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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My engagement lasted for almost a year because my husband was doing his specialization back then & he wanted to get done with it before getting married.We got married 2 months ago,Alhumdulilah.
  2. Just to name a few, •my husband is a truthful,kind,generous & a God-fearing person. •He has helped me in my moral & spiritual upliftment & it's because of him that i'm more inclined towards religion than ever before. •He takes care of the domestic chores whenever i'm on-call despite of his hectic schedule. Before getting married,i had this never- ending list containing a plethora of qualities that i wanted my future spouse to possess but that's not how life actually goes.I mean,you can't just sit there waiting for the mr. Perfect to show up right on your doorstep.Things like that aren't supposed to happen in real.I've been happily married for 2 months now & my husband is totally opposite of how i envisioned my future spouse. For the starters,i never wanted to marry a dr. but i ended-up being married to one.Secondly,he's very opinionated & i hated being dictated to even by my parents & last but not the least both of us are worlds apart from each other but there was one thing that we were perfectly aware of from the very beginning that a successful marriage is all about compromising on the things you can't imagine giving up on in the first place.I had to give-up on certain things & my husband did the same & things have been working pretty fine for us since then,Alhumdulilah. For all the people out there who're still searching for their soul-mates,i don't think that being married for 2 months actually make me experienced enough to have a say in this matter but here's my stance.Don't settle for less but try not to raise the bar too high.I hope that may you all get to meet your better-halves real soon.May Imam-e-zaman(AJTF)bless you all(ameen).
  3. When you're young and possibly immature you get fed up easily,things tend to frustrate you and you wanna escape them.That seems the right thing to do at the same time. But when you get wiser and older,you get back those very things,you see them in a different perspective and you wanna stay there.forever may be.
  4. Our School's Quran teacher once mentioned that satan would pee in our hair if we didn't cover them.It took me an eternity to figure out how messed up his views regarding Islam were.i wonder why do such manipulative people exist.
  5. Dealing with the tantrums of my Consultant.This is what am struggling with,nowadays.It's really exhausting when you're all scrubbed up for almost an hour or so but the anaesthetist on call doesn't make it on time like every other day & there's absolutely nothing you can do about it except for standing there waiting for His Excellency's arrival with a stupid smile on your face.That's so downright pathetic & i simply hate those who don't value your time as you can waste your time as you wish, but you can't have anyone else wasting your precious time.I mean,better be your own poison than have any one else do the honours.
  6. Conceiving twins/multiples is influenced by many factors like age,race,ethnicity etc.Your chances of having a twin/multiples would increase if you're of African descent, tall,overweight, in your mid 30's,receiving fertility treatments & if you,your mother or your grandmother(from maternal side) are a fraternal twin but again nothing can be said with certainty as the science behind conceiving a twin is a complex one. Regarding any specific duas so i don't know of any but lemme tell you that there are certain things for which you need not to worry about & there are times when leaving them to Allah is the only option we're left with.I'm a staunch believer that you don't need to memorize any fancy words to call upon your lord in times of distress & need.All you can do is make dua to Him be it in any form while putting your trust in Him.He's the best of listeners & believe me when i say this as being a Dr. am a witness to this attribute of Allah. I've seen terminally ill patients making miraculous recoveries as if they weren't ill in the first place so try to understand the power of dua & don't give-up on praying.May Allah grant your wishes soon.
  7. I once attempted arson when i was a 6th grader.It was a lazy summer afternoon & i was getting bored so i sneaked into the backyard & set our trash can on fire.A moment later, i saw my mother parking her car in the garage & the next thing i did was cussing & threatening to set my neightbours on fire next time they try burning something in the lot .Our driver was such a blabber that he informed my parents about what happened in real & as a result i was grounded for almost a week.
  8. Your passion for the traditional desi food is gonna get you nowhere.Moreover,only a nutritionist/dietition can help you in devising a diet plan for you after calculating your BMI & BMR.Any other diet plan devised by a non-medical professional is going to be of no use whatsoever as what may suit others might not suit you because there are plenty of different workouts & diet plans for different body types(mesomorphs,ectomorphs,endomorphs).Depending upon your body type a diet plan will be devised by your dietition & that's a perfect way to get it done by seeking a professional advice.I repeat,always seek professional advice in matters pertaining to health.Besides seeing a dietition,you need to make some life style & dietary changes which are as under: 1-Stay away from all sort of white poison(sugar,white flour,pasta,etc). 2-Avoid bad carbs(soda). 3-Include green leafy vegetables,protein(eggs,fish,beef,mutton,chicken),legumes,oats,dates,nuts in your diet. 4-Don't resort to unhealthy diets as they ruin your metabolism. 5-Consume 5-6 small meals per day. 6-Have a glass of water 30 mins before meals. & last but not the least control your portion size & use smaller plates. Regarding losing weight without exercising so that is something which is almost next to impossible.You can't lose weight without dieting & exercising alone is of no use.Both of them go hand in hand.Buy a treadmill if you can't go to gym.You can try steep uphill treadmill walking for toning up your glutes.jumping jacks,squats & skipping are the kind of exercises that can be easily done at home but don't jumpstart on anything.go easy & slow on the workout you do & keep on increasing the the intensity of workout with the passage of time.I'd personally recommend you getting a membership of any nearby gym in your area of residence.Believe me,it's really motivating p.s taking few hours out of your busy routine would be totally worth it & you won't be regretting this decision of yours like ever.
  9. It's pretty normal for a teenage girl to have irregular menstruation for first 2 years after the onset of menarche but if she's past that phase & still continues to be having missed periods for 3-5 months in a row then she should get an appointment with her gynaecologist who would run some hormonal tests (including LH,FSH,Prolactin,TSH),an usg scan(pelvis+abdomen)alongwith a Physical exam(checking for the signs of acne,excessive facial hair growth(hirsutism),hoarseness of voice etc for ruling-out PCOS). My two cents: Get an appointment with your obs/gynae expert.In the mean time,cut down on stress.avoid strenuous workout & lose some weight if you're obese.
  10. I'm always just scratching cards, looking for numbers & spending money on unreal schemes.maybe I'm a desperate believer.
  11. The only thing I regret after a bad event in life is having worn my perfume to it.It's always 10 splashes of shame & loss. That's all I think about. What a waste!
  12. Silence isn't scary anymore. If anything, it's comforting. No questions asked, no answers put forth, just plain silence.
  13. Ask Allah simply for everything. Even if its the slightest thing to your eye. All belongs to Him and He can grant you whatever of it because in our trials & our darkest hours it is Him who cares, it is Him who's always there. And it is Him who can unburden us and put relief to our hearts. All we need is putting belief in Allah. I swear miracles happen. They do. I have seen em happen. It's all about how much you expect from Allah. It's all about that.
  14. chicken parmesan.Had it after ages homemade trifle-A delight for the taste buds
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