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  1. A protester with a Palestinian flag self-immolated on Friday outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta, authorities said. The person, whom officials did not identify, is in critical condition, Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said at a news conference. A security guard who attempted to intervene was also injured. "We are saddened to learn of the self-immolation at the entrance to the office building," the consul general of Israel to the southeastern U.S., Anat Sultan-Dadon, told ABC News. "It is tragic to see the hate and incitement toward Israel expressed in such a horrific way. The sanctity of life is our highest value." I can't believe they actually said the bolded part. Sick psychos.
  2. I initially thought it was something that just recently surfaced. Has it been well known and around for awhile?
  3. Strangely worded article. It should include boycott of Israel and Israeli products.
  4. The granddaughter of Ismail Haniyeh was just martyred in Gaza.
  5. I read the whole article. What was it supposed to prove exactly? That Hamas has a political office in Qatar? Sigh. This is just sad at this point. No point in opening your other links, you are just wasting people's time.
  6. Agreed. This article goes into some of the extent that the israeli military killed and bombed its own civilians, hence responsible for many of their own casualties. https://thegrayzone.com/2023/10/27/israels-military-shelled-burning-tanks-helicopters/ Here is one part of the article illustrating that even the israeli side knows that the "evidence" they have is bogus and backtracking. Israel’s UN ambassador, Gilad Erdan, appears to have promoted photos showing dead Hamas fighters during his October 26 tirade at the United Nations. Erdan gesticulated angrily at the podium, bellowing that “we are fighting animals” before whipping out a paper displaying a QR code captionioned, “Scan to see Hamas’ atrocities.” When I scanned the code that day at noon, I found around 8 grisly images of burned bodies and blackened body parts. One showed a pile of completely charred male corpses piled into a dumpster. Would Israeli rescuers and medics have disposed of dead Jewish Israelis in such a fashion? All Israelis killed on October 7 appear to have been collected in individual body bags and transported to morgues. Meanwhile, numerous videos recorded by Israelis showed them defiling the corpses of Hamas gunmen killed by security forces – stripping them naked, urinating on them, and mutilating their bodies. Throwing their bodies in a dumpster would seem to be a part of the de facto policy of corpse abuse. Just over twelve hours after Ambassador Erdan promoted the supposed Hamas atrocity photos at the UN, the Google Drive file contained only one brief video. Among the mysteriously disappeared photos was the image of the dumpster filled with burned bodies. Had it been deleted because it showed Hamas fighters torched by a Hellfire missile, and not Israelis “burned to death” by Hamas? The QR code he displayed currently leads to a 404 notice.
  7. Those are valid points. Following that analogy then, what should the wife do, and what should the friend do?
  8. It prob depends on the culture of 'urf of the place you are in. If it's common or acceptable for a woman to have that haircut it's fine. If in the common view it would be seen as trying to resemble a man it wouldn't be okay. In some cultures the women only have short hair for example so in that society it would be perfectly fine but in another society it could be problematic.
  9. Good advice, thank you. Currently I don't feel pressured to learn farsi faster necessarily so I don't think I'll be hiring a tutor. I'm just taking my time and praying I reach the goal eventually. Alhamdulillah luckily my husband is a native farsi speaker so I can kind of practice with him and throw some phrases out there and it seems lately he has been able to sort of understand the things I am trying to say so that's progress! But he is not actively involved in teaching me so I still need to do all of my learning self-directed, but it's a big bonus to be able to have someone I can practice on handy. So you write in actual farsi script or do you do a transliteration in your journal?
  10. @In Gods Namecame across this vid and thought this might interest you
  11. You are probably further along than me although I have been trying to learn for almost a year now since you are studying 30+ minutes per day which is great and consistent. I haven't been consistent and it is difficult for me to find solid uninterrupted blocks of time that I can focus and write notes. But I would say I'm an intermediate beginner I guess? I have about 300-400 words memorized and can form basic sentences (like 5 words max lol). I only recently discovered Majid's YouTube videos and they are really great, I wish I had seen them before I went to Iran (about 3 months ago), he explains things really well. I'm 30 years old so things don't stick in my brain as well as when I was younger but I would like to get to a level where I can follow and contribute to normal conversations. I guess like a 2 or 2.5 out of 5 for fluency is my goal.
  12. Wow that's some intense victim blaming. God forbid the following scenario ever happens: your married daughter or other female family member has a psychotic and abusive husband that has held her prisoner in the home. Every day he abuses her physically and mentally. One day she snaps from anger and defends her self dignity by slapping him. He then beats her within an inch of her life because she dared touch him. If she comes to you for help, I shudder to think that you would say "it's your fault, you knew he was crazy, you gave him an excuse to almost kill you by slapping him." Guess she should have just taken the abuse quietly. I know you would never respond like that if that really happened to someone you knew but hopefully the anecdote illustrates the point I'm trying to make.
  13. Anyone else planning to go the march on Washington this weekend?
  14. @In Gods Name @ali_fatheroforphans what level would you say you guys are at with farsi?
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