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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This man claims that he is the Return of Imam Husain (a.s.).
  2. S.A. Thanks dear ABA for your informative comments. Today I was searching for more info on bahais and found these blogs. http://bahaiculture.blogspot.com (See their culture) http://bahaicultfaq.blogspot.com (Bahai Cult faq) http://bahaism.blogspot.com (Nice info on Bahaism) Brothers/Sisters Please See this video and read their ideas about Israel
  3. This is all lie... you know everything yet you try to hide.. About Baha'i sects : You said there are 40-50 Baha'is of other sects. You know there are many - may be thousands, but you don't want to let this know. See this... http://bahai-guardian.com/ There are so many councils. They are found in all the major countries of the world. There are more than 800 Orthodox bahais in USA alone. Many in australia, germany, france and India. There are more than 500 Orthodox Baha'is in India. See the pictures of Orthodox Bahais http://www.bahaisorthodox.com/ There are other baha'is (Tarbiyat Baha'is) See
  4. Dear Oceandrop, Will you please put some light on the Baha'i Sects? How come there are so many sects in the Baha'i religion (I have heared there are 19 sects)? Why there is a fight going on among the Orthodox Bahais and the Bahais of Haifa? Why do you Baha'is hate Mirza Yahya Subh-i-Azal the original successor of the Pseudo-Mahdi (Bab)? Why do you people convert Moslems in Islamic Republic and DO NOT CONVERT jews in Israel? Why teaching Jews in Israel is officially forbidden (not allowed)? Why do you people do not respect the laws of Iran and the democratically elected government of Iran? Why
  5. Hi McClown, Thank you my dear. By the way can let us know about your membership in the Baha'i faith. Why you are an unrolled baha'i? Why did they Kicked you out or it was you who decided to be enrolled. What is the difference between your ideas and the ideas of majority of 'Haifan Baha'is', the term invented by Wahid Azal. Why Wahid hate you so much. Why you people hate Azalis so much. Why you people hate Orthodox Bahais? Why so many Power hungry bahais in the lifetime of Bahaullah killed so many innocent Azalis. You people are the most deceitful people on the earth. Open your eyes and return
  6. My dear metroarea85, Some links for you my dear, you must visit these sites and investigate the truth yourself. http://www.scribd.com/NaserEmtesali http://bahaicultfaq.blogspot.com http://www.sectsofbahais.com May the "blessed beauty" give you wisdom.
  7. salaams, thanks - so beautiful.
  8. I think Bohras are lucky to land directly into Najaf. There are Bohra Shia Ithna Ashari also. These are our brothers who accepted the Wilayat of all 12 Imams. Kudos to them. Their website is : http://www.bohrashia.com
  9. 1.2 Billion christian misunderstood. Hmmm 1 Billion Muslims misunderstood. Hmmm 3 Million Bahais also misunderstood, How you will show ur dirty faces to bahaullah in ABHA KINGDOM. Because according to Prophet Dahesh, he is the return of the 'Bab (Your Prophet)' and latest manifestation and you all are acting like Muslims, you are not believing in him. This is for you - my dear deviated soul : http://www.angelfire.com/mo3/dr.dahesh/bahai.html Read this and we shall talk more. I have many points to discuss with you. Also, I see, you have not answered my questions regarding Orthodox Baha'is. Why
  10. ISLAM is complete religion and that's all. We do not need any further "HOCUS POCUS" prophets like Bab and Bahaullah.
  11. Chirkeen-Nizam story. If someone else knows it, please do recount it here. Meanwhile, I'll share the Chirkeen bit I know about the run-in with Rampur's Nawab: It seems that the Nawab had a son born to him in the month of Muharram and wrote a barjastah misrah in celebration: Daykha hae ham ne chaand Muharram meñ Eed ka ... In the traditional way, he wanted a 'taareekh' written. (For the unititiated, this is generally a phrase, a shayr, often a whole qatah, in which certain words are underlined to indicate that the letters that make up a part which, when totalled under a method that assigns eac
  12. One more dar pe aajaye jo koi pyasa musafir kardo us ke saamne tum paish aab
  13. Salaams, You may be right. That is why I need the opinions from other brothers. If majority agrees I will just provide a link to download. Allama Chirkeen was a Shia Poet but use to write DIRTY ASH'AAR (Not Vulgar). Many of his ASH'AAR are very famous. And a Lot of people are searching for his Diwan and it is not available anywhere. One of his Shaeri is : Khana Khilaya Yaar ko Apne Dast Se Pyas jo lagi peshaab (Pesh Aab) kar diya. Awaiting brothers for your inputs.
  14. You are right. Thank you, I am with you. May Allah (s.w.t.) keep us all on the right path.
  15. You need not worry about my Manners ! This is the most polite tone - i can use for you. Try to cure yourself, come out from this 'SIYAH CHAL' (baha'i faith) OK DEAR.
  16. Speedy ! OK, tell me why UHJ is calling you baha'is (I suppose Hetrodox Baha'is) not to maintain any contacts or communications with Orthodox Baha'is. Why don't you love Orthodox Baha'is. Why do you hate them? Why are Spiritually Impure / dangerous ?? Why Why Why ? They also believe in Baha'u'llah, Abdol Baha, Shoghi Effendi ?? Why tell me PLEASE. I need proper answers. Don't try to change the subject. OK ! See this - for your kind reference. 28 February 2008 To All National Spiritual Assemblies Dear Bahá'í Friends, We have been requested by the World Centre to alert you to the current activi
  17. I love India सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्ताँ हमारा.
  18. Salaams, Let me see how many are interested. I think many are not even aware of his name. I may be wrong. I will post only if I receive at least 10 requests. khuda hafiz
  19. Jacob, I am sorry for my previous reply to your post. I stand on my point only if you are a Baha'i otherwise I have nothing to discuss with you. take care
  20. Jakob! How about prophet Dahesh? He claims to be the "return of your Prophet - Bab" This is for you - my dear deviated soul : http://www.angelfire.com/mo3/dr.dahesh/bahai.html Read this and we shall talk more. I have many points to discuss with you. take care
  21. Finish, The matter is clear. There are sects in the Baha'i Faith and you are not ready to accept. Why don't you google "Orthodox Baha'i" and learn their belief or Shall I teach you here, their beliefs and the facts about Guardianship. Hmmm ! You better get the hell out of here with your foolish Ideas and learn more about Orthodox Baha'i faith.
  22. Speedie ! Allah or Baha-Allah !!! :-) Hmm Yes, I am yahoo, Why are you shouting ?? Because this is truth ! Any Muslim or Baha'i want to learn more about Orthodox Baha'i Religion can Google it. There are 100s of sites and this Guy / Gal speedie is not aware of ? Amazing. You are a LIAR and I mean that.
  23. સલામ મારા ભાઈ હોજેફા, તમે ઈ સાઈટ જોઈછો. કદાય તમારા કામની હોય. http://www.bohrashia.com યા અલી મદદ, ખુદા હાફીઝ.
  24. You are a liar or you think us to be fools ! Orthodox Baha'i Faith is one of the biggest Sect of Bahais who do not believe in Israel Based UHJ. They believe in some Guardian. There are so many websites of Orthodox Bahais, their biggest bases are in Australia, India, US and Iran. And aren't you aware about the Court Case which the orthodox Baha'is won in the US courts. Tell me and I will show you.
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