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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam Alikum brother.  The last time you posted is over 3 years ago.  I hope all is well with you.

    1. MFAHH


      Wa `alaykum salaam. Alhamdulillah all is well, thank you.

  2. Salaam, Thought I'd post Sayyid Sistani's view here for its relevance to the above discussion. This is from a Q&A taken from his website. I've included and translated only the relevant part, that is, in the case when fajr cannot be determined. السؤال: يرجى بيان حكم صيام شهر رمضان للذين يسكنون في المناطق الشمالية للكرة الأرضية في الحالات التالية: [...] ٢ ـ ما إذا كان لهم ليل ونهار في كل أربع وعشرين ساعة ولكن لا يتحقق لهم الفجر الذي يسبق طلوع الشمس ويجب الصيام بدءاً منه، أي أنه إذا غاب قرص الشمس لم يختف الضوء تماماً بل يستمر إلى أن يطلع قرص الشمس مرة أخرى ؟ [...] :الجواب [...] ٢ ـ واما
  3. Issue 2419: If a person contracts Nikah with a non-baligh girl, it is haraam to have sexual intercourse before she has completed her nine years. But if he commits sexual intercourse with her, she will not be haraam for him when she becomes baligh, even if she may have suffered Ifza (which has been described in rule 2389), though as a precaution, he should divorce her.
  4. Yes, wasn't too helpful, though I'll press them further. Though the problem is we don't have an astronomical dawn..
  5. Salaam, Unfortunately, this problem persists and I have yet to find a ruling on how we are to figure out the time of fajr salaah in the absence of a true dawn. Al-fajr as-sadiq happens sometime between the sun's being at an altitude of 18 and 12 degrees below the horizon; upon its reaching 12 degrees, the time for subh prayers has no doubt begun. Where I am however, the sun doesn't go further than 11 degrees below the horizon at this time of year. So we have no true dawn (or false for that matter). That means neither does a pillar of light resembling the tail of a fox emerge, nor does a thr
  6. Me? I never knew I was held in such high estimation lol. Anyhow, apologies for not replying, I hadn't seen your edited post until now.
  7. Wa `alaykum as-salaam, It may not meet your needs but is of possible interest to you: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235021616-prophet-none-should-represent-me-except-ali/#entry2689429
  8. Interesting, would you mind sharing some such stories akhī?
  9. Personally, I think both Farage and O'Brien are halfwits, so I didn't care for either one outdoing the other. Definitely popcorn worthy though.
  10. ...And the Holy Prophet had his own reasons for being unable to guide all of mankind.. Akhi, the reasons themselves are inconsequential; all we need know is that because of certain reasons, both the Holy Prophet and Imam as-Sadiq [a] only guided and warned some of mankind. Despite being able to guide and warn only some of mankind, the Holy Prophet was described by Allah عز وجل as a guide and a warner to all of mankind. If, by being unable to guide all of mankind for whatever reason, the Holy Prophet failed, then Allah عز وجل would not have described him as such. So, Imam as-Sadiq [a], despi
  11. If I had said the above then, yes, I would have fallen prey to simultaneously accepting two contradictory statements - fortunately though, I never. That the "Holy Prophet was unable to guide and warn all of mankind" is an irrefutable historic fact. That "he is a guide and a warner to all of mankind" is testified to by Allah عز وجل in the Holy Qur'an - and His Word is beyond reproach. As a prudent Muslim, you may not deny any of these two statements. So you must accept that the Holy Prophet's being unable to guide and warn all of mankind does not preclude his being a guide and a warn
  12. It is you who are missing the point; taqiyya is not relevant to any part of my question. The Holy Prophet was unable to guide and warn all of mankind, this indubitable fact stands regardless of whether or not he employed taqiyya (the majority of mankind in his era were not aware of his existence, and, even now, there are people who are blissfully ignorant of the existence of a religion called Islam - i.e. no warning or guidance has reached them). But he is still a guide and a warner to all of mankind. Imam as-Sadiq [a], just like the Holy Prophet , was unable to guide all of mankind, this i
  13. No he never. Even now there exist people who haven't heard of Islam. And yet, the Holy Prophet was sent out to convey the message to all of mankind. Do you not see the problem? I am not comparing apples to oranges. Explicitly: the Holy Prophet never managed to warn and guide all of mankind, yet you have no trouble in accepting his being sent as a warner and a guide to all of mankind. Imam as-Sadiq never managed to guide all of mankind, yet you have trouble accepting his being sent as a guide to all of mankind? Be fair minded and consistent.
  14. And yet the Holy Prophet was still unable to warn all of mankind. Please provide a response to this question and refrain from dodging it as you have done thus far ( i.e. desist from sidetracking and repeating that Imam as-Sadiq [a] was in taqiyya for it makes no difference whether he was or was not and it does not hurt our case; you're answer to this will still suffice as our answer to you): The Holy Prophet was sent to warn all of mankind. He did not achieve what he was sent out to do. Did he not then fail?
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