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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hijab's point about being a Wali is moot because 5.55 clearly states who the Wali are. But, brother, he could rebut saying that the verse clearly says that believers are also Wali: [Shakir 5:55] Only Allah is your Vali and His Messenger and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and pay the poor-rate while they bow.
  2. This place (shia chat) is perfect place for someone sincerely willing to seek the truth! JazakAllah! Kudos to all you brothers for taking the pains to spread the truth! May Allah (SWT) bless you all.
  3. you say the universe was always there (no creator) yet you say God who is the uncreated creater needs a creater. lets say he does. then who created him, and who created the god before and before and so on. it will be a infinite number. First of all, I asked for a creator of GOD since you seem to attach a creator to everything u see around u. That's it, nothing more did I mean. Yes, of course, if every thing needs a creator then even GOD does, but then, as u said, it leads to infinite GODs, which is a fallacy, my friend; hence, there is no GOD. athiests believe that the universe had a begining. but no one created that. right? yet you tell us that God needs one. You are being redundant dude. I attached a cause to GOD in extension of your own argument. but anyways the begining was the big bang. and with their calculations what was calculated was that life was created RIGHT after the big bang. less than a millisecond after. That seems like a news to me! Are u a scientist who has a new theory propounding such an idea? No one knows when was life created, although Darwin says that life evolved over a period of billions years. when you look at a car you think oh ford, chevy, honda, w/e made that car because your mind always thinks something that looks like that needs to be created by someone. yet when you look at the universe, something that has no flaw, and is organized(1000000x more perfect, more organized than a car) and you say "oh that, thats always been there". have you ever looked at a car and say, "has that always been there or did someone create that? did the big bang create that. cmon the big bang created life but not the car WTF!" Certainly, the big bang did. No doubts about that. What ever u say fails at a point called universe, which is the biggest teacher, since that is eternal; neither it was created nor it will be destroyed. You said there is no flaw in the system..Wait a minute, haven't u seen asteriods trying to hit earth, as it has happened earlier; there are many examples to this. hey if the big bang created life, which a human can not even get close to make but a human can make a watch, car, house, pencil, etc, yet i havent seen the big bang create either of those VERY EASY things. but if it did create any of those very easy things. i too would be with you(maybe not idk lol) well thanks for taking your time to read this as it may not be good idk im not that good at these
  4. can you give me any example where something is there and is well disciplined but has no one looking after it just look around brother for yourself , and give me your example Well, as I said universe is the best example I think can of with just no need of a creator. It just existed from the very beginning, as far as the reasoning goes. It just existed from eternity, which does not defy logic. Just to say that a thing exists does not serve the purpose of claims. If that is not so, then who created darkness? It just there; it's all pervading, until light comes in, since darkness is just the absence of light. I said that we dont not know the complete universe completely does not mean that one day we wont, after man never believed to ever reach the moon earlier, but it did with the growth of its knowledge. One day man will be able to do everything which u claim u god does. And give me one example what God does and man cannot. were you present from those very old times? or you have heard it from others? and if you have heard it from others, were they present from old times and are sure that this universe is present infinitely?what is their proof?or is it again a claim without proof? what is your proof of this universe being from infinite times? and if you do not have a proof , it is mere a claim , and means nothing Claiming that the universe did not exist right from the eternity, and asking a prove for its eternal existence, is like saying that I am not a thief. the very presence of this universe in its self is a proof that there is someone who has made it and is looking after it,and this is a very common observation i have already told you that you go to a park and you see the cleanliness over there , this automatically assures you that there is someone looking after it....... What sense does it make to say that what you talk is utter non-sense when I dont have enough evidence to prove that u are talking out of sense. Brother, what evidence do u have that God created this universe, since belief comes from knowledge, which in turn comes from evidences, direct or indirect. But if you insist that existence should be preceded by non-existence, then who created God?
  5. There is no need for any creator, as such. The universe is an amalgamation of complex matter and energy and we dont know it fully, although we will one day. The universe is just infinitely old (and I am not predicting future; I am talking about the past) without the need of a creator. Give me any good solid reason with evidence to prove the existence of God; I m sure, you wont be able to. Do all your research and let me know if u have the answer.
  6. The universe is just there. It exists infinitely. There is no need of a Creator.
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