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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks, this is just what I needed. As for you Roachy, its simply not practical to pray where I work. One of my jobs in a petstore, full of dogs, an unclean area to pray.
  2. Here in the USA, often one has to work during times of prayer. I hate missing my prayers because of this. What is the Shia view in regards to this? I heard Shia often pray three times (all five prayers) to compesate for this. Can someone provide some information on this matter? Thanks.
  3. Thank you, this is just what I need. :)
  4. As salaam alaikum my dear Shia brothers and sisters, I have a question. I have been reading some of the various Shia literature, Nahjul Balagha in particular. However, before I dive into it fully, I have a burning question about it as well as Shia Hadiths. I remember reading several years ago (probably from some Wahhabi website) that the Shia Hadiths and Shia literature don’t have science of verification like the Sunni does. Is this true, or do the Shia also have a method to insure the soundness of their hadiths and writings as well? Thanks in advance, I look forward to all of y'all repli
  5. Salam, I am interested in finding Nahjul Balagha, and the Shia hadiths in English. However, I cannot seem to find them. If anyone can help me find them I would be very thankful. I would be great in pdf form. :)
  6. lol! :!!!: She's using some logic, they are just being arrogant towards her.
  7. Okay what I was trying convey was are men superior to women. Are women more naturally prone to sin than men? If your a woman are you more likely to go to hell (probability wise) just because your gender? These are Sunni hadiths, but I am fairly sure similar stuff can be found in Shia Hadiths as well, as that quote from Nahjul Balagha was every bit as bad. I'll look for some Shia Hadiths as well. "Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (pbuh) as saying: Woman is like a rib. When you attempt to straighten it, you would break it. And if you leave her alone you would benefit by her, and croo
  8. "And argue not with the People of the Scripture unless it be in (a way) that is better, save with such of them as do wrong; and say: We believe in that which hath been revealed unto us and revealed unto you; our Allah and your Allah is One, and unto Him we surrender." The Quran stresses kindness towards the people of the book, so obviously Muslims should show such kindness and respect towards other sects; perhaps even more so.
  9. Why the racist statement? House Negro?! It seems you are using much the same terminology that "western/zionist imperialists" use. :!!!: Edit: I read your report, it was very well written. Thanks.
  10. I have a 17 hour work day tomorrow so I'll answer those question when I am done.
  11. Here is the thing though, it is not 100% accepted Allah (swt) has allowed. I mean it is mentioned in various hadiths, but from what I know twelver Shia which claim that it is mentioned in the Quran. All other sects of Muslims apparently disagree with it.
  12. The largest lemurs such as the now extinct koala lemurs grew in similar size to chimpanzees. These animals went extinct about 500 years ago. The largest lemurs today is the indri and diademed sifaka which can reach a weight of about 14 kg.
  13. Yes I am very interested in Natural History, and studied it for many years. About tigers, they need to prey on large animals over 50 kg. Jungles might have more small animals, but such large animals are not common in the forest of Sumatra or Bali. Tigers need large amounts of megafauna, where as eagles don't. Tigers have higher densities if the availability of prey is higher. The following entries are listed in decreasing order of the density of ungulate prey (Nowell & Jackson 1996): * 0.12 individuals/sq km (0.3 individuals/sq mi) (Nagarhole, India) * 0.1 individuals/sq km (0
  14. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2288515091190878589 There is a program I watched on PressTV called "spite of the soil" which explains the MKO in detail. There is three parts.
  15. I know there is no clear cut rule. But, the Bali and Sumatran tigers live in areas with low prey densities, and they live on Islands as well. The largest tigers are where there is the most 'large' prey available. Same for the largest bears, and lions (all other things being equal). The Komodo dragon is today's largest lizard, but the largest lizards ever are still found in larger areas. Megalania which lived in Austraila, and may have co-existed with humans grew twice as large as Varanus komodoensis.
  16. Same here this has been a question burning in my head. Nice topic trailblazer.
  17. I had this debate with a 'so-called Muslim girl' (as she put it) about why she has doubts about Islam. I had no problem refuting her points, but the one issue that was a source of contention was the status of Islam. Furthermore, the enemies of Islam constantly complain that Islam is oppressive towards women. Some of them cite various hadiths, some of which seems to support this view. Personally I have seen many Muslims men (some on this site) which claim that me are in fact 'superior' to women. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this issue. My opinion males and females have there
  18. That picture has OS X 10.4 as the operation system, so I questions its credibility...
  19. To answer your question, no not all Sunnis believe that Bukhari is authentic. I recall when I was a child, my father telling me that its half false... Of course, there is some Muslims who think it is, but it was compiled centuries after the Holy Prophets's 'death.' Therefore is no way that the book can be 100% authentic. Even if the chain is accurate, and the narrators had good intentions the possibility of slight variations of the report is very real. Even a slight variation in words can be interpreted differently...
  20. Okay so is he out of prison? I have nothing against Harun Yahya as he did a lot of positive things for Islam, and while I do not agree with all of what he said at least he has done something. I have heard a lot of allegations against him, I wonder what is true and what's false.
  21. But it said that the woman looked like a 'goddess' isn't that very unislamic? :squeez:
  22. Personally I find it extremely hard to defend... I recall asking about it myself a few months back (when I first joined the forums). I did not find a satisfying answer. It is mentioned in various hadiths on both sides (a fallible source), but its not really known if it is mentioned in the Quran (The only infallible source). Personally I am doubtful it is. Furthermore, from what I hear from some people is that it could have advantages. However, these are only opinions, and I have yet to see concrete proof that it does. On the other hand, I hear a lot about the disgusting things people had
  23. I have a large passion in natural history as well. I think a logical explanation is the fact that they live in areas with higher food densities and this allows them to grow to larger sizes. This happens amongst other species as well such as tigers. The largest tigers are found where there is the most prey, and room. However, the Steller's Sea Eagle which under the so-called Bergmann's Rule grows every bit as large.
  24. There seems to be a lot of teasing here on a serious issue. We are all Muslims here, and its inappropriate. As to your issue MDM it seems as if you might of had some feelings for this turtle girl... Regardless, I think it would have been best if you never said that comment in the first place. From how you described her, she might have liked you, and from how you describe your feelings towards her your not interested. So why would give such a comment on a girl who may liked you? It was bound to cause a problem. I think the best thing for you to have done was simply to apologize your mista
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