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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Question: Is Kosher meat halal? Answer: It is not halal. https://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/01251/
  2. Big dislike to that guy's effort
  3. Paid people or people who are happy to kill civilians because of some kind of extremism is just one of the offender types and risks which do need much work for the coming decades
  4. Many of these problems would never happen in many Western countries, because they have a much better safety and security policy etc. US has not allowed Iraq on one hand, and on other hand of course many are corrupt and traitorous from top to bottom.
  5. One could look up on Al-Islam.org reliable Shia website.
  6. Thank you. They are 2 different Friday political sermon by His Excellency. I think the second one posted is perhaps more useful right now. Also you might want to consider the date of upload.
  7. Iraq demonstrations and more. Very useuful political sermon by Iraq Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Yasseen Al Musawi
  8. If you understand Arabic, do watch the video I posted a page or more ago on this topic
  9. Miswak is AMAZING You have to try it and you will see for yourself. It will even heal damage. It is usuable for the whole mouth not only teeth. One session and you will notice much whiter teeth, not fake like with some products today but actually getting beter oral heatth. There are even other benefits than only for oral health; for example it will improve memory. Miswak can sometimes be bought for like 1$. It can be used for many hours every day. One Miswak will stay a long time. It is also according to Islam the correct way for brushing, if one can. The Miswak of the Prophets is a stick of the Olive Trees, according to a Hadith. The Seal of Prophets also used this tree. https://www.al-Islam.org/sunan-nabi-allamah-Sayyid-Muhammad-husayn-tabatabai/chapter-13-siwak-brushing-teeth (Shia Website)
  10. Page not found ! Sorry but we couldn't find the page you are looking for. Please check to make sure you've typed the URL correctly. You may also want to search for what you are looking for.
  11. while the other, Muslims for example (and mostly used about Muslims), are not REAL Muslims, in a sense.
  12. What is the meaning of " fundamental terrorists "? If I understand this correctly, it is saying that these terrorists are actually listening/adhering/acting on the fundaments of the ideology or something similar. Is this indeed what is meant by it?
  13. 1. And? Does it make the point I made invalid? 2. Did you not look properly ? How can you come to that conclusion? It's false for sure, because I could point out different facts. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://english.almasirah.net/
  14. I think you are missing the point @hasanhh I know the aspect you are talking about. No food, barely any AK's and ammo, massive problems all in all. THE WORLD still LOSES against these BRAVE Muslims
  15. http://www.ou.ac.lk/home/images/OER/Computer_Science/ICT Skills Full Book.pdf
  16. I tried doing some excersises with some of these, and had some problems. (After opening Command and trying to do some stuff) The teacher couldn't resolve it either after a quick look. Any good guide for beginners (see image), video or other tips are welcome.
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