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  1. :hahaha: l noticed your avatar is not dressed 'lslamic appropriate'.

    What will Tehran/Qom/Cairo/Fes say?

    And shaved legs? Yeah, looks like it.  :ko:

    :rolleyes:"Just an observation."

    1. hasanhh


      @Allah Seeker  Reza has put a lot of time and effort into S.C. Which we all do sincerely appreciate.

      Yet. . .  to razz [definition #2, 'to tease'] him one last time . . . 

      ... nah, he worked too hard for S.C

      Maybe we can find another laid-back image for an avatar for him. We do some extra work this time.

    2. Allah Seeker

      Allah Seeker

      Ratta-ta-tazz .. that's how snoop would say it -  more or less. Yes Reza has put a lot of effort masha Allah. He deserves our citizen support. 

    3. hasanhh


      l cannot draw at all. But l am certain a few of our fellow SCers can. We can encourage one of them to draw him an avatar of his envisioning as a 'thank you.'

      l checked online 'laid back images' yesterday. 0ne had a young man at his desk, but there were also a kangaroo, polar bear and such.

      Who on SC can draw?

  2. Do Not Forget: the THIRD :dry: Debate is tonight, 2100EDT.

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    3. hasanhh


      lt is also being re-runned over the weekend.

      TV was so bad last night l re-watched the debate.



      Yeah it’s all over Instagram aswell including the previous debates 

  3. lnshallah, Trump will have one of those "mild" C-19 cases.

  4. @shia farm girl @LeftCoastMom

    Shiafarmgirl, Leftie and all the others on the left coast, l hope those fires are well away from you, inshallah.

    1. PureExistence1


      Salaam @hasanhh

      In sha Allah all is well with you also! My, what strange times we live in!

      Alhamdulilah, my family and i are well as regards the fire. Some residences and lots of horse, cattle, etc. were evacuated from the foothills about 5 miles east of us, in the Diablo Mountain Range, but we are on the opposite side of the valley from that fire, which was the closest one to us, however, one of the other major fires that made up The lightning Complex Fires was on the western side of us. The Santa Cruz Mountain Range is about 8 miles to our west, and so much damage was done there :( There are some crazy pics on the internet of Santa Cruz Boardwalk with the mountains on fire in the background...2 nights ago was the first time i saw stars in the sky since all these fires started. Im so sorry for the people,plants, trees and animals that have been so adversly affected:(

      It was crazy, cuz around 9pm the night the first fires broke out, my brother texted me and said he saw lightning in the mountains to the south west of our property. Immediately i was worried cuz i knew it had to be dry lightning cuz things had been so hot and dry and there hadnt been any precipitation in the forecast. I told my brother thats very concerning and to keep an eye on things. I told a friend whos new to California what was going on, and they thought my use of the word "nerve wracking" was innappropriate. I tried to explain that dry lightning is no joke and highly dangerous,especially in our area..fast forward 5 days later and hundreds of thousands of acres were burning all over the state:(

      Now it seems Oregon and Washington are going through what we here in Cali just went through:(

      Thanks for your concern and for the post, i hope everyone else is doing well too, in sha Allah. Those hurricanes are no joke either!!!


    2. hasanhh


      Ahmaduallah you are 'safe'.

      Soon la-nina will pass again and hopefully you will also not be too affected by the rains of el-ninyo, inshallah.

      l have wondered where you are in such a large state, so l'II Iook up Diablo.

      Leftie is up in Wash, so l hope their farm is unaffected.

      Take care uhty.


  5. You have been very quiet recently. :worried:

  6. :sign_welcome: back.

    1. Christianlady


      Thanks Hasanhh :)

      Good to see you? How are you?

      Peace and may God bless you abundantly

  7. My apologies to you and the other sisters. l posted in the sisters' forum without knowing it.


    1. Laayla


      No brother, you are free to post on the thread.  I'm very worried about this sister.  Marriage is already difficult, and I know you went through a hard divorce.  Thank you for responding.  

  8. Salam Bro,

    Quick question about your avatar. Is it a facial representation or is this a skull?

  9. Salam Bro,

    I read you edited my rotary phone post under "Thoughts".

    What was the edit? I didn't see any change.

    The B_deleted was the name of the town, if that was what it was.


    1. Marbles


      Salam hasanhh,

      I think you posted on the wrong profile. It was mod magma who edited your post.

    2. hasanhh
  10. Salam Bro,

    I do not subscribe to the insults you got on the Thoughts thread. So what if you are 17? -if one post is correct. People have to start thinking and expressing themselves sometime --so you do not need a PhD to do so. Keep up your participation. "Apo...", to me, has an attitude problem. She has launched at me, also, with her one line comment "Go Away" on a post that did not even concern her.

    Congrats on your 3rd Anniversary on SC tomorrow.

    I saw "Batman: The Beginning" yesterday and watched it twice. Slow start yet a good movie. So, as compatible with the movie's theme, do not "fear" people's comments on the Internet.

  11. Salam Bro,

    Since people ask you about computers, I'll ask you:

    When I run a security scan, "pid=numbers, tid=numbers" are shown. I tried goggle search but I couldn't find anything.

    Do you know what this means?


  12. Hotel thread, post #2: Best comment you ever made.

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