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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I had lunch for the first time in months. I just felt starved. Soooo, l over ate with potatoe children, chicken nuggets(3), two cheese burgers, ice cream bar and soda. Stomach
  2. You know that BBQ stands not just for the first ranch to use this style of cooking sauce, but also for . . . the Big Bad Queasy
  3. Ain't never said or implied anything of the kind that such activity will be successful with Qur'an. 0nly Qur'an is a protected Book -there will always be an accurate one. I don't know about Torah or Psalm, but one story was added to the New Testament in the 9th Century in Germany and was not generally deleted until the second half of the 20th Century. There are also several different manuscripts that England and Germany chased after in the 19th Century. Re-read the third paragraph in my post 8 hours previous to this one. @Mod Motion to close this topic as frivolously argumentative.
  4. Which reminds me . . . kite flying is a proscribed activity in the Sunnah.
  5. It's Wilbur Wright's Birthday. Not B. Franklin's.
  6. Not so. There is no copy of the book Ibrahim -(عليه السلام). was given. Whatever was left of the Torah was altered during the Maccabean Era 200-300+ BCC. The Psalm David was given has no known copy. There is no known copy of the Injeel. The Qur'an is a protected book. Ayat 56:78
  7. The US medically published and used information gathered during Shoah and from Japan's Unit 731.
  8. August the 19th was declared National Aviation Day by FDR's Presidential Proclamation, this date, 1939 which is also Wilbur Wright's birthday. People are encourage to celebrate this with activities and memorials. Sorry, @Flying_Eagle , you are disqualified because this day is for featherless flight.
  9. "Yarrabi ! 28 cookies?" Now, youz all know that we is spied on by a lot of busy-body white-trash. l have been running 19-20 cookies per day for a while. At last check, a few minutes ago, l has 28 detectable cookies on my computer. I guess this year's $80 Billion surveillance budget has got to do something, but do they have to slow my computer by clogging it up with all this here squat? Golly, l ain't see nor hear-ed so much national security since Watergate. THOUGHT: lf these here busy-bodies want something to do, they can adopt a road and go pick up some trash, or buy a boat and clean up the ocean.
  10. You are trying to create a debate when the Qur'an is self-explained. Messages and Reminders were/are ignored, "thrown behind their backs", but also because many people hate the revelation of the God of Noah, Allah -(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Ayats 47:9 and 47:26 --where the tri-literal root word's emphasis equals "hate" while in other emphases elsewhere in Qur'an the word becomes "dislike". To reply to your third paragraph rhetorically, "Can you '81 alter Hasan's words while l still exist and say them?". No, of course you cannot. If you can't and no one else can change the speech of a mere created person, who can then change the Words of Allah -(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). ?
  11. That's it, @starlight ? A laugh? I was expecting another one of these: from you. Now, pizza, chicken and potatoes . . . after l cook them.
  12. How about pounds or kilograms ? ? ?
  13. "In this chapter of our TV series, "It's Iran: Get Hysterical", we find that American paperwork has been confounded by Iran registering a name change for its supertanker. The Grace 1 had its name changed to Adrian Darya 1 this weekend. As it is the weekend, Monday morning will be busy for Operation Hatfield trying the gather enough newspapers to authenticate changes to bureaucratic subject lines. Operation Hatfield comes from American history, the Hatfield's and McCoy's feud. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-Iran-tanker-gibraltar/grace-1-tanker-raises-iranian-flag-changes-name-to-adrian-darya-1-idUSKCN1V80A5
  14. I figure you are using pyrex and other 'unbreakables'. l do not, as a rule, use storage containers. l mostly leave stuff in the store's packaging. I avoid glass bottles whenever l can.
  15. My own nikkah? In the West, it is that hokey "love-honor-and-obey". I'd really have to think . . . but l would include the necessary "Girl keep it when l am watching the soccer game." Maybe "any time l am watching any TV" will be better.
  16. lt also affects your blood sugar. Hypoglycemics are advised to avoid it for storage and especially for cooking.
  17. At my local mosque, we have doctors that are also hafiz. So are engineers and other professionals, tradesmen, and laborers. A couple of young people, too. I never knew how many hafizas we have.
  18. from oxygen deprivation. This explains why nearly all 'near death experiences' report the same observation.
  19. @thegoodman81 You can also peruse Ayats from Sura Kahf 18:27 & 29
  20. Twiddle Twaddle "to the point of non-existence" is done by ignoring something into oblivion Essentially, the whole World rejected Noah -(عليه السلام). so why point to any particular group because most people do reject. You should know Ezekiel 14, for example. All the nabis and Imams were in the eastern Mediterranean region -which includes the Red Sea.
  21. I watched "Paradise or Robocaplyse" on dw.com Mostly, it is "fill-osophy" --filling up time with little-to-no meaning chatter-- despite the program's claim there are "ethical questions" concerning the future of AI. There was one apparent data point as it is not explained how this was calculated: that the human brain is 1 million times more performing than current AI but Al "develops faster". Link: https://www.dw.com/en/paradise-or-robocalypse/av-50022022
  22. I watched the first 1/2 hour of the 1978 "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". It is so stew-peed l could not stand it. The only reason I started is because ever so often people mention it -mostly in TV commentary. So l switched to something a little more sensible: The Big Bang Theory.
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