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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lady Fatima Center 2120 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80222
  2. In all fairness this could be all fiction as well. Seymour H has been wrong before and his source is anonymous. Another reporter said he contacted Durrani as well and got a completely different response.
  3. Then be truthful about these 'facts' - Tell people they stem from 2003 and 2007 and view points evolve over time. Tell them hindsight is 20/20 and remind them again many shias including imams of their local mosque supported Iraq invasion at that time. It would be best if they are directed to those existing thread where these issues have been discussed already so they can hear both sides and make their choice. Personally i think you are wasting your time. With Mehdi Hassan, Qazwani, Abu Thar and Ammar attending its pretty much a done deal. I would suggest you attend and take pic/videos of
  4. Some very good points made. 1. FBI and other agencies do actively recruit from unis and even your local mosque 2. Muslim congress members regularly send out scathing emails against UMAA 3. Al Baqee initial rally had Stephen Shwartz as one of their speakers. No organization is perfect but as you said we Shia need to unite for the bigger cause which is to spread the message and get our point across. Br Hadi. With all due to respect to you, Most of your talking points have been addressed over the years with very sound reasoning but you are repeating the same accusations over and over again
  5. gay

    1. Hameedeh


      Salam. Please avoid posting inappropriate comments on a profile. This is an Islamic forum and we expect our members to observe akhlaq. This is an official warning. Any misbehavior in the future may lead to suspension or permanent ban. Thank you for your understanding.

  6. A ruling is passed based on your limited knowledge - You will fit right in on Shiachat. Welcome!
  7. Its funny that people are so engaged in a discussion whereas the OP has made no mention of any contract and asked a basic general question. Since there are no stipulation provided you are not required to think further into this at all. Ever heard of Costco? They have plenty of sample bars and you can dip your hands in as many times as you want, free of cost. I would say that you suck as a businessmen to not consider this possibility. Its a cyber world and you should have put measures in place if your income depends on it. If we are talking about forums then I don’t see why
  8. google wallet? Not widely accepted yet but its picking some steam.
  9. You need to provide a valid stamped fatwa or Nader Zaveri will be deleting your post lol
  10. Gold! This is a great example of what happens to you when you a become a Salafi apologist literalist drone.... Here is when these literalist start back tracking. For the love of God, Be honest with others and take a linear approach. The amount of flip flopping you do is ridiculous. Many muslims also believe Shias are kaafir - Many among them also believe they should be killed - Many among them also believe these shrines and majalis are waste of time - Many also believe Imam Hussain is (ra) not (as) - Many also believe Imams are not infallible. Haydar logic - Since many believe th
  11. I agree its not a pretty sight but if you cant stand it then leave or focus your gaze towards the ground.
  12. Thanks. I am tired off chasing after his lectures every year.
  13. I was bored and came online to SC for some mental stimulation but it feels like we are back to the basics again beating a dead horse. I am hoping to make this my last reply and i hope brother PureEthics will let go as well because we have being going back and forth on this for more then a year now. The Ayatollah who are well and alive today in majority agree to this practice being halal and allowed. With this in mind there is no reason to refer to classical scholars who are not available to justify their book and their writing. Then you sit in the same camp as Sean Hannity and other Fox n
  14. the term "many" can used to damm all muslims. Its done daily on Fox news. If any individual is saying "Ya Ali Madad" with the intention that it is Ali (AS) not Allah (SWT) who is the granter of their wish is on the wrong. Thanks for posting this link to help educate people on their religion. It is indeed more beneficial to read and understand these text then to engage in useless polemics.
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