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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I want to comment about charity being an indignity. I received financial aid during my undergrad and I am not at all ashamed of it. I tell everyone about it and I don't consider it a disgrace for me. My father works hard and it's not fair that he doesn't get paid as well as some other people who don't work so hard but still they get high pay and can afford to pay their children's tuition. And if someone suggests, I should have worked part time to pay my fees, no way. Education is not a luxury, it's a right of every citizen. If a poor country like Pakistan can afford to give free educa
  2. (salam) LOL, marriage hall or lawn is liyay khali nahee milta because population barh gaee hay. I want to make clear that my analysis may not be correct for entire pakistan. I am talking mostly about my family and friends, middle class, syed, shia, urban population, people with most complicated lives. Anyway, I am trying to day dream and I need help. So come on people, give me some positive answers.
  3. (salam) I have noticed one thing in Pakistan that many girls are choosing to remain single. From my parents' generation, there were only 1 or 2 women in my family who remained single but in my generation there are many girls in late 20s or 30s who are still single and they don't plan on getting married soon. Sadly, I see this as a positive sign of women empowerment. In my parents generation, many women did not want to marry their husbands but they were forced to marry. They regret it and openly say that their life was good only before marriage, I am sure if they have to choose today, they wi
  4. (salam) I have noticed it too. People are always calling other people muslim or non-muslim based on how many islamic events these people attend. One more thing which absolutely disgusts me is people talking about girls' character. It seems like it is the favorite subject for both men and women and I cannot find any girl who is not loose character according to these people. I had a cousin who was always criticizing other girls when she was around 16-18 years old, now ten years later her younger cousins say the same things about her that she used to say about other girls. I sometimes wish I cou
  5. (salam) I used to think so that going to weddings will help with rishta, but I have been to many meelads and few wedding, and it did not help at all. All the aunties just start talking about, Why are you not getting married, if you get old, you won't find any rishtas, you should not do so much nakhray, you should try to become more pretty, more social, more presentable,why didn't you become a doctor, it's just torture. Of course, when you hear such comments, it lowers your confidence and self-esteem, and it is very hard to remain cheerful, so I end up looking sad and mad and I probably scare
  6. (salam) I think about this very often. It will be a big relief for my parents, they will stop worrying, but the problem is that I know my cousins, I have seen how they treat their mothers and sisters and I know that their treatment will be worse with their wives. Then I think that a person whom I don't know might be worse, at least I know the negatives about my cousins. But I feel resentment towards them because they are all male chauvenist and it is not healthy for a marriage. My parents were male chauvenist and feminist and it is a very lethal combination. So Yes, this option is a last
  7. Oh MY GOD! that's me. First time when I read it, I was offended, second time I was glad there are other girls like me. But I will not get out of the house more often, and schizopharenia is hereditary, my mother has it so IT'S NOT MY FAULT.
  8. (salam) Wow MashaAllah sister you do a lot. I guess it depends upon circumstances also, when I was working, I had so much energy and I worked so hard, I even surprised myself. But after loosing my job and failing at interviews, I don't know where all my energy in gone. You are lucky to have a husband who appreciates you, I don't see many husbands like that in my community and I also see many depressed housewives.
  9. (salam) Someone mentioned "she doesn't want anything to do with her life except being a housewife". I was working for about 3 years and now I am unemployed and I am not married but I can tell that being a housewife is the hardest job. At your job, you learn some skills, then it's basically the same thing over and over again. But in house work, there are so many different skills involved and a new challenge everyday. when you work, you get a break at the end of day or on weakend, for a house wife there is never a break, plus the lack of appreciation. When husband comes home, he feels that he i
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