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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 70% of the universe is made of dark energy. Furthermore, E=mc^2, meaning matter can become energy. I've not taken much physics in college, but is it not possible that the universe started out as dark energy? After all, we are not entirely certain what it is, nor how it functions. Thus I think that is a weak argument. I think a stronger argument is simply the fact that the universe exists, period. What type of entity can create a finite entity, such as ours? A less finite entity. What type of entity can create a less finite entity? An even less finite entity...etc. There must be an ultimate source of creation. That source is an infinitely powerful entity that I will call a deity. As for Islam specifically, I will have to agree with what somebody wrote previously. It is kind of process of elimination. I've seen faults with christianity and judaism, and I am not even considering polytheistic theologies, because they are fundamentally irrational. To name some of these faults, one story that I find absolutely horrifying is . (granted this video takes a humorous perspective on the issue, but some parts of this story is on par with christian beliefs, according to my reading of the old testament.)
  2. 1. Not true. Rape is adultery + expelling someone's right to freedom. Adultery is just the former. 2. In resonse to the http://www.scribd.com/doc/2293559/180-Questions-Volume-2 link: This made me think: why is it necessary that God have the attribute of Al-Khaliq or creator? If he did not have this attribute, wouldn't our existence be futile and unjustified? If you or I were in a situation such that, with a magical push of a button, we can create an entire universe + humanoid peoples just like us, would we do it? It comes with all the excellence, generosity, selflessness that people produce. But also the suffering, oppression, and murder... I don't know! --- They DO write statistics. For example: Yes. Various research studies have found that homosexuals have higher rates of: · Alcohol abuse · Drug abuse · Nicotine dependence · Depression · Suicide and another example: What about the argument that homosexual relations are harmful? What do you mean by that? Homosexual men experience higher rates of many diseases, including: · Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which causes most cases of cervical cancer in women and anal cancer in men · Hepatitis A, B, and C · Gonorrhea It is filled with such claims yet nothing to back it up. I'm not sure how much you know about research papers, but they are typically peer reviewed and contain numerous sources to their claims. This contains neither! I know the fact that they are labelled as a hate group is itself not a very good reason to suggest that the paper is entirely wrong, but I just wrote that because Fox news/CBN (christian broadcasting network)/other media outlets that clearly have agendas have put me off of even listening to a word they say. I'm saying it just raises a red flag. Here is an example of a biology research paper I pulled off of pubmed. The purpose is to show you that they reference all their claims with sources (though you will just see the numbers, the sources themselves are at the end of the article which I did not copy) Chemokines are secreted proteins that are essential for mediating the trafficking of immune cells to sites of inflammation. Through chemotaxis, cells that express appropriate chemokine receptors can migrate along a chemokine gradient to localize to specific tissues or sites of infection (6). Chemokines also play an important role in T-cell–mediated antitumor immune responses. For example, mice lacking CXCR6, the receptor for CXCL16, displayed reduced recruitment of activated effector T cells in breast tumor tissue and impaired tumor regression (7). Affymetrix gene expression analysis of metastatic melanoma specimens has shown that the presence of T cells in tumor tissue is associated with high expression of many chemokines (8, 9), suggesting that their migration to tumors may be regulated by chemokines. Although the majority of human melanoma tumors show high levels of expression of CXCL1 and CXCL8 (10–12), the number of tumor antigen–specific T cells in these tumors is very limited (8, 13). However, melanoma tumors almost invariably show high levels of monocyte/macrophage infiltrates that are known to migrate in a CXCR2-dependent fashion toward CXCL1/CXCL8 gradients present in the tumor microenvironment (14, 15). Because T cells do not normally express CXCR2, we hypothesized that genetic modification of tumor antigen–specific T cells with the CXCR2 gene would promote their trafficking to tumor sites, thereby enhancing antitumor immune responses. waalaykum al salam, wrAwb
  3. Regarding the family research counsel Q&A you linked, I have two responses: First, it does not provide ANY sources for its statistical data. Second, they are labelled as a hate group and run by (extremist?) fundamentalist Christian organizations. I don't think that is very credible.
  4. I'm writing to the best of my knowledge. Please forgive me if I give you any incorrect information! Seriously, i'm sorry in advance! 1. why are men allowed to have more than one wife but women only allowed one husband? Because the nature of man is that he is more lustful than a woman. I think as culture is homogenized, this is becoming obsolete. 2. Why are men allowed 4 wives in particular? Why not 3 or 5? The same reason morning prayer is 2 ruk'a, or maghrib is 3. 3. I have heard that the punishment of an adulterer (residing in hell forever) is far more severe than that of a rapist- is this true? If so how do their punishments differ and why? God judges and punishes 100% fairly. His knowledge of fairness is beyond mine, thus I cannot answer this question. 4. Why did Allah create us? Is he testing us? Why did he create us to test us - this seems like a cruel game, he might as well now have created us at all?? After all if we sin we will go to hell in which case we would rather not have been created at all.? God's attribute is a creator. It is better for us to have been created than to not have been created...my teacher told us this but I forgot the evidence she provided, sorry :< (for what its worth, assuming what I wrote is true, then God is good and creating us makes perfect sense) 5. why is homosexuality wrong? Why cant we decide our sexual orientation? I don't know. I've heard experiences from some people that have convinced me that homosexuality is sometimes not a choice. Briefly, 2 examples that I think are significant are individuals who were molested in their childhood traumatizing them and thus making them homosexual, or individuals who just had an attraction for the opposite gender under heterosexual circumstances their entire life. 6. Why do women have to cover almost their whole bodies while men do not? Because men are much, much more lustful. From my observations, my friends objectify females. A lot. My friend gave a good analogy: "They're like cars". He was not saying that women are like cars, but he was saying people treat them like they are their car. 7. Someone who has spent their life helping those in need e.g. Mother Theresa who was a model personality but who did not profess Islam – will they really go to hell?? How is that justifiable? Will their punishment be more severe than a believer who was a sinner? Only God can determine who will go to hell/heaven. I think it is very pretentious to say that she is going to hell. A believer who is a sinner vs mother teresa? I think mother Teresa will get much more reward from Allah, but only He knows! 8. I do not believe in the existence of the 12th Imam let alone that he has been alive for a thousand odd years and is now in occultation. What proof is there of his existence? Sorry, i'm not knowledgeable enough to answer this. 9. Why is the world full of disasters such a tsunamis, earthquakes etc and why is the world full of poverty and disease? This planet operates in a certain way. Volcanoes exist: Continents form, and human calamities occur. Water exists: Life fluorishes, and tsunamies occur. Life exists: we get antibiotics, and parasites (viruses, parasitic tree funguses, rodents...as Dr. Grant said in Jurrasic park "Life found a way") Our world and existence is wonderful! 10. why are our genetics practically almost exactly the same as that of monkeys? we also share 50% of our dna with BANANAS -whats that about? That is correct. That is a biological question and to explain that completely I will need a good half hour. In a nutshell, DNA is made up of 4 possible letters. These letters make up paragraphs, and each paragraph makes a certain type of molecular machine called a protein! Even if we take a completely random assortment of DNA that is 220 million letters long (the current approximate size of human DNA), chances are that a lot of it will be similar to our DNA just because there are only 4 letters! If there were 26 letters like in our english language, then 50% would be much more substantial. I repeat again. I answered a question a few days ago to somebody that turned out to be incorrect! So please don't take my word as gospel :P
  5. Is it wrong to not celebrate anything? I kinda sorta equally disregard all holidays, including eid. (though of course I try to do the eid prayers and such) I'm posing this as a question; not asking a rhetorical question to prove a point lol
  6. The reason I didn't reply sooner is because, as I wrote in my last response, there was no foundation for me to ask my question.

    I know the video is long but watch it; is very interesting!

  7. Salam,

    Hey I was browsing a past thread I opened (http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234977332-human-evolution/) and you wrote:

    Oh and, they also suppose that the universe arranged itself from nothingness, for no reason at all.

    My response to you is the following video that illustrates that the universe has net entropy = 0

  8. Salam alaykum wrAwb. I would really like to know whether I am allowed to follow or lead in salah with sunni muslims, please. So far, when i'm approached and asked if I would like to pray along, I usually ask very politely if they mind that i pray alone and there has not been too many problems in this. But I still think it is rather rude of me to do this and very non-unitive. So. Tell me what you know, please! Responses very appreciated.
  9. I think you are compartmentalizing this too much. There is plenty of gray area in between these two choices that I would like to pick. Be more descriptive: if its looks, then will she have 0 faith? If faith, will she have 0 looks? If that is the case I don't think I would choose either one :P
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-11648701 Loads of money went to Haiti. Seems like Pakistan is yesterdays news. From the article: "Liaqat was among a throng of broken men queuing for hours under a blistering sun, at a distribution of aid in the town of Daur. Like many other areas in Sindh, Daur is cut off by water - an island of desperation. Troops were deployed to control the hungry, who began gathering at six in the morning. With a single helicopter the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) could only bring in 250-300 rations. But three or four times that number had joined the queue. "It is heartbreaking," said WFP's Dorte Jessen, looking across at the swelling crowd. "The need is so big, and you want to help everyone." But they could not all be helped that day. Liaqat was among those who was left empty-handed. Soon there could be even less to go round. The WFP says it will have to cut rations - by half - in November because of a lack of donations. The UN's $2bn (£1.26) appeal for Pakistan is less than 40% funded." Read the rest of the article for more grief. If you want to donate money, give it to the people who need it the most.
  11. These are things I heard in middle school. Surely you don't believe them?
  12. Thank you for both correcting me and locating these!!
  13. Salam alaykum, There was an excellent thread on these forums containing the poster exploring and explaining the accusations that the prophet married his first wife at a prepubescent age. It included a myriad of hadiths and such. I am debating with an individual, and I kindly request anyone who remembers the thread title or perhaps the person who wrote it to refer me to it. Thank you!
  14. First of all, is immersing ones head in water considered fast invalidating by all or most maraji'? I know sistani considers it invalidating, but i'm not sure about others. Second of all, if it is considered invalidating, consider that when scuba diving your face is covered partially by a mask. Does that make it ok?
  15. I was born and raised in california but with iraqi parents. I'm 21 now. So perhaps i'm not the most credible source. My opinion of this is that arab culture is heavily influenced by Islam. Like saying salam alaykum or saying "Allah ysallimak" and such. I've seen a variety of arabs of a variety of backgrounds and religions use these terms which probably originated from Islam. I do disagree with the above comment that they are "one". Just look TV, man. It is so westernized. Perhaps a more pristine arab culture would be more islamic. Furthermore, I think I can safely say that culture globally is slowly being homogenized. My anecdotal evidence for this occuring in the middle east is how amazingly cool it is to act like a westerner, though in reality it is very annoying and excessive.
  16. Please delete this thread. I would like to do some reading on this then I may or may not repost. Apologies, mr .moderator.
  17. Long story short, nobody has claimed it despite my direct attempts to contact the owner. Its been a few months now. Do you the reader know if I am allowed to keep it? Thanks!
  18. Hello, I have a question about weight loss in light of the incoming month of ramadhan. For the month and a half of summer, i've exercised a lot and i've gained a few pounds as a result which is excellent! My concern and question is about fasting. I do NOT want to lose the weight and muscle I gained. However, it seems inevitable because starving yourself for long periods of time makes your body use protein as energy :< Can anyone please provide advice on how not to lose the weight i've gained? Would exercising regularly (after iftar), although killer, aid much?
  19. fine thanks, and yourself?

  20. alaykum al salam.

  21. Refer to There is a clear gradual change from a primitive ancestor to a humanoid appearing organism.I absolutely think that evolution is indisputable. Setting humans aside, one can observe a myriad of features in a myriad of organisms undergoing a myriad of changes. What accounts for this change? Furthermore, I always thought of natural selection as a logical process. If anyone wants to disprove it, why not attack the details of the process? I will explain a little in case I did not make sense: 1. Organisms that are more fit to reproduce have a higher chance of producing offspring. 2. The more offspring that are produced, the more their genes are present in a population. 3....4....et cetera. It is this process per se that should be criticized, no? What "step" of the process of evolution does not make sense or is rationally incoherent? @englight_warner The video you linked was trying to show that evolution is impossible because the origin of life cannot be accounted for. In my opinion (I do not wish to seem pretentious because I am still a college student!), this is still an anomaly that modern science has not understood yet. It is like melanoma; we know that melanosomes and autophagy are involved, but we are not sure how. Research is ongoing and answers are being proposed and refuted all the time. We humans do not simply put a big label "GOD" over unknown phenomenon. I think suggesting evolution does not occur is doing just that. I can go on about my opinions on things, but I don't think that is relevant. I did not start this thread to argue evolution but to simply understand it. Thus, I respectfully ask that this thread be closed since my question has no foundation on which to answer, seeing that most replies here are from individuals that do not believe in evolution. Thank you for all your replies! EDIT: @ the post above mine, Fullah, that is a very close minded perspective you have. A leap of faith because we can't see evolution occuring? What about God? Is belief in a creator of the universe a leap of faith? No! It is rational. Something cannot be created from nothing, thus there must be some infinite cause of that something. That cause is God swt. Furthermore, I will present you with a clear cut example of evolution occurring before you very eyes, so to speak. Cauliflower, and broccoli. I am sure you are familiar with these two vegetables. I myself have examined SNPs of these vegetables compared to each other @ one gene loci that codes for some protein. The cauliflower sequence had a non-sense mutation (a premature stop codon). So some scientists thought well then we should be able to change a broccoli to a cauliflower by inducing a mutation where the SNP is. So they did it. And it worked. Broccoli became cauliflower.
  22. I am sure this has been discussed before. But i've given up on the wretched search feature; it won't even return results on "evolution". Salam alaykum wrAwb, I was talking to friend and he asked whether I believed in evolution or not. I replied that of course I do. But you believe that human evolution didn't happen because Adam and Eve? I realized that this idea is something that I have not visited for a long time. How does one reconcile the existence of Adam and Hawaa' with the indisputable evidence that humans are a result of gradual evolution from whatever ape-like ancestor? Thanks very much for your replies and your time!
  23. It is a pain in the butt to search for anything in these forums because of "flood control". Meaning you are only allowed one search per 60 seconds. The problem is when you search something and get 0 results. Can you please reduce the wait interval when search returns 0 results?
  24. http://www.weebls-stuff.com/songs/kenya/ ...substitute kenya for saudi arabia "onlyy in saudi arabiaaaaaa"
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