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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Early marriage should still be encouraged but perhaps scholars can also promote the stories of those who did not get married to encourage those who are waiting for marriage, like Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) and Fatima Masooma (عليه السلام). Waiting a long time for marriage or never getting married is the major test for some people in this world off topic but maybe there is another solution, maybe they could take hormone suppressants or something to reduce all desire.
  2. mashaAllah thank you Is there a way for you to change the orientation of the hadiths from vertical to horizontal? On my phone it's difficult and unfun to read it vertically and would look nicer and more professional horizontal.
  3. Maybe he's a jinn lol, but likely just a lot of coincidence.
  4. My advice: You'll regret it, don't do it. Financial stress in a marriage is no joke. Marry a man with at least ambition and you will be able to respect him. If you don't respect your husband, then the marriage can't work. Sidenote: I feel like movies romanticize marrying poor but being in love. Real life is not like this. I almost married a man with no ambition but backed out at the last minute alhamdulillah. It was a tough time after the breakup but now I'm married to a not rich man but a man who works hard and is very ambitious and I am so grateful to Allah and very happily married. inshaAllah you will find someone better.
  5. Oops... I actually have that in my living room right now we bought the frames a year ago but haven't replaced the stock photos yet, but they're nice pics so we don't mind. And the people look like they could be related to us so we've confused a few guests.
  6. Tonight I made bean burgers using red beans. Better than expected, hubby liked. Was too uninspired to make any sides, so kind of a scant dinner lol.
  7. Nine days is long! O.o might have to escape somewhere halfway through the week for a little break.
  8. Lol never heard it referred to as this. I call it 'quote unquote' when I do it.
  9. This is if you believe that another marja is more knowledgeable in that area. You can choose whichever marja you think is most knowledgeable in different areas of ahkam. Or if the marja has an obligatory precaution fatwa then you can look at the ruling of the next most knowledgeable. But you can't shop around just because. As for Ayatollah Sistani's ruling I am not sure but you can go to his website and look.
  10. Just finished The Invisible Guest. If you like crime/ thriller/ suspense, I recommend. Best of all it had no bad scenes (no kissing, nudity, sex, although the movie was based around an adulterous relationship) and only one curse word as far as I remember. But it's also an engaging plot with twists and turns and will keep you interested until the very end. 8/10 *Note: Spanish audio
  11. feeling so frustrated, like I'm talking to a brick wall. why don't people let me help them, I know what I'm talking about!! we will all be happier if you just let me take over and do everything the right way sincerely, control freak but not really, only with certain things
  12. I have tried registering an account on iqraonline.net several times over several days both on my cell phone and on my computer and the same captcha error keeps coming up. Is anyone else having this problem and how do I get through it?
  13. Editing takes quite a bit of time. If you want a good editor you will probably have to pay, especially something book length. I don't know what discord is but I know upwork and Fiverr have freelancers, you might be able to get an affordable rate.
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