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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 2400GMT/1900EST,wed,03March21 115,754,392 Cases (+440,965) 2,570,771 Deaths (+10,838) 91,459,392 Recoveries 21,724,229 Active Cases of which 90,043 are Serious or Critical
  2. We should boycott SillyCon Valley --they have gotten too full of themselves. Notme asked: l'd change from a poor person (relatively speaking) to a multi-billionaire. What will you do with a billion euros?
  3. No, but l did see a 19th Century "hollow earth" model on TV a couple of weeks ago. Old Dotard here, , so: Do you think China can end "absolute poverty?"
  4. DeutscheWelle -Biz and then Covid Special "China declares end to poverty"
  5. This speaks for itself, l think. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-middle-east-56212929
  6. No, your posted video was a waste of my time. You want 'disaster', try getting a video of the on-coming illegal invasion.
  7. You mean the guy who paid the food taxes for the poor of Genoa so they could eat?
  8. l'd go back to Adam and smack him in the head before he ate of the tree. 0kay, so l ain't winning any "correct" awards.
  9. 2400GMT/1900EST,Tuesday,02March21 115,275,443 Cases (+353,434) 2,559,019 Deaths (+8,972) 91,081,994 Recoveries 21,634,430 Active Cases of which 90,698^ are Serious of Critical
  10. ln Isaiah, there is the oft quoted, "the living give you thanks." Your post reminded me of it.
  11. No . . . What l made an ironic comment on is that American companies built coffee (and banana plantations) in Central and South America from seeds and cuttings from East Africa. Then all the did nothings claim exploitation.
  12. Corrected. . "lt's that waswas again."
  13. 9 months after these were erected, the barriers around the White House because of the BLM 'peaceful protests' are coming down. Meanwhile, https://www.thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/541078-biden-adviser-reportedly-says-white-house-will-start
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