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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would suggest you don't take the following comment of blahblahblah seriously. that's just ridiculous..

    masaallah brother you have seen an extremely beautiful dream. have faith on MOla ajfs. Imam ajfs showed you as his solider fighting from his side so you will be in future too...


  2. thanks for the response brother

  3. thanks for the responses im only young and yeh just wanted to know maybe it is what naro said haha
  4. Salamwalycum bro

    The shia guy on this link often gives dream interpretations, you might want to get an idea from him:

    If you can find more people, preferably Sheikhs, to interpret that would also be good. Best to get different ideas on what dreams mean.

  5. last night i had a dream i was fighting for either imam mahdi or imam hussayn it wasnt very clear all i know is that i was fighting for islam the weird this is ive heard when imam mahdi returns all modern wepons would stop in my dream i was fighting and it was all punches and stuff not guns, swords, tanks etc. i killed 20 people and yeh i just woke up ive always prayed that i can be one of the 313 that fight for imam mahdi. what is this dream telling me is it a sign of somesort? salam
  6. i heard at a lecture yesterday but i kind of missed it i thought i hears the lecturer say that on Allahs throne it is inscribed something like ahlul bayt and if you follow them you are in th light. im not too sure what he said as it was a bit hard to hear im just wondering if anyone can confirm this Salam.
  7. salam was going through the internet and found this blog: http://tradicionalista.wordpress.com/2007/...-a-shia-mosque/ have a look at it. walla its nice to see someone who is not shia talk about shia in such a nice and respectful way. thanks
  8. what is something else i can put inside the flag that means something reallypowerful but not haram to get as a tattoo? THANKS FOR ALL YOU HELP B.T.W
  9. damm really liked it as i thought getting something as powerful as LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH would maybe push me away from haram. ohh well i guess i will get it without the flag he is holding.
  11. ok thanks for all this info. now just to give a little breif of what i was told is that Imam Mahdi (atfs) will return, (when he returns isa (as) will be behind him and praying or something like that,) and rule the world for 70 years (i think) and then there will be a massive holy war and muslims will be defeated and only non muslims will be living and that is when the world will end. is this like breifly correct or am i getting the wrong idea or was i told the wrong story? thanks
  12. yeh true but like i got a necklace with a verse from the quran on it is that haram to take into the toilet or not?
  13. ohh ahah now i get it cant they live in modern times now geez thanks very much
  14. Salam ok now ive been wondering for a while now how do we shia beleive the world will end. Now i have heard a couple of stories but i want to know the right one which shia beleive in? may sound like a noob but the school i go to have all sunni lol thanks
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