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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam Alikum 

    Brother How are you?

    Are you okay?

    How is your health?  I hope you are just busy and there are no problems with you.  God bless you 

  2. My brain in a computer? l'm short circuited enough as it is. l don't need a hacking or power outage. Or surge protection. Seriously, from the descriptions l have seen about synapses l can't imagine how these can be replicated. Now in the 1950s and 60s when the brain was viewed as a logic machine this was speculated on.
  3. At one level, l never have understood that. Although it is true. Sex really isn't that-big-a-deal.
  4. Nahhhh . . . The sick Nazis had their Gehime Staats Polizei which was shortened to GeStaPo. But with feminists, they have their Geflugel Opperette Polizei to contrive political correctness. Which is shortened to GeFlOpPo. @ali_fatheroforphans Some of the nom de SC the sisters use does lead to confusion. l didn't know 2Timeless was a 'she', either.
  5. Like Dunder Woman ? "Didn't Linda Carter play that role?" Of course, that is not what l called her . . . it . . . that . . .
  6. Historically: Yes, Virginia (O'Hanlon), there is a Santa Claus.
  7. Yep, a lot of bosses act-out what they read or see but about never think-through.
  8. Sometimes l am an #8 at the belligerent level. Yet it is fun.
  9. Yeah. Good Question. l believe SC has a couple of them thar varmits.
  10. There was a girl not far from me that the other men use to say was so ugly you can't look at her and talk at the same time. l met her once and they were correct. But to answer the OP, l figure what l wrote on 23 Sept in "Poor Jokes" is best: the most endearing thing a girl can be is an heiress.
  11. How about lemon juice or lime juice? Apple and orange juices are too sweet.
  12. l noticed that while the Chris!ians celebrated Chris!mas Day in Damascus, the lsraeIis bombed an area of Damascus.
  13. What about indentured servants? There were far more of them than those classified as slaves. Then there was contract labour. ln the ante-bellum South, if the work was dangerous then people were hired for it. Slaves for the largest extent were not used. Example: building a road through a swamp. lf a hireling was bitten by a moccasin, viper or rattlesnake then there was no loss for the slave owner. And other hazardous animals, crocks, wild boar, and all. The same for most mines, lumber and so forth.
  14. l do not either, yet l think another reason is at work. l was listening to a liberal on the radio who had made a comprehensive study in the history of American ghettoes; German, lrish, ltalian, Cuban-Puerto Rican, Chinese, and the current ones. What she found from her research is: there was the same poverty and the same "world view" and so forth; onIy the rhetorical rhetoric was different: There always "the Man", an "Establishment", attitude towards the police and vice-versa, gangs, and so forth. The difference is that unlike previous disadvantaged groups who saw education as their way out, the current group does not. Extremely high drop-out rates, disregard for the schools themselves and tragically dysfunctional, fraudulent and corrupt school systems. Students for the most part do not even need to know how to read to get a high school diploma.
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