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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As salaamun aleikun, hoping youre doing well. We miss you!

  2. I hope u r fine brother, we missed u a lot. Stay safe. 

  3. "Alright . . . Pay Attention" l is going to be away for awhile so all of you behave yourselves, don't miss salah . . . OR Y'all get the verbal "whack-whack" when l gets me back here." Salam All
  4. For lftar l had a microwave fish with added cheese. And coffee.
  5. 2400GMT/2000EDT,Thursday,22April21/10Ramadhan42 145,303,655 Cases (+871,267) 3,084,009 Deaths (+12,930) 123,568,634 Recoveries 18,651,634(+183,367) Active Cases of which 110,120(+410)are Serious or Critical
  6. As an off-hand comment: The OP title, "Death is Defeated" reminds me of the fascist slogan "Long Live Death". Which has been mostly heard in Spain and the Balkans.
  7. Former Ambassador Andrew Young in an interview once replied to this with, "You don't need to 'read a book' when you have lived it."
  8. A week or two ago, there was a TV report that said this has more to do with influenza rather than C-l9. But l forget the exact reason.
  9. A lot of jibberish, but a start on "standards" in the EU has to begin somewhere. https://www.dw.com/en/eu-unveils-ai-rules-seeking-global-standards/a-57282281
  10. l read the "shock stat" that india has 3 deaths per minute; which is 2160 per day. 2400GMT/2000EDT,Wednesday,21Apil21/09Ramadhan42 144,415,745 Cases (+871,640) 3,070,855 Deaths (+13,905) 122,876,623 Recoveries 18,468,267 (+133,286)Active Cases of which 109,710(+301) are Serious or Critical
  11. l watched the dw.com documentary "Algeria -my love" or Algeria -mi amor"; something like that. ln the documentary, these protesters were arrested for: Charge: Promoting National Dis-unity Specification: Flag waving (the national flag) Now, if that ain't 1984 "double think", what is?
  12. Nanny Pe-lousy --what a sick biddy. George Floyd himself would probably prefer to be walking on the street, trying to get by in Life.
  13. l didn't know if there was anything of a paste -excepting tomatoes and glues- and then these unhealthy, sugary additives. BLAH
  14. 2400GMT/2000EDT,Tuesday,20April21/08Ramadhan42 143,517,230 Cases (+806,035) 3,056,376 Deaths (+13,356) 122,125,873 Recoveries 18,334,981(+91,399) Active Cases of which 109,409(+1.269) are Serious or Critical
  15. https://www.inquisitr.com/c/human-monkey-embryos
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