sunni, who loves the Ahl al-Bayt will take such an expression as an insult against Mawla Ka'inaat karamallahu wajhu, and then an insult towards himself and all of Islam. Most of us common men are not even normal men. There are so many meanings we can ascribe to the word "normal". A better expression would be he is a man unlike all others after the Prophets and Messengers, an extra-ordinary man, whose state and maqam we normal men cannot comprehend. Just imagine, the blessed rays from the blessed eyes of the Prophet alaihisaalam continuously on Mawla's heart. How could then such a man be a "normal" man. No way.
  3. Sunnis put the 5 messengers on the same level. Thats nonsense because in Sunni Aqida These are the ranks of the five Messengers alaihimusalam. The highest ranking Prophet is our Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wa alihi wa salam, then Sayyidna Ibrahim alaihisalam, then Sayyidna Musa alaihisalam, then Sayyidna Isa alaihisalam, then Sayyidna Nuh alaihisalam.
  4. What do the Sunni madhabs have to do with the topic of this thread? Which takfeer? Which contradiction? What does Sayyidna Abu Huraira radiallahu anhu and our mother Sayyida Aisha radiallahu anha have to do with this thread? what does this have to do with the topic? and which sunni rejected Imam Sadiq radiallahu anhu? who made up the deen? what is the way that Allah WANTS?
  5. what does this have to do with the topic? Also, the Prophet alaihisalam, whose sunnah the Sunnis follow is preserved in the 4 madhabs of Sunni Islam. wrong. It is Sunni Aqida, that the Prophet is the Best of ALL Creation. He is separate, and all the rest of Creation is separate. There is an ijmaa on this in all the 4 Schools of Sunni Islam. Sorry.
  6. What a fantastic show isn't it? Lets see, That hadith does not mean that. It is Sunni Aqida, that the Prophet is the Best among ALL the Creation you wonder wrong. Because, it is Sunni Aqida, ijmaa, that the Prophet is the Best of All creation yes because, firstly the hadiths are sahih, secondly, they are not a forgery, thirdly they disagree with what you made up actually, they are authentic, and Sunnis (who believe in the aqida of the Prophet being the Best of ALL Creation) use these very hadiths that you are copy pasting, to prove many other points of Sunni Aqida. Funny, because Sunnis scholars, all of them, have been using these very hadiths for more than 1100 years, and they found no blasphemies. the books are authentic since you reject hadith sciences, i suggest you take up some other profession than having fun on this forum, you cannot be nitpicking on Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih al-Muslim all your life you know I have never seen ANY Sunni get haunted by the above hadiths. But it seems you are being haunted instead. Am I right? done
  7. According to the Indian Govt, Muslims are hovering close to 13.6% of Indian's population. If India's population is 1150 million, thats about 156 million Muslims. If there are 50 million twelver Shias in India, then that would mean, 1/3rd of Indian Muslims are Twelvers. Are you kidding me? Half the Indian States have no twelver population, while they have tens of millions of Sunnis. Even in north india, where most of the twelver population lives, Sunnis are MORE than 10 times their number Some states like Gujarat have a Bohra/Nizari Shia population higher than the twelver population.
  8. I did not know that wikipedia had the same figure :) But please do not call India a dump. Its full of Muslims, besides Hindu discrimination. And the vast majority of them are excellent Muslims. Allah protect them.
  9. In India, all shias (twelvers/Ismailis/Bohras) all added together do not number more than 1% of India's population. Thats 11 million
  10. O My God, now Sayyidna Jalal al-Din Rumi radiallahu anhu, who was extremely anti-shia, is also a twelver shia?
  11. Our mother Sayyida Aisha radiallahu anha, said that when the Prophet came back from the Isra wal Meraj, the warmth of his bed, when he left, was still there!
  12. Botta, I mentioned many times before, these kids here are paranoid. They need a spanking from their twelver parents, a good one
  13. it seems that pakistani twelvers generally are the dumbest among all similar twelvers
  14. when you have goons here behaving as if they just came out of a bar, then yes this is a twelver bar you are welcome inuit Also, the peace I felt there, next to the two blessed graves, I cannot describe.
  15. Ok, if it satisfies you, then he is not a Sunni, but is a Twelver Shia. take care
  16. Since, the Qur'an al-kareem is enough for you twelvers, then know that the Qur'an al-kareem in your hands is Sayyiduna Uthman's Qur'an and not Maula Ali's Qur'an, because his Qur'an got burned. In other words, when you twelvers check your sunnas to see whether they contradict the Qur'an, then know that you are comparing the words of the Imams and their sunnas with Uthman's Qur'an. You guys are stuck. You sunnas are dependent on the Qur'an of the very person you demonize and hate.
  17. omar, this idea is more resonant with cults and cultish behaviour.
  18. Jesus is Lord, are you seeing the hate of these people. This is what these kids are taught in their matam houses.
  19. Remember and memorize it in your heads, that the Qur'an al-kareem in your hands is Sayyidna Uthman radiallahu anhu's Qur'an al-kareem. You Twelvers have Uthman's Qur'an in your hands. Maula Ali's Qur'an got burned.
  20. Khadija Khadija Khadija I love you for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, you were his comfort, no one can substitute that Ya Abu Talib Ya 'am rasool I love you for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, you were his comfort, no one can substitute that :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: my heart aches
  21. You guys know, I was doing ziyara of Sayyida Khadija radiallahu anha and Sayyidna Abu Taleb radiallahu anhu pretty much this very time of the month of July, last year, subhanalla. I did the ziyara in the second week of July for 10 continuous days, sitting in front of the blessed grave of Sayyidna Abu Taleb radiallahu anhu for 2 hours each time duing zikr as they do in my homeland of Herat, Afghanistan. I burned Yemeni incense there and some common indian incense too, I want to go there again :cry:
  22. what makes life worth living is the Love of the Sayyidna Muhammad and his Family salallaho alaihi wa alihi wa salam
  23. Among Sunnis, there is a difference of opinion; His blessed grave is right next to the blessed grave of Sayyida Khadija radiallahu anha. Both the graves are under the care of Sunnis. Sunnis wash the grill of his gravesite with musk and then perfume it everyweek. It is the Habaib of Makka who do it. I was there with them. Whenever I do ziyara of Sayyidna Abu Talib radiallahu anhu, I give him my salam and of my family, and then I shed a few tears, and do tawassul through him. Sayyidna Abu Bakr radiallahu anhu is right Sayyidna Abu Bakr radiallahu anhu, the companion in the cave, mentioned by Allah in the Qur'an al-kareem, is right difference explained
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