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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I just realised some people might not know who Nasri is lol. Samir Nasri is a Muslim footballer who plays for Manchester City, though it shouldn't make much difference to what's already been posted :)
  2. (bismillah) (salam) So I stumbled across this video... Is Dr Zakir Naik correct in what he says according to Shia Islam? That there is no hope/dua for a person who has passed away and commited shirk, and that she must pray for her offspring to be Muslims instead? Thank you.
  3. I think the main issue is, to state whether someone is definately going to hell or heaven? We don't know our own destination, so how can we say for sure that someone else is ending up in heaven or hell? My ''friend'' presumed that she was a Hindu after hearing she was from India. As mentioned previously, she was actually a Catholic. If we make presumptions about someone's faith but it turns to be false, how can we be sure of our own destiny, let alone someone else's?
  4. Sorry to keep adding to this topic but one of the reasons I kept in contact with him is because I was afraid that he would commit suicide due to depression. Ironically, we stopped speaking to each other due to an argument about someone who committed suicide. Even though he feels strongly about the destination of people who kill themselves, is there a chance he might do the same?
  5. I think it might be deeper than attention-seeking. It might be a mental disorder as others have also mentioned. However, attention-seeking could be apart of his instability.
  6. I'm a guy myself. I don't know any of his family members. Even if I wanted to talk to him, (which I don't) I can't because he's blocked me on FB. The only thing I can do is pray for him.
  7. I guess the only reason I kept in contact with him is because I felt sorry him being depressed and I was was one of the very few people he spoke to. I was also afraid he would commit suicide (God forbid) due to his depression.
  8. Thank you for the responses. Unfortunately I don't know any of his family members. He's told me that they are usually busy so he "suffers in silence." It's interesting you mention personality disorder because a girl who he was speaking to online decided to block him and told him he wished he was dead because she found out he was messaging her friends. He created another account with a very similar name (his first name added to his middle and second name) and messaged her saying that he was new to FB and wished to add her as a friend. Strangely, she accepted his request, which I think is down to her being an attention-seeker. Surprisingly, he's developed a close relationship with her and there is a possibilty that they will meet in real life. The problem is, she will realise that it is actually him and she was being lied to all this time. He's effectively created another person who talks to this girl. He decided to tweet this girl's sister "Hi gorgeous how are you? How's X? Take care of my girl I miss her." The sister replied understandbly is a rude fashion and told him not to call her gorgeous, her sister is not your girl and "F off." He told me of an incident from school where he kept telling a girl he liked her which prompted her to go to the headteacher and was informed that police would be involved if he continued. I have a feeling that he did something quite disturbing which has made everyone avoid and block him on FB. In addition to his interaction with girls, he's told me how he's been messaging a girl from Uni but she told him she "wanted nothing to do with him" and blocked him on FB. Despite this, he's continued to stalk the girl by looking at pictures her friends put up (which were on public setting). He follows her on twitter and has sent her numerous tweets and has even sent tweets to her brother. He continues to message the girl and send her tweets even though she doesn't reply. As I see his tweets now, I can see his messaging various girls, including this one tweet where he says "you're a hot [Edited Out]. follow me." His next tweet is a response to a girl's picture which is an extract from a Hadith regarding protection from the grave. He tells the girl to read and recite Surah Malik. I am very worried for his general wellbeing as the level of hypocrisy is unbelievable. He also has very low self-esteem. He's told me how one of his teachers had compared his facial features to that of the male genetalia. Girls would come up to him and call him ugly straight to his face. He's also quite socially awkward and is generally lacks in social skills and etiquette.
  9. (bismillah) (salam) I recently had an argument with a friend I know from Uni on facebook, after he said the nurse involved in the royal family incident who comitted suicide would be going straight to hell because she is a Hindu. I argued that you cannot say whether an individual will go to hell because it is ultimately Allah's (swt) decision. He sent me verses from the Qur'an as well as quotes from Hadit about suicide etc. His point was that anyone who commits suicide is definately going straight to hell. He told me about if you ask any scholar they would agree with his point. I managed to find a video of a scholar who agreed with my point. He told me that he would not watch the video and said I had zero knoledge of the Qur'an. The next day he spoke about how the X-Factor judges looked 'hot' but it was a shame they would be "going to hell." I asked what if they repented to which he replied "as if they're going to hell." I saw on his twitter he told Nasri to go to hell as well. When I asked him about this, he said it was because he had a "Christian girlfriend." I mentioned to him that he is speaking as if he is a 100% perfect and pious Muslim who makes no mistakes. He said "I don't make mistakes." I reminded him that he recently backbited against a Muslim brother to me. The response he gave implied that backbiting is literally talking about someone whilst their back is turned and are closeby to you. I informed him that backbiting is speaking ill of someone when they are absent. He then questioned me whether I pray, donate to charity and pray taraweeh (I'm a Shia and he knows). I sent him an explanation about backbiting and he told me that "shia muslims will probably go to hell like you" and then blocked me. I sent him an email (since I could not send a FB message) that he speaks of Nasri's girlfriend yet he told me about him wanting to give oral sex to a Muslim girl he knows. I said I would pray for him despite what he's said to me (I'm not even sure whether he the email was sent, since I've been blocked on FB). I must mention a little about his background. He told me that he was diagnosed with depression by his doctor. He has little to no friends, and did not have any friends during secondary school (high school). He told me about how he was bullied by non-muslims throughout his life for his faith as well as his looks. People who he knew from previous schools do not accept his friend requests and block him, male and female. I'm not sure whether he is mentally unstable, or just been brainwashed by extremism due to lonliness and completely unaware of himself as being a major hypocrite. I am worried that he will do harm to others as well as himself possibly. I have been praying for him that he overcomes his depression. The thing is, I'm not sure whether he brought it upon himself due to his views or he genuinly a bad person who I should completely avoid. What can I do in regards to this situation? Thank you and apologies for the long post!
  10. You think they're gonna kill Jermaine next? Would be scary if he did die soon...
  11. We would all live happily ever after. This forum would be called muslimchat.
  12. I always assumed that the 'suitable for vegetarians' label means that it is ok for us to eat?
  13. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...p;#entry1372012 Explanation of why ahlul-bayt are not explicity mentioned.
  14. Even with the above quotes and narrations, why do some ayatollahs allow music while some forbid it?
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