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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) Brothers and Sisters, Im in need of some names of contemporary philosophy teachers better if muslim philosophers and much better if shia. Also if their lectures and other resources can be provided. Not very high level such as Ayatullah Yazdi etc but basic philosophy level. Jazakallah.. (wasalam) @)
  2. Allah o Akbar...Allah o Akbar ....Allah o Akbar..... Thank you Sister! May Allah swt reward with you with the honour to serve Sayyida Zahra sa in the best of the ways. It brings great happiness to say that THIS IS THE TRUE TA`BEER OF MY DREAM... THANK YOU VERY MUCH Alhamdulillah hi rabbil alameen Wa sallilahuma ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad wa ajal Farajahum
  3. Salam , Probably it is not recommended to share dreams but I really want help since It is very much needed to understand a very strange Dream that I had last night. OK....It was Laylatul Juma...I had prayed the Prayer of Imam Ali as ......and before this I had done extreme amounts of sins both major and minor. NOW THE DREAM... I walked into a door.....a place I guess ...(note: It was feeling as If I was observing the whole dream and was a part of the dream as well). I was told that Imam Ali as is on a room. I was very much shy and scared and shameful as well to show him my face.To be honest this feeling was there in my body as well.Ok....So I went to this room and say him sleeping.....I remember exactly I even saw his yawn and another personality was right beside him as well probably one of his very dear companion as it felt at that time.I came back again thought whether it is appropriate to meet him or not. I wanted to meet him because I had a persons head in my hand , the same person who beheaded me once but due to the Imam as healing my head came back upon my neck. Finally I went and he greeted ( gets a bit vague here) then I gave him the head...I can recall that he laughed a very pleasant and modest smile....He thn perhaps told me something which I can recall.....BUT I DO REMEMBER THIS THAT HE TOOK A PAPER( DEERS SKIN) AND WROTE A VERSE FROM THE QURAN on it..and told me to go...(dont know which verse it was ) howvever do know that that it was about 5 or 6 words. I took it with me and kissed it while crying and I do believe that he gave the verse as part of a an advice......THEN I LEFT........ ANYONE WILLING TO INTERPRET OR GIVING THEIR THOUGHTS PLEASE DO SO,,,,,,,,,,,,
  4. Slm every1, 1) When water from a shower passes through a najis part of your body , unto a tahir one lets say leg does it cause the latter to become najis as well , or not? 2) How would you advise someone who has problems in purifying the lavatory , as it is shared among others causing it to become najis.The lid often gets in contact with the najasat , and as such a najasat could only be made tahir either through qalil or kurr water , the water drops on the wooden floor which ultimately creates uncomfortable situations with the landlord. Even if one is careful the water , it does not reach all the najis part on the lid, and due to chemistry laws the water accumulates at one point leaving the other untouched or atleast not wet. If even the above method is accepted , the wiping through a tissue means that this tissue becomes Najis and has to disposed , which eventually leads to using atleast a full tissue roll. PLEASE ADVISE,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem Allahumasawle a`la Muhammad wa ` ale Muhammad wa ajal farajahum Slm, I really need your help ppl, ill explain my situation Im 18 yrs old (abt to turn 19) and have decided to take HR Coure at Uni.Im in the process of applying.However I have chosen to take a gap yr in which I wish to learn Arabic either from an institute in england or the middle east.But I prefer going to an Arab country.I have also looked at the ICAS website and have seen that they are offering arabic modules in their hawza course.The problem is that I believe that they require you to be 18 at the start of the course.How would you advise me one this. Secondly , I also have a keen interest in taking the Hawza course once I finish my secular studies.I would be 24 1/2 inshallah when I finish.So is there is an oppurtunity considering ICAS.Is it late? The hawza is for another 4 years , how would I manage my secular job because I want it to be a source of finance for me from which I can support my family as well as my studies. Please advise me on my decision! Any suggestions What would you do if you were in my place
  6. So how would you advise me to answer someone who might want to ask me Why are you celeberating Eid on Mon when Arfat was today (sat)
  7. Thank you very much sister, I hope im not bothering you too much but I really have to equip myself with the answers by tonight (UK TIME) Can you please also explain.... What was the reason of this ruling? I know Saudi authorities are not always right since they made a mistake in Eid ul fitr as well.... May Allah protect you..
  8. So the muqalideen of Ayatullah sistani today will go to Arafah or not?????
  9. Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem I have got question regarding this Eid this year...I have not got enough time to explain but you would get what i mean from the title.When is the day of Arafah? What would do the muqallids of Ayatullah Sistani do in Hajj as they would do Eid one day after the Saudis and so on .... Please can everyone shed light on this I really need to answer this too someone???? May Allah protect you...... ks.///
  10. Slm bro,One of my relative lives in islamabad and i have asked him to get some books for me.Do you know of any shia book shops in isl/raw if so please reply asap I need to tell them 2moro.May Allah keep you in his protection.Wasalam

  11. JazakAllah Brothers.....I have read your replies and I appreciate your help Can you recommend me any books to read on these two dynasties to have a wider understanding about them???
  12. (bismillah) Al Hamdulilah hir rabil ala meen Wa salatu was salamu ala Sayyidna wa Nabeyna Abal Qasim Muhammad , wa Ahlelbayt at tabiyeen at tahireen wa ashabil ghuril Mayameen (salam) Brothers and sisters, I NEED YOUR HELP IN MY PERSONAL STUDY(COURSEWORK)!!FOR HISTORY A LEVEL I have been asked by my college to do my own study on a topic which would cover a period of 100 years.I need to make a question and than present my whole essay in answering the question as I go along also providing arguements etc.I need to show some key concepts such as causation , continuity , change , consequence and significance. I want to do something unique and something Im good at which is why I have chosen to work on our Islamic History. I have come up with the following question so far , The Ummayads:A golden period of Islam or an era of destruction? OR The Abbasids:A golden period of Islam or an era of destruction? What would you advise which one shall I go for The Ummayads or The Abbasids and why? Any other suggestions are welcomed regarding the QUESTION which would come under the topic of Islamic , Shia History etc. I NEED TO TELL MY TEACHER BY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! :sick: :no: (salam) :yaali:
  13. (wasalam) (bismillah) Thank you very much , Poison envy May Allah reward you for clearing by doubts :yaali: @)
  14. Do you know Baqir Sahrif al Qureshi I mean is he a mujtahid , scholar etc? But still there is no such mention of the source all it shows is Ibid the page!!!
  15. (bismillah) (salam) This is from the "Life of Ali ibn Musa Ar Rida (as) " by Baqir Sharif al Qureshi?? I would like your comment on it The first of that is the words of Allah: And warn your nearest relations [4], ¾and your loyal family ¾in this manner it is in the recitation of Ubay b. Ka‘b, and it has been established in the copy of the Qur’ān of ‘Abd Allah b. Mas‘ūd. However, when ‘Uthmān ordered [1] Ibid., 3, 32. [2] Ibid., 4, 54. [3] Ibid., 4, 59. [4] Ibid., 26, 214. (238) Zayd b. Thābit to collect the Qur’ān, he omitted this verse. And this is an exalted position, great excellence, and lofty honor when Allah, the Great and Almighty, meant the family (āl) by that. This is one (verse). If these type of things come in a book , it is wise to reject the whole book or what should one do??? please respond @) :yaali:
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