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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think its hallucination, As you can see the original poster first accounted that they had not seen the ''jin'' , then later saying they had in fact seen shadows before turning on the light and hearing footsteps.Have they seen anything or not? I ask the original poster what she/he meant by ''feeling that something is there'' Also ask your family to take some pictures next time, If they can see them, a camera lens would too. Stress and the natural fear of the dark are probably the culprit imo
  2. We should find you and findout what you're smoking for breakfast. Much respect, Lion
  3. or you could be Basim Ali's lion :P

  4. :wacko: how does a muslim become a christian?......what do you have to believe in?
  5. what can you tell me about them? (In relation to the beginning of this universe). I think this whole concept of time is nonsense, as if those who propose it can answer the all too common phenomenal question: ''why existance rather than not'' The second issue is,why do we bother ourselves with questions that are clearly beyond the scope of empirical science? Infact,I see this as philosophical question in nature rather something that can be explained in a materialistic matter. God did it. end of the story. :) (An empiricists worst nightmare)
  6. ... or kitten? :P

  7. erm... make that a two year old, cub... :D

  8. you'd have to be 2 year old, for that to happen.... ;P

  9. DOES ANYONE HAVE A BIOLOGY DEGREE IN HERE? Homosexuality CAN be caused by genetics, so are serial killers, rapists, mentals, and the ...unkind. Please dont make such bold claims ,that homosexuality isnt caused by genetics. This is a nonsense claim. My point is, it doesnt execuse it in society.
  10. Hmm... good question... how do you determine, someone's id card is his? :P

  11. yh, why should I answer something meant for God? :P

  12. Let me tell you, As society progresses these trends will continue to a point where morality essentially disengrates,There is little we can do about it unfortunately. It becomes a one man battle, every soul for him/herself, fighting to make it to the next day with dignity and expression of values.
  13. narrations? I would assume climate change goes well with the ''last days'' on earth lol
  14. LOL enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOOc5yiIWkg
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