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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. (bismillah) (salam) I have heard a lecture of sayed ammar where he told in between that there are some verses in quran which if we recite we can actually see Rasoolullah(pbuh) and ahlulbayt in our dreams.He did not told which are those verses in that lecture so if anyone knows those verses then do post them...
  3. Sister... Your immense love and tears shall speak for you on the day of judgement. Keep up your love tears and good work towards ahlulbayt and Allah(swt),inshallah Allah will grant you ziyarah of ameerul momineen imam ali(as) in yur dreams....Just dont think of losing hope and have patience and perseverance keep on begging and crying to Allah(swt) for meeting your imam.Inshallah inshallah you may be successful.... (wasalam)
  4. Salam bro.Is this the pic of Bilawal bhutto on your profile?

  5. giving a name to a person is one thing but naming three sons all together as abu bakr,umar,uthman particularly after the names of the first three caliphs is something not common or something which cannot be said that its just a name and been given........
  6. Is there any lecture of sayed ammar nakshawani available on youtube or any other website regarding this issue? He is the best shia lecturer i have ever came across,and he knows all the strategies and tactics how to defend ahlulbayt and attack the false claims made by other schools in islams.
  7. There's a shrine of abu bakr ibne ali ibne abu talib who was martyred in karbala in najaf (i saw in a video) . http://www.ahl_lbayt.com 'e' in place of _
  8. seems quite contradictory thing as it stands and looks to be that naming someone after someone is an absolute indication of holding atleast not big but a least amount of respect and dignity towards the person after who the named persons' name is
  9. (bismillah) (salam) to all brothers and sisters Recently i came across the following ahle sunnah website www.http://www.*****************.com/articles/sahabah I went through very briefly and find most of their claims very much fake concerning fadak and the difference of opinion between abu bakr and bibi fatimah(as).They claim that it was bibi fatimah zahra(as)'s mistake (nauzubillah).Through claiming that she was wrong they don't even realise that they are proving Allah(swt) (nauzubillah) who revealed the all verses about her characteristics and purity and sinless bieng. But something which is pondering my mind is that they even claim that imam ali(as) had three sons whom he named abu bakr,umar,uthman after the first 3 caliphs.Adding to this i saw a video of ziyarah in najaf and i remember that i even saw in it marqade abu bakr ibne ali ibne abi talib.I don't know much of history but i want to know the views of you brothers and sisters as my simple mind is not that much able to understand this that if imam ali(as) named his three sons after the first 3 caliphs did he really had dignity,respect and admiration for the first 3 caliphs or its a false claim that he named his first 3 sons after them. Thankyou.. (wasalam)
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2pVka-ek_Q
  11. (bismillah) (salam) to all brothers and sisters In the past week,one of my friends who is sunni asked me about concept of intercession,shaf'a,tawassul and many more questions related to the topic.By the grace of Allah(swt),i was able to give quite good explanation even using the verses from the holy quran to answer him that Allah(swt) has chosen shaheeds,ulema,prophets,imams as the ones to intercede and seek for shaf'a.Yet many of the questions asked by him i couldn't give a satisfactorily response to them and i feel ashamed and disheartened as to thinking which i feel i lost somewhat.Few of the questions which he asked,which i fail to give a proper explaination to,i organize them point wise in the following points:- 1. When Allah (swt) is INFINITELY merciful (even more than rasoolullah(pbuh)) then why to seek rasoolullah for intercession,because if rasoolullah is merciful then Allah (swt) who created him is infinitely merciful then why not going to Allah directly. 2. When we do good deeds,offer salaah etc then we please Allah more than prophet and imams then when we had to ask something why we seek Allah and prophet,imams also keeping in mind that Allah is all giver and most supreme and powerful.Even when we ask dua,we ask God and even Prophet,imams,is it optional to go to prophets,imams or it is obligatory to seek their help.if its obligatory then shouldn't we ONLY ask prophets,imams for help and other needs,and if we do so isn't it a complete shirk that the central power who is infinitely supreme,merciful,all giver,all taker,most gracious, we don't go to him only but seek some other blessed creations of him. 3.One the day of judgement when rasoolullah(pbuh) will be asked by Allah(swt) to intercede for humanity then isn't this statement QUESTIONING Allah's jugdment of knowing everything and being the Rightful judge and still asking the prophet(pbuh) to intercede and save whoever he wants,even rasoolullah(pbuh) is not equivalent to Allah. 4.Sinless,perfect etc are attributes of Allah(swt) then how can they be given to like prophets and imams.Isn't that a shirk to have a belief like this and give the qualities of Allah(swt) to prophets and imams. 5.When Shias say 'ya ali madad' aren't they doing shirk by seeking help from other than Allah.And if it isn't then why not to say ya rasoolullah madad and further ya Allah madad.doesn't it shows that (mazallah,mazallah,mazallah) imam ali (as) is more superior,merciful,powerful than rasoolullah(pbuh) and Allah (swt) and that he will come for help if we call him. I felt very disheartened as to not able to give a satisfactory response tothese questions that friend of mine asked.though these questions seem very simple but yet i tried hard to find the best ways to give a good explanation for all the above points and couldn't find a way.Though my faith in intercession and shaf'a and imams is perfected(EVEN i myself have seen many many miracles and mojiza even during muharram in real life which show the signs of aba abdullah,prophet,imams coming to aid for everyone who calls them),yet i feel that i lost and failed to give the correct explanation. (i ask for forgiveness to Allah(swt) if i wrote something wrong out of my knowledge in this topic) (wasalam)
  12. (bismillah) salams, I want to get some good shia ebooks on tawassul,shafa'h,intercession. So xcan anyone give me some sites where i can download them. (wasalam)
  13. We have books written about abu bakr and umar and uthman praising them, and if dr. zakir naik is so pleased to praised him then he should first show any book written in history praising yazid.He debates with christians,hindus,jews but he never debates with shia why? because he knows very well how shias can finish him up in dialogues that why i never heard him debating with shias. I never heard any of his lectures even about imam ali (as) bibi Fatima zahara (as) and any of the ahlulbayts. He just speaks about prophet (as) and abu bakr,umar,usman and his beloved shaitan yazeed. If he really claims to be an honest speaker then why doesn't he has a dialogue with shias,he knows he gonna lose as well as the fact that political motives are filled in his mind.
  14. everyone should cry and weep as much as you can
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