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  1. l watched the dw.com documentary "Algeria -my love" or Algeria -mi amor"; something like that.

    ln the documentary, these protesters were arrested for:

    Charge: Promoting National Dis-unity

    Specification: Flag waving (the national flag)

    Now, if that ain't 1984 "double think", what is?

  2. On 4/10/2021 at 12:08 AM, Guest Psychological Warfare said:

    Just the FOOD thing. 

    l said a couple of nights ago during lftar that if l made it into Heaven and got my request, my little sister would be my cook.

    Y'all know: A fantastic kitchen. Multiple ovens. Big enough so she doesn't feel cooped-up. (For you non-Americans, this comes from 'chicken coop'.) With dine-in and take-out entrances. Big, long menu. And of course a dishwasher. And a laundry for the table linens.

  3. With the entire city on edge -and riots/looting pre-planned- who shows up at a Minneapolis protest on Saturday and tells "protesters" to stay on the streets? "Maxi-mouth" Walters, D-CA from south LA.


    A radio comment l heard last week said the idea now is to riot and then transform into a protest. This negates any police riot-control measures.

  4. 1 hour ago, Dave follower of The Way said:

    I'm so sad that your experience of church didn't introduce you to a living spiritual encounter with the life transforming God.  Each day my heart responds to a relevant spiritual encounter with God.  God engages with me as I rest in his presence.  This is the normal life for a follower of Jesus and transforms religious practice into a daily walk with God through the power of his Holy Spirit.

    This is one of the things that church warned against.

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