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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. bismillah. salam. Did you know the chat room was fixed about six weeks ago? just saying ~

  2. I just heard you have left this forum...which is a shame...I have been following your posts (I think stalking is a more correct term)...I was going to send you some questions on a few Shia Hadith and what you thought of their chains but you have left this forum...if you would like to hear some of my questions then please contact me on gl0rfindel at hotmail dot com

    thanks (if you are ...

  3. Thanks for everything guys. It has been informative, and at times even fun. Mods: Please "unregister" my account.
  4. I know a few of you here that have been waiting for this for a while now, and I'm announcing that I will be leaving perhaps permanently. This is somewhat due to the lack of quality in the forums recently, and personally, I believe that I can make better use of my time doing something other than debating those that have learned nothing other than the ABCs of "refuting" Sunnism. My time will be better spent on learning the other aspects of Islam, more on aqeedah, fiqh, and hadith. I suggest that other Sunnis here do the same. My final piece of advise to the Shias here is to learn your own reli
  5. Wa alaykum alsalam... Thanks.

  6. Salam Alaikum,

    Good informative posts. May Allah swt bless you and increase you in knowledge.

  7. There is a weakness in Yahya bin Sulaim. Isma'eel bin Ubaid is majhool. Ali bin Ahmad is too young to hear Al-Haitham bin Kulaib.
  8. I just read Ahmad Shakir's authentication. He also says that it wasn't khamr. In any case, even if we accept your argument that the "khamr" version is authentic, then there is idtiraab and there are two narrators in there that are known for their awhaam, therefore the hadith cannot be accepted.
  9. I am mahdi moarefzadeh from iran.i like to be friend with you.please send me email to mmoarefzadeh200@yahoo.com

    I am waiting for your reply.

    best regards.

  10. ^ There is a problem with the above hadith. Here is another narration with similar narrators: (27) ÍÏËäÇ ÒíÏ Èä ÇáÍÈÇÈ Úä ÍÓíä Èä æÇÞÏ ÞÇá ÍÏËäÇ ÚÈÏ Çááå Èä ÈÑíÏÉ ÞÇá : ÞÇá : ÏÎáÊ ÃäÇ æÃÈí Úáì ãÚÇæíÉ ÝÃÌáÓ ÃÈí Úáì ÇáÓÑíÑ æÃÊì ÈÇáØÚÇã ÝÃØÚãäÇ ¡ æÃÊì ÈÔÑÇÈ ÝÔÑÈ ¡ ÝÞÇá ãÚÇæíÉ ¡ ãÇ ÔÆ ßäÊ ÃÓÊáÐÉ æÃäÇ ÔÇÈ ÝÃÎÐå Çáíæã ÅáÇ ÇááÈä ¡ ÝÅäí ÂÎÐå ßãÇ ßäÊ ÂÎÐå ÞÈá Çáíæã ¡ æÇáÍÏíË ÇáÍÓä. Actually Al-Haithami said, "The men are the men of the Saheeh, but there is something in the words of Mu'awiyah that I left out." This implies that there is something in the matn that should be rejected. Also, if you look
  11. Mmm... Yes, I remember this. You will also find it in Musnad Imam Al-Shafi'ee, hadith # 1462. First edition - Gharas Publishing. Akhi, it is pretty hard to stick Al-Bukhari with something like this. He is just a hadith collector. Most of these "changes" are due to the narrators themselves. In most cases, the narrators are different. In other cases, the narrators narrate the same hadith in a different way.
  12. Akhi, why would Al-Bukhari do such a thing? Also, Al-Tabarani and Ibn Hibban both included the same hadith in their books without the addition included in Saheeh Muslim.
  13. Sister, I suggest you pick up a book or two regarding hadith sciences before you end up discrediting your own scholars without realizing that you are doing so. According to your definition, Al-A'amash, Abu Ishaaq Al-Subai'ee, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, and both Sufyan's are liars. By holding this position, you are doing something that has never been put to practice by hadith scholars. Even the strictest scholars, like Shu'ba bin Al-Hajjaj narrated the hadiths of mudaliseen and honored and respected them for their knowledge. I know that you have only love for your religion and that your intentions are
  14. Yes, I have been to Dorar... I asked previously for those shawahid... and the addition of qarabati. Sure, I don't mind you arguing that Ibn Ishaaq was a mudalis, but I do have issues with you claiming that he was a liar.
  15. According to Ahmad Shakir, right? You just mentioned that there are other shawahid without Yazeed bin Abi Ziyad. This isn't one of them. La hawla wala quwata illa billah... "Well known to be a liar"? Mashallah, well known by whom? Most hadith scholars rejected Malik's view and strengthened the hadith of Ibn Ishaaq.
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