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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wow. thanks for the answer. so zolfigar where are you? are you in iraq or somewhere else? the one with the dajjal from Khurasan, isn't that explained in tads 192. also do you think syed Ali KHAMENAI could be Khurasani? I think Khurasani and Yamani will work together because it said that khurasani will meet the black flags which you wrote is Yamani. wow,The time is now,even my mom said the IMAM is coming. I hope to IMAM's soldier. also if I ask Yamani any qusetion like for example about me, like what is my name, where do I live or what is my family name. will he answer? what miracle he has? thanks again. The secret hadeeth? what is it? 10,000 for each 313 or 10,000 for all 313?
  2. OK. I have questions. 1. what if I follow Khurasani? Am I still people from hell? 2. black flags from khurasan or east, that's Yamani? 2. Huthayfa ibn AlYamani heard the Prophet of Allah pbuh say:"He will be given allegiance between the Rukn and Maqam. when will that happen? after he comes out and fights Sufyani? 3. what response did syed Ali KHAMENAI give to him? Did you think they working together? 4. so who is Khurasani and Shuayb ibn Saleh? And what about them, isn't Khurasani the one that give the flag to IMAM AL MAHDI A.S.? and isn't Shuayb ibn Saleh carrying the stardard flag of IMAM AL MAHDI A.S.? 5. where is Yamani now? and what is he doing now? what is his plan now? 6. Allah swt has a treasure in Taliqan it is not gold neither silver,12,000 from Khurasan,their flags are "Ahmad Ahmad. can you explain this more? 7. Isn't this predicting IMAM's time? I hope you'll answer this question. Thanks, I just want to be IMAN's soldier.
  3. Isn't Yamani and Khurasani the same good guys? what's the difference between them? I thought they will work together to fight aganist Sufyani.
  4. cool, nice video. hopefully time will come in our time. I hope I can be Imam's soldier. I hope he'll accept me as a soldier.
  5. Don't worry about it. just keep praying and keep what you doing. even people who lost hope still have a chance to join Imam's army when he comes. we don't even know when he coming. hopefully the time is near.
  6. Isn't that predicting Imam Al Mahdi A.S. time. So who is Khurasani And Shuayb ibn Saleh? Not only that, Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s the Yamani said election and demoracy are not allow in Islam but what about Iran election? I went to check out the website and its said the the black flags from east is Al Yamani? Im kinda confuse? Anyway lets just see what happen next. When sufyani comes out and then we'll see who's Al Yamani and Khurasani and Shuayb ibn Saleh. we'll just have to wait and see. And also what color is Al Yamani's flag?
  7. your youtube account is gone. why is that?

  8. Go on youtube and type The Last Promise. some one made a video about the black flags. Its part 2. You dont have to believe in it but it makes sense.
  9. I will love to see him come. I know we have to be patience and prepared ourselves for our Imam but I will do anything to be in his army. When our Imam Mahdi A.S. will come, the world will change but its not gonna be easy. It will takes some time. I would like to see how our Imam Mahdi A.S. is going to handle the situation of today worlds. How he is going to talk to people from different religion and debate with them. How is he going to handle the western or different countries? What he's going to do? And what knowledge is he going to bring? And also how is he going to deal with the muslim countries and how is he going to reform it, bringing them back to the way of Prophet Muhammad SWS and Ahl al-Bayt peace be upon them all, ways to the true Islam? I would love to see this. Maybe we will have a chance to see this when he comes and be part of his movement or maybe not. Maybe next generation.
  10. Dagal is a system which I heard. Its a system which is western countries or some where else. Its a anti religion and god. I dont know who behind this. it could be a lot of people behind the system. But I think they will make someone a false messiah or a god with the techeology we have today. I saw a seiris of the last promise on youtube part 8. it talks about a project blue beam which is holographic of an angel or a devil to make dagal a god. thats my opinion. Also the project blue beam have to do with our Imam, How? Its said that a angel will make an announce of our Imam around the world and people will hear it but the dajal system will use project blue beam as an excuse to say "Oh its fake we made it up" But its not, its the truth. loud voice announce will come from an Angel Garbieral A.S. and second loud sound will from the ground which project blue beam by the dagal system to confuse the people. so if you hear the first loud sound which its the truth and go to Mecca and join our Imam. I also think Sufyani is a system which is Wahhabi taking over muslim countries. Its said sufyani will be supported by west. just like saddam and saudis. Dagal and sufyaini working together to kill innocent people. Thats my opinion. I could be wrong.
  11. I have been a bit preoccupied brother. Keep me in your duas... inshAllah I ll try my best to make other videos sooon...

  12. how come your not making new video on your youtube? I like your video. I like the part with Imam Hussain A.S. and his family A.S.

  13. what does the hadiths said? can some one post it?
  14. I saw on the youtube about the [The Last Promise]. its about Imam Al-Mahdi A.S. you guys should check it out. its has 4 part and some of the part will supprise you. More of the part are coming. check it out and what do you think about it. its on youtube and type [the last promise]
  15. What about the army of black flags from khorasan or east? isn't that Imam Al-Mahdi A.S. army too? what is the hadith of that? Salam
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