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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If it is blocked in Iran, you don't know the reason it is blocked, and until you do know the reason, all else is speculation. Why discuss whether it is oppression or fear of criticism or disrespect without even knowing the reason? Could be something completely unrelated to what you think.
  2. I see it like two employees... One is a temporary worker, the other is hired permanently. When the temp worker's contract ends, he will not consider himself fired like the permanent one would if he was terminated. The status is different even though they are both considered employees. [Both marriages... Different outcomes]
  3. Personally I would not consider that person's status as divorced. If I was on a marriage site and I saw someone's status as divorced I would only think they were talking about permanent marriage. If I saw "never married" I would think it meant never permanently married but would not be totally surprised if they had been temporarily married before.
  4. It costs $100 a year that they don't have. There is no buying it, you have to keep renewing the subscription yearly. If it was just about buying it I might offer to buy it for them but this way I can't afford to keep paying that for someone else either. You are right though I will look elsewhere.
  5. A relative of mine is a graphic designer, but they mentioned one time to me they they aquired their design programs by someone hacking it for them. I need some design work done and I want to support a family member but it seems very wrong to ask them knowing what I know. I wonder what I should do.
  6. Difficult question... That I cannot find an answer to sadly. May Allah forgive our parents. What is the first thing you think about in the mornings?
  7. I'm guessing that shifty face means the answer is you?? I thought you were khoja though.
  8. Depends on which group of people I am around. Amongst shiachatters I think I am one of the only active black members. What was one of the best things to happen to you this year?
  9. Bite or pick at my fingers. Anything prepared deliciously. Red meat over white bc less weird stuff like veins and tendons.
  10. Probably my mom too What things do you do subconsciously when you are nervous?
  11. Ruling 726. As previously mentioned, the time for the ʿishāʾ prayer for a person under normal circumstances ends at midnight. The night is the period from the beginning of sunset until dawn. Ruling 727. If someone wilfully does not perform maghrib or ʿishāʾ prayers by midnight, he must, based on obligatory precaution, perform them before the time of the morning call to prayer (adhān) without making the intention of whether he is performing them in their prescribed time or not (adāʾ or qaḍāʾ). From Ayatollah Sistani
  12. Yeah that was really strange and shady of them not to use the actual product! I wanted to see it work! So sad that they are just now realizing that water cleans more effectively than dry paper, and stating it like it's news smh. Anyway if it does work well that could be really cute to keep on hand for travel. Although I'd like a version that doesn't need to be charged. Can't they make it so that it's powered by some kind of pumping action?
  13. Should we be careful about praising people so that they don't feel Riya? For example saying "you recite very well mashaAllah." Should we say nothing instead?
  14. I don't understand the claim of the sun shining like a flashlight, amongst other claims. It is just not logical in so many ways.
  15. That women are talkative and men are not. Sometimes true, not always.
  16. The first thing that came to my mind was something that I did some years ago and I felt like, in my own words at the time "it was the most shameful thing I'd ever done." I disagree now, it turned out to be not that bad but at the time I was shooketh. What happened was I was trying to make an art project for my students to sell at the school fair coming up. And I bought some liquid gold leaf paint for them to use even though it had warning about it being toxic, I dismissed it because I really wanted to use that paint and thought it was just an exaggerated warning. So the next day I did the project with the kids and when the paint started eating through the styrofoam cups I poured it into and the fumes filled the room and the paint that got on one of the kids hands wouldn't wash off no matter what, I panicked and realized what a horrible thing I had just done. Put the health of other peoples small kids entrusted to me in danger. I felt really bad and vowed to never touch that paint again. However I told some family members and they assured me it wasn't as bad as I thought, and that the paint didn't damage them. And when I went back to work the next day all the kids were fine and happy and I could breathe easy again. But I knew to be very careful from then on out especially with other people's children.
  17. Yum. I used to love what we called hoagie night when I was growing up. I thought the third oldest was like 6?
  18. Well actually I'm pretty happy with myself when I'm alone. When I'm around others, that's when the discomfort kicks in.
  19. No... I envy those who do. I constantly battle my own mind that tells me I'm not good enough in any department. But it just makes me realize that everything good that we have is a blessing from Allah. Even a sound mind. So while others have a lot of external tests and challenges, mine are primarily internal. I'm not completely crazy though lol, only like 15%.
  20. My comment was less about the woman and more about the man not doing his wajib while the wife is now in that role. I am glad he is taking care of his child and not leaving it up to strangers, but my point is... just because we men or women CAN do something, doesn't mean we should. It raises the question of the natural order of things. Do you believe that there is a natural order of things? That everything in the universe has perfect order and balance? Think about science and the remarkable ways Allah has created everything to work together harmoniously. Do you believe that Islam and Allah's commandments in the Qur'an are in line with that perfect balance and order? Do you think it was arbitrary that Allah commanded men to provide for their families and be leaders? Do you think that He should have said men CAN provide, but it's really up to the couple and if they have a different arrangement then that's good too? Do you think that Allah created men and women in such a way that their bodies and brains are in line with the system that He laid out for us? Please answer these questions I'd like to know your thoughts on these points.
  21. I've never been good at planning ahead but I was inspired by notme planning all her dinners for the whole month and tried it for October. Boy has it changed my life! Thank you. It has made shopping and cooking so much easier and was not as intimidating as I imagined. Tonight on the menu was salmon, rice, and mixed veggies. But today was a crazy day and we were out so we ate at Moe's Southwest grill which is our go to place and I had my usual which is the loaded nachos. Was divine as always.
  22. This was such a sweet thread. I didn't know Reza and baradar Jackson were such close friends, if so, @Reza should tell us what happened to baradar Jackson. Unfortunately I don't know anyone on the forum well enough to dedicate a post to them. But I do secretly love Shia farm girl. We have never spoken but it's okay, I prefer to admire people from a distance.
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