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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Feb 9 - Syria ambassador to Libya getting kicked out (Warning: there is some rough language used)
  2. Dude, I'm just getting started...it's game on. I've taken way too many insults from you. You as an admin, are an embarassment to ShiaChat. You think you can make posts and are above all guidelines on ShiaChat, where as a normal user would have their posts deleted. Go back to Jabel Amel and farm the fields. Anyone in doubt: Look at Ya Aba 3abdillah's choice of words in his many posts and the content, and then compare it to every other mod/admin. You will see the striking difference. I'm sure other admins/mods have also complained about his conduct.
  3. Pro-Syria revolution demonstrations must be banned in Iran. The Iranian regime is not Islamic. They are just another political movement that will fall like all others. Yes, Khameini is afraid of a repeat of 2009-10 where they killed off and persecuted any dissent in Iran. You see that folks? This admin consistently posts duplicate long posts in multiple threads, but when it is reported, he deletes the report!! What kind of fairness is this if admins do things of such sort and get away with it? Where is the justice? ShiaChat should fire this dude once and for all. He is an embarassment to Shia
  4. Ya Aba 3abdillah, did you forget your medication again?? Don't worry, your family and relatives back home in Jabel Amel working for Hezbollah will be able to find other jobs...perhaps back to farmers or janitors. I know you are desparate to save the Hezbollah jobs of your family back home, so you post your anti-Syrian Muslim lies.
  5. Ya Aba 3abdillah, you posted the above same post in here: http://www.shiachat....ost__p__2342951 Get a life. You tried to get viewers to your Gulf Royals threads you created and no one cared, stop trying to spam and hijack with duplicity on my threads. You need to be fired as an admin. Did you bribe your way into ShiaChat? Did you offer favors?
  6. No, our scholars have beautiful Sunnah beards, not no 1mm trimmed beards like those worn at dance parties listening to eurotrash.
  7. Feb 10 - Anti-Assad rallies kick off across Lebanon The Daily Star BEIRUT: Fresh protests got underway in south and north Lebanon Friday against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s 11-month-old crackdown on dissent. After Friday prayers, protesters emerged from mosques in Sidon, the provincial capital of the south, and Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city. About 4,000 men, women and children came out of Bilal Bin Rabah mosque in Sidon and marched three kilometers toward the city center. The protesters, brandishing banners that denounced Assad, shouted slogans criticizing Russia’s position on Sy
  8. Oh look, it is the Basiji and IRGC representative on ShiaChat. Sorry man, I swear I won't spike my hair anymore. It was a funny comment related to Star Wars...what's wrong with laughing about it.
  9. Haha :D In seriousness, at least wrap a real turban on the cardboard cutout.
  10. Man, you have some issues. My posts aren't about Gulf Royals, but yours are. The problem is you can't get anyone to read or write in your trash Gulf Royal threads, so you try to hijack my Syrian threads that have nothing to do with Gulf Royals and are not discussed. You're a leecher. There were more than 200 Lebanese Muslims protesting in that video. Don't worry, your parasite bully Hezbollah's time will come. First they kill Rafik Hariri, then Nasrallah gets Lebanon involved in a war where 1,200 people died and the country was destroyed because of a DUMB idea of getting a handful of IDF sold
  11. In related news regarding the Palestinians and Syria, Hamas has been distancing itself from the Syrian and Iranian regimes: Feb 10 - Hamas drifting away from longtime patron Iran By The Associated Press Gaza City Hamas appears to be drifting away from its longtime patron Iran - part of a shift that began with last year’s Arab Spring and accelerated over Tehran’s backing of the pariah regime in Syria. The movement’s top leader in exile, Khaled Mashaal, wants Hamas to be part of the broader Islamist political rise triggered by the popular uprisings sweeping across the Arab world. For this, Hamas
  12. Man, you are one sick human being. Many, many, in the 100's of children have died by the Syrian regime by ammunitions. Also, many children are dying because the God-less regime is shutting down electricity and raiding hospitals. And you have the nerve to accuse the fathers of these dead children of killing their own babies? You like to accuse the victims of killing themselves? You're a sad state of a human being.
  13. More child martyrs in the ongoing seige in Homs. Killed by the Assad regime and Shabiha terrorists
  14. ^ ShiaBen, you have a history of trying to shut down dissent. I already told you, ShiaChat is not Tehran. Go respond to my Palestinian/Syrian article I just posted if that makes you happy. If you had half a brain, you would see I posted many replies yesterday and continue to do so, along with videos like today. Now, run along to that Iranian used car dealership in California, you will fit right in there.
  15. Feb 9 - Palestinian Intellectuals to Syrian Regime: Not in Our Name! A collective Palestinian statement To apply for membership in the Syrian Writers Union and in solidarity with the Syrian people It is our honor, as Palestinian writers and signatories to this statement, to request as a group to be inducted into the Syrian Writers Union, which has been recently established by the free Syrian writers and intellectuals who stand with the people as they climb the ladder of freedom which has been smeared with blood by the hand of the tyrant. The establishment of the Syrian Writers Union constitute
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