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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Alright, so this is a response to mdms challenge; to Jazmine Sullivans, Bust your windows, Bought a new Tux I bought a new tux out that house And no it wasn’t for my new-wed spouse I’ll probably shun all my cheesy vows Cuz right now I’m just busy searching crooowds I bought a new tux out that house After I figured who would beee around i did make it-yeh I lost some pounds hoping a second lady will be foooooouuuuu-uuund I must admit I shaved both arm pits Hoping the singles might notice it i didn’t have no drop of sweat, seee thaaats what happens wheeen u see u cant just look past the
  2. mdm parody buddy, bellas back! sorry for my extremely late response, but I've been up to the moon and back down. Awesome songs indeed, thanks for the suggestions.Ill check out their other songs too. Your topic my friend is... em lets see, reverse psychology, lol, girls/guys? (ill be nice and let u decide which gender u wanna do it on-or u can do both?) who constantly go, Im faat, or Im ugly, or my tummy is extensive,-so others can step in and go all nah, ure perfect. lol, this should be good. LOL@promiscuous hijabi n LOL@ :sick: :!!!: @the bolded part! Both awesome parodies.
  3. LOOL!! I absolutely love it! The rad title should be handed over to you. the songs nice too, hadnt heard it before, so now its going in my ipod lol. Lol men do that? I'm dead busy at the moment, will get back to this later today.
  4. titch thanks. Looking forward to reading yours too. Shia&proud lol@alhamdulilah.
  5. Lol, awww. Not even disney songs? they're awesome!
  6. Lol, you guys are far too kind, but thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it-even though I was pretty hesitant about the whole thing lol. mdm, looking forward to reading your challenge. Shia&Proud, wanna join in and parodize (if thats a word lol)
  7. lol@your hysteric laughing in the parody thread.

  8. LOL-i cant believe I'm doing this, it turned out pretty gay (lol, forgive the pun ) I'm pretty sure it would've been better to a famous tune, but here goes as you requested Ibrahim, (ps: I rewrote the english translation to the song, (obviously couldnt do the french)-accordingly with the tune. Warning; erm.... (slightly) offensive.. :blush: lol, We pucked together passionately, Like some pink lovers, Then one day they caught me, With you between my trousers I feel you everywhere on my body, I feel you everywhere amid my hips, You are my afflah and my baby my Elton, my lady bunny my tho
  9. LOL@George Michael! Hilarious! Good days, this should be fun, I'll get back to this as soon as I'm back home-going out now. and, mdm your topic is, emm.. let me think of something difficult... hm.. "halal" dating, muslim guy+muslim girl trying to keep the flirting as halal as possible lol. goodluck my friend,
  10. awesome@everyone :lol: @l titch awesome rhyming! mdm LOL, french whaaaa? :!!!: I'm actually cracking up completely, what kind of gay song is that LOL!! sweet sugar, you guys are joking right?? I don't even know french LOL, and who on earth is Aflah?? :unsure: lol, but alright, I'll do my best, if someone sheds some light on this aflah person. lol
  11. i have resurrected the thread chum, you should see it near the top somewhere, lets get it going and our creative juices flowing while the thread is growing to show off our knowing

  12. The parody thread has been lost? I can't find it, either I'm blind, or it's been trashed. Oh well, was fun as it lasted, -if you make another one-leave me a comment-and I'll be notified by mail. So long parody buddy

  13. LOL :!!!: @ wont buy kidney for his son! lol, awesome! Thanks for your sweet words titch and mdm. For your challenge mdm I've chosen Katy Perry's tune, I kissed a girl I fled the battle This was always what I planned- neat-ly calculated I got so scared, sword in hand- That's why I fleeted Its what- Ive been taught So I -had to run away Like my friend O-khattab Who -fled the other way I fled the battle and I hoped for A sleek and smooth escape I fled the battle and will flee more Oh lord why cant I be opaque I felt so slick I felt so brave Yes did mean to mis-behave I fled the battle
  14. LOL mdm. Me more awesome than that kid? noway lol. mdm your subject is em.. stingy people, people who are so cheap that theyd reuse toilet paper if they could.
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