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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ? Also ? "A fish want to div from dry land . . ."
  2. Historical Perspective Comment https://www.dw.com/en/craig-venter-20-years-of-decoding-the-human-genome/a-53026899
  3. https://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2020/03/28/Coronavirus-Iraqi-Shia-cleric-blames-gay-marriage-for-coronavirus.html
  4. Saw this on the national nutwork news: https://www.npr.org/2020/04/06/828517076/a-tiger-has-coronavirus-should-you-worry-about-your-pets and this: https://www.dw.com/en/is-your-house-cat-spreading-the-coronavirus/g-53042796
  5. How are corna-things around Detroit? My news says it is an emerging epicenter.
  6. This must be why l find hair in my wash cloth, food, books, clothes and Qur'an.
  7. Effects of C-19 Heart damage and failure Short Article: https://www.ajmc.com/newsroom/what-were-reading-coronavirusrelated-heart-issues-racial-disparities-in-covid19-outcomes-urging-smokers-to-quit Same info but longer(with some added points) https://www.inforum.com/newsmd/coronavirus/5031401-Mysterious-heart-damage-not-just-lung-troubles-befalling-COVID-19-patients
  8. The way this is presented on the different news outlets (as in bbc, dw.com, nhk, france24) it does not "look good" for the PM. lnshallah.
  9. 2200GMT/1800EDT,Monday,06April2020 1,340,456 Confirmed Cases (+67,555) 74,442 Deaths (+5,015) 278,156 Recoveries 987,858 Currently lnfected of which 47,498 are Serious or Critical (+1,966) USA now has 10k+ deaths
  10. ^^^^ Reminds me of a Corona Scam l saw last night/this morning. These scammers set up fake test points and charged people $200 each for fake coronavirus testing. So a family of 4 would be $___. https://abc11.com/fake-pop-up-covid-19-testing-sites-offering-quick-results-for-cash/6078776/ --also stolen: personal data, DNA, . . .car VlN Numbers, license plates, ...
  11. lraq : Deal of the Century https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/China-Prepares-To-Close-Oil-Deal-Of-A-Lifetime-In-Iraq.html --and also, for a period of time, a 10% subsidy --Majnoon 0ilfield
  12. 2204GMT/1804EDT,Sunday,05April2020 1,268,735 Confirmed Cases (+67,153) 69,329 Deaths (+4,631) 261,134 Recoveries 938,272 Currently lnfected Patients(+52,018) of which 45,532 are Serious or Critical (+3,422) USA had 23% of new deaths UK PM Johnson has been admitted to hosppital 10 days after testing positive. [Local news said South Sudan has its 1st case] as does the Falklands. NBC News at 1830 said that NYC has 40% of the US cases.
  13. When l was little, my mother took mine. So l started hiding it, out side, in a glass Mason Jar, in an old post hole near the house. When she knew l had gotten some money, she use to look for it and at first got upset when she could not find it. She finally gave up after a couple of years. Ok star, what nefarious things did you do to your siblings?
  14. I believe "mean little kid" was also the name of a comic strip. My "mean little kid" story has to do with me and my older sister. As best as l can remember, l was 8 and she was almost 7. Mom was at the bakery and bought each of us a ginger bread man as a surprise. So after lunch, Mom brought out our surprise. Now or some reason, Mom and my sister left the table. l Can't remember why. So l ate my ginger bread man real slow. lt tasted very good. Well, they weren't back yet. So l thought, l'd eat part of my sister's. Reaching over l took her ginger bread man and ate a leg off. They still weren't back. So l ate another leg. They still weren't back. So l thought, "What the heck, l'II just go eat an arm" and quickly the other arm. As a typical dumb kid, l am still sitting their after mutilaing my sister's ginger bread man. They come back and my sister sits down, sees what l did and starts to scream and cry. Mom runs back to the table and l run out the door. My sister wailed for half an hour, l'd guess. Me? l stayed up in my favorite tree until Dad came home. Fifteen or so years later, for a birthday present, my sister and her husband brought me a ginger bread man, all wrapped up, with out any limbs. Mom even years after that said, as she always said, she "never dreamed" l would do such a thing.
  15. Did you watch the Queen's address which ended a few minutes ago, and what did you think?
  16. Think of this question: would you create a weapon you have no control over and as of today have 1/4 of reported global infections?
  17. As of 0700EDT,Sunday,05April2020 The USA has 25.6% of the World's reported cases, and 12.8% of the reported deaths(8,454). This compared with European countries' graphs show the the time lag for the surge in deaths is not here in the US yet.
  18. My local news: the Veterinary Clinics and supply sources are having their ventilators removed for human hospital use.
  19. l found time 00:30 to 00:35 the most informative -The sneeze/talking projection of droplets. ln short, the pattern lookos like a ceremonial cannon, a quick 'puff' out to the length of your elbow(with arm extended) and then spiral distribution of micro-droplets (0.1micrometers) in the four primary directions.
  20. Even when l was little, before l even went to school, l can remember my father telling me, "you will never cease to be amazed at how ___ damn stupid people can be." So what do l see a minute ago at 0500hrs on my local news? The police last night broke up a "coronavirus party" arresting many (l didn't catch the number). The video they showed had a few tens of people outside for this street party.
  21. Uhhhh . . . could you translate that for us old dotards?
  22. 2220GMT/1820EDT, Staurday, 04April2020 1,196,944 Confirmed Cases (+80,282) 64,580 Deaths (+5,406) 246,110 Recoveries 886,254 Currently lnfected Patients of which 42,110 are Serious or Critical (+2,707) France had 1,053 new deaths. PBD New Hour Weekend reported that Pakistan has been spraying "fumigant" to "disinfect" a hot-spot neighborhood.
  23. Not know by me until this AM from local TV: FB monitors and deletes Brazil's President's mis-info posts: https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/30/facebook-removes-bolsonaro-video/ I looked over some other news from this past week and the consensus is that Brazil will be an "outlier". ln otherwords, a bigger catastrophic area than the rest of the World.
  24. l am guessing that "nizamuddin" is a suburb ? And what event are you refering to?
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