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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In the case if you are trying it out; you should focus on: beatingyourself, believing in intercession and visiting shrines lol lol. You should focus on reasons why a human and not a shia would cry for the imam (As) and the event of karbala. Its's not hard to feel the pain if your heart is soft enough (this requires abit of work on being a decent humble human being). You could Try going to a shrine to see if you feel warmth and peace from it. even traveling is good, this world is made out of love for the prophet (saw) and ahlubeit (saw) anything is possible even without visiting
  2. Mashallah very nice. Absolutely beautiful. Everyone is involved in worship that seems to them to be true worship but alot of it is worldly worship. People have all kinds of knowledge and specialise in many fields. We have big scholars, knowledgeble personalities of hadiths, quran. Even with all these it still is not enough. The inner contact to your lord is what is needed. Everyone's inner contact is on their own level, this is what separates a true believer from the rest. The love, the awareness, the Contact within oneself plays a very important. A saint once said, if i kn
  3. Have a look around you, do muslims and shia muslims of today truely know who they really are? most of people religions are based on books or following of forefathers, nothing more nothing less, this is religion for us all today. Being a good human is harder then being a muslim or a shia muslim these days. We as shias are already aware of the hate others have on shias, even the enemies of ahlubeit (saw) say they love them (saw) :/ you must understand its much deeper then you think. Since we have much knowledge and love for imam(as) we really should be more responsible with sharing k
  4. Mashallah, i enjoyed reading that, great understanding and explanations, yes i agree, you're right there is a very deep darkness that engulfs the soul and even our ego can trick us so wel, this darkness stands inbetween the soul and the truth, to see the light dig, dive through this darkness. only the one who has eyes sees and who has a heart loves, depths of words, true translations, interpretation of Scriptures can be given to anyone but the one who is chosen by god will be accepting a true invitation. Whether sunni, shia, hindu, sikh, Christian etc. We are all under the same roof
  5. aslam alaykum brothers and sisters, simply want to know if there are any malangs on here, i have a few questions id like to ask? thanks alialiali
  6. mightymask i think thats amazing, not sure why people on here find it negative? narrow minds, how do you attain that willpower? alot of western people fast now, science recognises the benefits such as slowing aging , reducing illnesses. ive done intermittent fasting before, again thats popular too, do you work or would you simply stay away from doing you're daily activities ? as intermittentl fasting involves weight lifting,so its a totally different ball game, What benefits have you seen and experienced?
  7. I agree with this. We all will face death which is ultimate reality. Commiting suicide whether through beliefs of holy wars or hate of life experiences and its pains or neither of these and just dying naturally, we all die so death is upon us all, why worry and make it such a big deal it happens to everything that lives. You're question is of such questions that involve a wide range of factors, subjects, situations, states, ethics, lifestyles, financial, health, emotional issues, the evil the good, the guilt the inflicted and oppressed, theres soo many reasons each individual would go through
  8. when you speak of god then the chain of reliance is what you need to look into my brother, look deep in to science and you'l find even the smallest things, atoms, compounds, liquids,gas, solids, to the bigger things, fire, water, rocks plants, grass, trees, to the mamals, to the humans, look to the larger things, earth, planets, blackholes, stars, suns, milkyway, universe, you will find it all comes within the chain of reliance. Not only science but life in general, finances, emotions, poverty, richness, health, ilnesses,, good, spirituality, religion, finite,infinite, even reliance relies on
  9. its not just about how many times and hours you can recite somthing its about the stength of the zikr and who the reciter is, for one to say Allah in zikr for a million times may be as equal as another individual who says Allah once in zikr. you do require a master a this will build your strength in zikr just like praying in ramadaan gives you more then praying in any other month so too does having a master or not effect you spritually
  10. god.... what a topic,general understanding of god for many is, you cannot understand him, nor see him, describe him, dream of him, god created you, he created the wind, he created the sea he created the dark matters that float in the skies beyond skies, he created will, he created time, he created love, he created hate.pain, he created what has a begining and an end he also created what does not have a begining or an end,he created creation, he created existence and existence too relies on god, he is here without being part of anything. how can you say god exists when he created existence in
  11. when he (saw) appears all religion followers but a few men of true faith will feel he (saw) has bought down a new religion as it differs from their own, this isnt due to it being a new religion but rather due to all the changes distortions and losses over the years of ther own religions they had followed..................
  12. unfortunately drs are just as blind as humans are in religion, they will offer a wide range of tests but miss out the most tiniest common illnesses and due to no cure these illnesses expand and only till they are more apparent they then are discovered. you could have a stomach ulcer or even multiple ulcers if your vomiting blood, get that tested they can occur due to medicines specially pain killers, the condition is worse taking medicines on an empty stomach hence why it is prescribed and advised to be taken after food as its lighter on the stomach and gut, if not that then simple test fo
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