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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In the case if you are trying it out; you should focus on: beatingyourself, believing in intercession and visiting shrines lol lol. You should focus on reasons why a human and not a shia would cry for the imam (As) and the event of karbala. Its's not hard to feel the pain if your heart is soft enough (this requires abit of work on being a decent humble human being). You could Try going to a shrine to see if you feel warmth and peace from it. even traveling is good, this world is made out of love for the prophet (saw) and ahlubeit (saw) anything is possible even without visiting the shrines. But Worth a shot. Try accepting the idea of intercession. Not by force but a maybe, theres no harm in it, unless you're too worried and depressed about losing youre deep beliefs. Im sure its not the end of the world to give it a good thought lol. Starting From understanding simple basics like when you're ill you go to the created for help not the creator this is human nature and the process, then to deeper understanding through hadiths. Muslims worry soo much about the greed of heaven or the fear of hell that they lose being human. They read verses and feel they own religion and want to debate it. Imam (as) said three types of worshippers, a man that worships in attaining heaven is like the wage earner, then theres a man who worships out of the fear of hell and allahs wrath is like a slave/prisoner, finally there is the man who worships out of love, he is like a freeman, freeman is the best of all worshippers. Either you've tried being a sunni and not happy with it and looking elsewhere or you're satisfied with being sunni but just want to take the mick lol. My Advice would be dont be too harsh on your self to win heaven and distant from hell, give yourself a true chance, you won't get many. Go beyond you're own expectations change youre inner thoughts, reset them. You don't have to be labled shia if you feel more towards the ahlubeit (as) as men label other men alot of things which are un-true. For all you know you could be a true shia in this forum and the rest who claim being shia may be no where near it. We only live once go out youre way, dig deep.
  2. Mashallah very nice. Absolutely beautiful. Everyone is involved in worship that seems to them to be true worship but alot of it is worldly worship. People have all kinds of knowledge and specialise in many fields. We have big scholars, knowledgeble personalities of hadiths, quran. Even with all these it still is not enough. The inner contact to your lord is what is needed. Everyone's inner contact is on their own level, this is what separates a true believer from the rest. The love, the awareness, the Contact within oneself plays a very important. A saint once said, if i knew what i know now of being silent and the beauty of silence, i would never had ever preached.
  3. Have a look around you, do muslims and shia muslims of today truely know who they really are? most of people religions are based on books or following of forefathers, nothing more nothing less, this is religion for us all today. Being a good human is harder then being a muslim or a shia muslim these days. We as shias are already aware of the hate others have on shias, even the enemies of ahlubeit (saw) say they love them (saw) :/ you must understand its much deeper then you think. Since we have much knowledge and love for imam(as) we really should be more responsible with sharing knowledge correctly, by simply sharing this to anyone not only do we get foul replies but you also can be responsible for the cause of the disrespect. We have to understand people are different, many are confused, we need to choose the correct treatment for these people. Who says you need to rush to spread truth to masses, you can focus on individuals even your own families, sons daughters. Share knowledge through love... As love is what attracts people.
  4. Mashallah, i enjoyed reading that, great understanding and explanations, yes i agree, you're right there is a very deep darkness that engulfs the soul and even our ego can trick us so wel, this darkness stands inbetween the soul and the truth, to see the light dig, dive through this darkness. only the one who has eyes sees and who has a heart loves, depths of words, true translations, interpretation of Scriptures can be given to anyone but the one who is chosen by god will be accepting a true invitation. Whether sunni, shia, hindu, sikh, Christian etc. We are all under the same roof and eat and drink in the same world, truth is around us, this is our trial choose you're path its a long or short journey, but somone is watching and listening to you, so listen and watch you're selves too. Love of the world is hard to describe so is the love of God. Every person sees at different ranges and scales. Pray for us brothers sisters mothers fathers to see and understand such scales that cannot be read in books and taught through the 5 senses.
  5. aslam alaykum brothers and sisters, simply want to know if there are any malangs on here, i have a few questions id like to ask? thanks alialiali
  6. mightymask i think thats amazing, not sure why people on here find it negative? narrow minds, how do you attain that willpower? alot of western people fast now, science recognises the benefits such as slowing aging , reducing illnesses. ive done intermittent fasting before, again thats popular too, do you work or would you simply stay away from doing you're daily activities ? as intermittentl fasting involves weight lifting,so its a totally different ball game, What benefits have you seen and experienced?
  7. I agree with this. We all will face death which is ultimate reality. Commiting suicide whether through beliefs of holy wars or hate of life experiences and its pains or neither of these and just dying naturally, we all die so death is upon us all, why worry and make it such a big deal it happens to everything that lives. You're question is of such questions that involve a wide range of factors, subjects, situations, states, ethics, lifestyles, financial, health, emotional issues, the evil the good, the guilt the inflicted and oppressed, theres soo many reasons each individual would go through to do what he/she does. a muslim believes each individual is judged by his lord on his/her own level. The punishment is not death but what occurs before and after it. If all evil was destroyed, without giving it a chance and only goodness remained on earth then im sure you'd agree it would be a lonely planet, and maybe we wouldnt be here, definitely would be a lonely shiachat site.... we are all here because we are given chance upon chance. suicide is a name of taking a life so is murder. They are tackled and prevented by humans normally. These failures are within humans for not being able to help not failures in the creator who provided human with the tools to help. Its a topic thats alittle deeper. Pain, grief, ilness, hurt, is all part of life. Theres alot more to be said on this just a very wide open topic. He swt is merciful and forgiving and is there even when youre alone, what kind of god is this caring,kind who watches over us even without our awareness. How beautiful is God who is the lord of the world yet feeds even the smallest of atoms.
  8. when you speak of god then the chain of reliance is what you need to look into my brother, look deep in to science and you'l find even the smallest things, atoms, compounds, liquids,gas, solids, to the bigger things, fire, water, rocks plants, grass, trees, to the mamals, to the humans, look to the larger things, earth, planets, blackholes, stars, suns, milkyway, universe, you will find it all comes within the chain of reliance. Not only science but life in general, finances, emotions, poverty, richness, health, ilnesses,, good, spirituality, religion, finite,infinite, even reliance relies on somthing, they all come under the umbrella. now once you've gone deep in which ever chain (path) you've chosen you will find and come to a point in our tiny brains that this canot continue without a main source as the entire chain of reliance falls. there has to be somthing on the end which is self reliant to hold everythig in place, many call it ... god " there are many routes to the top of a mountain, when you reach the peak and when you see what is below the view is the same for all" Find out who you are, not what youve made of yourself and achieved in this world, the houses the gardens that i have are they me? obviously its not, THEY ARE MINES,, the cloths the shoes? again they are mines, the hands the feet the fingers? i cant hold up my hand and say this hand is ME? because it is MINES, you can cut them off but im stiill,,,, me,. going deeper,, the bones the lungs the kidneys are,,, again mines and not me, deeper,, the vessels the capilaries the blood the cells? again they are,, mines! and not me go as deep as you want all you will find is what is MINES, if this is the case then who is ME? before you go deep into anything outside, why not firstly go deep into yourself, this is what people neglect, the soul, and this is why its harder to understand things that are out there, TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF IS TO UNDERSTAND YOUR LORD
  9. its not just about how many times and hours you can recite somthing its about the stength of the zikr and who the reciter is, for one to say Allah in zikr for a million times may be as equal as another individual who says Allah once in zikr. you do require a master a this will build your strength in zikr just like praying in ramadaan gives you more then praying in any other month so too does having a master or not effect you spritually
  10. god.... what a topic,general understanding of god for many is, you cannot understand him, nor see him, describe him, dream of him, god created you, he created the wind, he created the sea he created the dark matters that float in the skies beyond skies, he created will, he created time, he created love, he created hate.pain, he created what has a begining and an end he also created what does not have a begining or an end,he created creation, he created existence and existence too relies on god, he is here without being part of anything. how can you say god exists when he created existence in the first place, how can you try to understand somthing you know you cannot. ponder over the created not the creator.
  11. when he (saw) appears all religion followers but a few men of true faith will feel he (saw) has bought down a new religion as it differs from their own, this isnt due to it being a new religion but rather due to all the changes distortions and losses over the years of ther own religions they had followed..................
  12. unfortunately drs are just as blind as humans are in religion, they will offer a wide range of tests but miss out the most tiniest common illnesses and due to no cure these illnesses expand and only till they are more apparent they then are discovered. you could have a stomach ulcer or even multiple ulcers if your vomiting blood, get that tested they can occur due to medicines specially pain killers, the condition is worse taking medicines on an empty stomach hence why it is prescribed and advised to be taken after food as its lighter on the stomach and gut, if not that then simple test for h.pylori a stomach bacterial infection, quite common and does exibit those symptoms you described and also is the primary cause of ulcers, even vomiting can cause the throat to be damaged/inflamed and cause alittle bleeding, definately look into what ive explained as theres many cases like these. if you feel its somthing spiritual then it shouldnt still effect you digestion in the sense of vomiting blood but rather more on the spiritual level. if youre constantly dizzy get your ear tested vertigo is common with inner ear problems and causes vomiting, let me know of the tests youve done il let you know if theres any other tests that can be tested for.
  13. he bought us to exist that alone is a huge favour upon us, you need to ponder over this favour upon you (as an individual,a start would be family, frends,health,life,reward,desires,beauty) which continues after you die (whether youre in hell or heaven). the question isn't why did he bring you to exist rather how can there be somthing so merciful and loving that could do such things for us. search through the created and look deep you'l have the answers that lie beneath your veils.its a deep question that requires deep thinking as an individual. souls tormented in hell for thousands of after life years will pleed and pray to be taking out of existence, angels will be sent to carry out this individual extinction of the souls, when the burning souls understand that they will be taken out of existence they cry out and beg to remain in hell forever in return to keep their treasured existence, thats how important existence is to us which we know not of. men in this world wish to have children before they die an automatic response to remain in existence even when they leave this world. its a need just like the lungs need oxygen and the stomach needs bread so does the soul need existence. the rest is a bonus when it comes to guidance and tests. im sure youve had tests in school, colleges and unis to reach a higher station to your current, the less a man is tested the lower stations he achieves in this world of greed desire and fame... when you bow down to him you will understand he SWT is worthy of it then anything else you can imagine. look deeper my brother
  14. everyone has their own choice and opinion, its a free world, a free mind,an individual body a free soul, it is a free end and lonely death and a deserted grave, its a journey and not many pass through this journey to reach the ultimate destination, rather they will fall in the deepest pits of hell in high numbers. tis not a glorious end. may Allah azawajal hasten the reappearence of imam (saw) to his ( saw) soldiers. Shias always preach unity with sunnis as they seem to need it more then the sunnis need it, sunnis wahabis are in minority of seeking unity compared to the masses of shias working towards it, Im not saying Unity shouldn't be worked for, but im saying if other muslim groups want it they would have worked towards it too., What i do say is when a party/group/sect is good they work towards good deeds and do not require other groups to ask them to unite as it would be 2nd nature for these groups to be brothers and friends, we are alone. Sects within shias has a reason, sects are splits opposite to uninity, if they all united and became one then you've resolved 50% of the issues of the world today. the only kinds of unity most muslims are asking for is peace and its all based politically and to do with defence and worldly power. the religiuos aspects of it and the differences amongst them have very little significance, where as this should be the primary means of unity. a friend who is a friend to an enemy of his friend isn't a true friend.
  15. hi, brothers and sisters, hoping you can help me with my question, i require alittle help and direction, i am looking for online uk shia book websites so i can buy books,, im sure there are many stores online based in the UK, does anyone have any recommendations please? thank you in advance
  16. if you are advising people not to quote without reference, you too should reference what you have just said by using quran and hadith. This advice isnt the best of advices, rather its very much the opposite in islam, some times people hear hadiths but dont remember the reference, they shouldd still share knowledge/hadiths and if they have the reference would be a bonus to provide it. due to the bad people who attach lies to our leaders true believers will carry on with the truth and remove these lies that stand against any of the truth. inshallah
  17. yup :P haha joking, was on the topic of vit e thought id share more about it, but losing weight might help with over all health issues, make sure you get your 8 hour sleep rest and remove stresses from your life too...
  18. vitamin e (oil based) to be rubbed on the circles, if anyone has fatty liver vitamin e with vit c consumed along with some weight loss may help reverse it (only vitamin discovered to cure a disease)
  19. hi i'l save you all the trouble, if you want something that works and its almost a gaurentee it will work for you: Its caled IF (intermittant fasting)it is all over the internet, you eat all the foods you would eat but in a window of 2pm till 7pm, drink water through out it all. the secret to weight loss is keeping your sugar levels low/insulin. do this for a few weeks if there are days you cannot do this then you dont have to, but i gaurentee you will see alot of results in even a few days. many people have benefited from this and i have too. It really does work, just google intermittant fasting and learn alittle about it, try it out and you will find its perfect. its mainly used by hollywood actors and bodybuilders that are looking to cut /lose fat and build mucle or retain the muscle they have. also theres a few good utube videos by the hodge twins called fastingtwins. have a look they give great advise about this,, take this advice as a gift for all, i hope it works for you as it worked for many before you., inshallah
  20. hi sorry brothers and sisters, which one of you members is the follower the 12 imams and 12 mahdis? i'd like to talk? or even better if i can get maybe an email address to discuss it
  21. very interesting, will read through the hadiths and reply later inshallah
  22. hisbun, youve openly announced you follow the sufi order, sunnis dont agree with sufis, nor do wahabis or shias,nor do anyone of them agree with each other.. theres too much false then truth mixed in your beliefs, we shia can argue shias are closer, just like you point out sufis are and so can the others. also you didnt provide us proof from quran or any hadiths that BY NAME hz abdal qadr jilani existed? and was close to the ahlulbet (saw) again by name? so why dont you prove that first by quran and sunnah as you claim to follow and then invite people towards it ? if you have no evidence from the quran and hadiths, then you need to think again. there is again little truth in what you have put forward, these realms that lead us to haqeeqat, these ways of cleaning purifying the heart are known to everyone, its old news brother. this is just part of religion. our nafs are like wild beasts and we require to control this beast and purify the soul , as once said, Allah lives within us not in buildings or books, but you see, just like the water in the milk, so is the truth milk and the water the false, satans plans distorts truth with false, some of what you do has some truth within it but it has been taken from somewhere, customised and changed so people are pulled towards it, but it is very basic as theres lots more... again we have lots more so Hisbun you really need to open your heart & mind towards gham e hussain (saw) and azadari, you'l find a realm called haqeeqat and it takes you to karbala and you meet reality, but obviously you'l need to know the one who has already been there.. you wont find this by just chanting, dancing and uttering, visualising, writing, zikr that you feel are connnecting to your heart beat - blood - to soul.
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