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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Im getting different answers to a question thy was asked.. Can a man that intends to Marry a woman see her without the scarf, and they're not in mutah yet. Some people have said yes he can but only once, and others say if the intention is to be married then he can see her without the hijab anytime. Background info, this man and wife were in mutah and was renewed over a five year period. He has seen her before, due to family complications they decided to end the mutah and see what happens.. After a couple of months it was decided to still peruse the marriage when the time is right (woman fin
  2. Haven't checked this is a while, thank you soo so much :) Would you be able to provide me the link to it so I can save it? When I click it I can view the email but I'd like to save the link in my favorites.. Sorry to bother
  3. I remember sitting with my Mother in law and this song or nasheed came on the tv, in Arabic but had English translation and was wondering if anyone knows what the name of it is. I know it's not much to go on, but the main lyrics I remember is The revolution is inspired is aspired by ashoura, and there was a bunch of men in te video singing. I'm trying to look it up but found nothing
  4. I'm thinking of getting hair extensions, most likely real hair, if I'm wearing them (according to sistani) can I pray with them in?
  5. http://www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia/chapter5a/8.html after reading this i saw the sunni hadith, but am wondering if anyone knows of shia hadith????
  6. I have a question that i would like answered with proof please (shia sources) were the prophets polytheists or did they believe in one god? looking for knowledgeable answers backed by quran and ahadith please
  7. This may seem a bit of an odd question but due to the brush being made from boar,is it haraam for a muslim to brush their hair with this type of brush? here is a description to give you a little more information: A boar bristle brush is a hairbrush made with wild hog hair. This type of hairbrush is sold as a natural rather than synthetic brush. Synthetic hairbrush bristles are made of plastic. Since plastic and metal brush bristles aren't absorbent, they don't distribute the hair's oils as easily. Fine to normal hair of any length is considered ideal for a boar bristle brush.
  8. As-Salamu alaykom. I am reading the book Adabus-Salat by Imam Khomeini (S.A.) and I came accross the following When Imam Khomeini (S.A.) mentions the "commanding soul" what exactly is he referring to? Please explain P.s. I know many muslims have different views on the Author of the book but i would like to stay on the question at hand regardless of different opinions. Thanks :)
  9. Salam, I recently found out i was pregnant and was seeking where i can find traditions of the prophet about pregnancy. If anyone has come across where i can find some or knows of a book that has some it would be a great help. Even hadiths about the sayings of the Imams would also be benficial. Thanks
  10. Please Muslims, if you knwo of anything please help, it means a lot
  11. Im looking for the story of Ruqaya Bint Hussain a.s., either books, biography, lectures, etc.. If anyone knows of any of these please post them Wa'Salam
  12. I live in a city where more and more of the female youth are taking off their hijabs; one reason why a 19 year old girl took off her hijab was because "she didnt fully understand why she was wearing it" and instead of seeking the answers she took off her hijab. now i dont want to dwell on that particular situation, but i need some advice on what to say to the youth.. im very active within the howza so insha'Allah i want to put together a female youth gathering and want to make sure i can fully cover all angles, so what im asking you is --- Why wear the hijab??? Please all coments will be bene
  13. Im looking for a website that isnt too expensive and offers beautiful hijabs, the ones in my city are too "modernized" (ex. rainbow colours, some look like band-danna's) im looking for ones that are plain but with nice patterns; nothing really flashy (like blues, creams, blacks, etc) i have yet to find a website i actually like.. if you know of any please link them :) thanks, Salam
  14. Brother..I was reading some of your post in the forum. Though I see you are a bit confused with this sunni-shia thing, I still see the thirst in you for knowledge. Respect those whom Prophet SAW respected. Let it ne Umar (RA), Abu Bakar (RA) or Uthman (RA). If the Prophet himself had no issues with these sahabas and call them great, who are u, me or anyone else to judge them?

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