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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "I think it'll be obvious why it stimulated my curiosity when you read it, if you've not heard of this before." I'm not interested in having this question answered anymore. Thank you for the unnecessary sarcasm and rudeness.
  2. Salam alaykum friends, I'd like to know a bit about this wikipedia page that I found. I think it'll be obvious why it stimulated my curiosity when you read it, if you've not heard of this before. Thanks!
  3. Salam alaykum friends, I'm trying to find a source for this because my (muslim) coworker is asking me to verify the claim: It is makruh to greet a non mahram woman as a man I found a source for sistani that agrees with this. What about other maraji'? Is this a very common claim? I would really love the hadith that is evidence for this claim, if anybody has it handy. thanks very much.
  4. thank you! exactly what i was looking for.
  5. I am of the opinion that a good amount of doubt is healthy. I do not have absolute certainty nor do I think that anybody can except for those with divine knowledge. I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings, but I still think you are extremely close minded given your previous comment.
  6. Thanks very much. Sistani isn't my marja', so, if it's out there, i'd like to know the hadith backing that up.
  7. Are you serious? Sunni's do not take their faith seriously BECAUSE IT'S NOT THE RIGHT PATH?! I am amazed at the sheer close mindedness of your writing, my friend. I'm a shia like you but dear God I don't claim to know everything. Have you considered the possibility that you're wrong? Have you realized that your certainty with your religion is exactly how certain a sunni person could be, or hell even a christian. The one thing i'm certain of is that there is too much certainty in the world.
  8. I heard this from somebody. First impression, it sounds ridiculous and completely unnecessary. Does anybody have a source for this? I've already googled around a bit some i'm looking for something more substantial! thank you's.
  9. The alleged signs are subjective. There is no measurable evidence for the existence of God, only philosophical reasoning that may be subjugated to bias, culture, or emotion. My friend, I think you are claiming that because you are suggesting that "arrogance" and "ignorance" is the reason atheists do not see the signs. To me, it sounds like you think all atheists are too arrogant to see things in your perspective as a muslim. If i'm correct, then I think this is absolutely fallacious. Some people are atheists for reasons besides these two and some do have intentions to seek truth. If i'm wrong, then please correct me.
  10. Because those signs are not always obvious. Are you willing to say, with confidence, that all atheists are simply ignorant and have no foundation of understanding religion? Granted, there are some who might fit this description. But what if there was just ONE person who doesn't?
  11. What about somebody who earnestly searches and finds atheism to be a better answer? I think if one's intentions are good, then Allah may accept him. The volume is so ridiculously low I cannot hear anything without putting my ears inches from my speakers! I should of searched there before posting this. I forgot! Thanks.
  12. Salam alaykum friends, I am trying to understand this verse: What I have been always told is that "only God can judge non-muslims" and it is a possibility that they are forgiven if their intentions are sincere and they are good people. Doesn't this say that all non-muslims are damned, no matter what? thank you!
  13. One as a merchant, wanting only heaven as a reward for your good deeds. One as a...I forgot, only wanting to avoid hellfire. And third because the believer understands that God is worthy of worship. Something like that. I'm looking for a source. Can anybody help, please? thank you!
  14. 1. I should have been more specific. What I am trying to understand, rather, is why are these words amazing? 2. It is very hard to understand. From myself, of course.
  15. Salam alaykum friends, 1. In your perspective, why is the qur'an a miracle from God? 2. Why is the qur'an so hard to understand if it is supposed to be a book that convinces readers of Islam's divinity? My non-muslim friend was telling me how put off he was because it is such an onerous task to read and understand it. Thank you very much!
  16. Salam alaykum fellow readers, In discussing the fallibility of the Prophet (pbuh) with a sunni gentleman, he referred to suratul anfal: http://www.quran.com/8/67-68 as evidence that the prophet is indeed fallible, although to a different degree that we mere mortals are. What is an appropriate response to this? Are these ayahs suggesting that the prophet (pbuh) made a mistake and jibra'il had to correct him? Thank you!
  17. Thanks, but that doesn't really help. I typed it in and got 20 pages of text which i'm not interested in reading through for such a simple question! Or am I missing the answer somewhere.
  18. Salam thanks for the great response. Can you please tell me where you found that hadith so I can use the arabic to complement my understanding? Also do you know what is meant by "Are you the patron of this affair?" Seems like an unusual question to ask...
  19. I understand that there are many resources out there, including a stickied topic, and I am actively looking through them myself. However, if somebody has something in mind, they could save me a lot of time and effort. Or perhaps you have something more interesting than something I can find! Even better. I'm just looking for any interesting hadith or piece of knowledge about the Imam Mahdi (as). thank you very much
  20. Thanks. What do you mean there is also a Book of Tawheed in it? alaykum al salam, that's a really cool find thanks very much. I don't read urdu. But i appreciate the thought.
  21. I'm in california. I've been googling and I've only found one source for the book, here. I really don't want to pay an odd $40 dollars (when shipping is added in) - I don't have a lot of money. Does anybody happen to know another source for this book? Perhaps you know a friend who has an extra copy? Perhaps YOU have an extra copy or do not use it anymore? Or. I'd like to borrow the book if possible. I'll pay for shipping both ways, i'll compensate you should there be any damage to the book. etc. i'll be fair. Thanks very much.
  22. this i have to admit, though i have tried, i have not tried very often. i'll definitely try this again, though i'm not very optimistic. by the way salah begins around 4:40. Thanks for the suggestion. Still taking advice. It is extremely difficult for me to nap during the day. I can do it on occasion, but most of the time it doesn't really help just because I cannot fall asleep. Sorry to be negative about most suggestions, but i'm a sensitive sleeper and i've played around with my sleeping habits quite a bit.
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