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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. bro, first i hv some doubts abt taqleed in my mind that is why im here to discuss with momineen so that i can clear myself... u define the word taqleed n marja very nicely n hope u'll define me more in the same way, regards,
  3. brother, u quote ayat, but in this ayat where is mention the word taqleed or marjah? give me a solid reference bro....
  4. brother, u said that we are ordered in the Quran to follow those who are most knowledgeable. but u didn't give any reference from Quran about Taqleed? pls give me the reference from Holy Quran about Taqleed? regards,
  5. Dear momineen, i have a question, that what is the concept of taqleed? is taqleed wajib? give solid reference from books from shia point of view? regards,
  6. Dear Momineen, My question to all of u... that why Muhammad (pbuh) pay long sajda and what reason behind that? and what said Imam Hussain (a.s) about that when Muhammad (pbuh) recite 72 times Subhana Rabeyal Aalaa in one sajda?
  7. Dear member koi bata sakta hai keh Rasool (SAWW) ne kab aur kion sajdon ko tool dia?
  8. Dear Momineen, i want to know about Istikhara ....what is the process and what is the timing of Istikhara? is there any solid n athentik procedure of Istikhara, pls give me the detail if any momin know about it, thnx n Mola (a.s) Waris
  9. Im learning much from shia chat....thnx to all momineen for beautiful answers i hv one more question, pls give me the solid proof that in mairaaj when Muhammad (pbuh) talk to Allah....the voice of Hazrat Ali (a.s)comes..(give me solid references with books... the other point is....Hazrat Ali (a.s) is point of (Baiy) starting in Bismillah so point of (Baiy) is Hazrat Ali (a.s).....pls give me references...........
  10. Dear Momineen, Can anybody give me the "Fazaael e Ali Ibn e Abi Talib (a.s)" by Hazrat Umar (ra), Usman, Abu Bakkar...with full and solid reference of sahi bukhari, sahi muslims etc.
  11. Dear All, i have some confusion that i listened some people say that PIG is haram n if you just see the PIG ur 40 days Eemaan will lost and if you call PIG you are out from the boundary of islam till 40 days, pls give a solid reference from books, regards
  12. Dear all, i hv a question that is it right to say YA ALI MADDAD instead of YA Allah MADDAD? one my sunni bro say that it is not right. pls if anybody have solid reference from sunni books tell me...
  13. Is is right to go in Graveyard for Ziarat? If anybody have solid reference pls quote....from Suni and shia books and should any momin celebrated eid? this is only for pure momin who say himself the lover of ahle bait.... regards,
  14. Dear Momineen, Can anybody tell me that what is the exact time of shahadat of Ameer ul Momineen Mola Ali a.s on 21 ramadan. Mola a.s Waris
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