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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaykum Bros. & Sisters, I got a beautiful nazm in Lucknow and I lost it with my diary. Can any one help me find it please; I remember few of its lines... BA-ADAB AYE ZINDAGI, MOUSAM AZAA KA AAGAYA, ROOMAALE ZEHRA KA ILAQA AAGYA TERE LAFZON KO CHAMAKNA AAGAYA my email address: h_1004@yahoo.co.in Thanks, Hasan
  2. Salaam, can anyone help me where could i find the hifz-e-jawad online? i have tried searching but could'nt find it on other websites such as duas.org
  3. Salam, Can any 1 can help me pls...I need the munqebat "TUJHE DEKHNA HAI WUZU MERA, TERA ISHQ MERI NAMAAZ HAI" by Mir Hasan Mir..... pls it's urgent.
  4. does anyone know if there are any hawza in australia, I could'nt find any information about this
  5. The answer for your question is simple, iblis or shaitan was also not good, but then what wrong in a name, so why dnt people keep their children name as iblees???would you keep your child's name iblees?? i guess ur answer would be no. and the reason behind you not keeping ur child's name iblees is d same reason why people not keep names like yazid n muawiyya
  6. dekhiyae main ek speaker hoon, aur jab main yeh baat dusrae logoun se kehti hoon tou woh mujhse reference pouchtae hai...mujhe bhi yeh baat bahout acchi lagi aur main chaha rahi thi ki sab loge tak yeh baat pouhchahoon, magar loge mujhse reference maang rahae hai, ab aap baitayae main kehan se refernce laooun agar main " best friend" ka reference doon tou loge accept nahin karenge naa :lol:
  7. As salam alikum, All your post were very interesting spl. all the stories. I got a question in mind, I am not able to recollect when Prophet musa killed a man?? can anyone please tell me about this incident. And I got one more doubt was Pharoh ramses was the only one who called him,self God, I even heard abouit Namrood, he was there at the time of Prophet Ibrahim and I guess even he used to call himself God...m i right???
  8. can you please give me the reference from which you quoted this
  9. Has anyone got any link for the book called as The Book of Sulaimon : The secrets of Ahle Bait , pleaseee. I am very eager to read it
  10. As salam alikum, I am looking for some good lectures on the birth of Imam ali a.s., preferably in urdu.
  11. does anyone want to know more about Abul Fazlil Abbas a.s.??? you can find some really nice facts about him and also about bibi fatima s.a. in the lectures given by kamal hyder qibla here is the link http://zuljana.com/old-stuff/qibla_kamal_haider_rizvi.htm it's in urdu, does anyone know anyother sites where I could find more lectures in urdu of kamal hyder qibla??
  12. has anyone heard of Allama kamal hyder, just heard him few months back, the majlis recited by him in dubai is superb... but I am not able to find his any other majlis. does anyone know of any site??? for people interested you can listen him on www.zuljana.com
  13. can anyone please throw some light who Kunfuth was???
  14. As salam alikum, mainae kuch din pehlae zameer aqtar qibla ki ek majlis suni, bahout achi lagi....kya koi mujhae unka email id ya post address dae saktae, taaki unse khat o kitabat kar sakhein aur mujhe rehan aazmi aur shauqat raza qibla ka bhi email id ya post address chahiyae. please kya koi mujhae yeh information dae saktae??
  15. As salam alikum, I have heard one urdu majlis of zameer akhtar qibla, and now I am not able to find that majlis. Can anyone provide me email address or postal address of zameer akhtar qibla, he is from pakistan. Morover I even want email address or postal address of rehan azmi (pakistani writer), so that I can personally compliment him for his work. Does anyone know the email or postal address of shaukat raza qibla also????
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