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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i have an event in my mind from TARIKH ASAM KUFI (Ahl-e-Sunna Book of History, written by Asam kufi, in urdu and arabic). This book is easily available in pakistan but out of pakistan it is banned by the Ahl-e-Sunna Ulama due to some historical truths mentioned in it. In this book Mr. Asam Kufi mentioned an event of the War of Siffeen. He said that in Siffeen Malik-e-Ashter killed 75 people and when he counted Ali's then he found that Ali also killed 75. He started to think that perhaps i became so brave that i am equel in killing to Ali. suddenly Ali (a.s) appears and said to him " Malik do
  2. Dear all, This discussion is useless and aimless. Because no one can judge the level or status of Muhammad (pbuh) and his Ahl-e-Bait (a.s). For example if i am under metric then i could not judge the level of a bachelor. i could not know that how he forecasts about future by deriving the things from present. The level of his thinking is higher than mine. So how could we judge the level of Muhammad (pbuh) while he is the city of knowledge (all knowledge). if someone from us claim that he is a master in economics then he should be unawared from the depth of mathematics and if someone claims that
  3. Sorry to interupt, but i only want all of you to go to Wikipedia and type nikah misyar, you will see that So many Sunni Ulama's have allowed the Mutta marriage with a slight change in mutta. So many Muslim countries adopt this marriage with a different name and the greatest university of Ahl-e-sunna i.e Al-Azhar has allowed it openly.
  4. Oh my innocent Lord Bota, the problem is not this that hundred thousands of ahadis contain the repetition but the problem is that who has created those hundred of thousand wrong ahadis even they contain the repetition (This thing proves that in that period the wrong ahadis were invented) and who gave the authority to Mr. Muhammad Ismail Bukhari to choose the such Ahadis as correct from the rest. Because Muhammad Ismail Bukhari born after centuries of Prophet (pbuh) and so called Khulafa-e-rashideen. How could he justify that this Hadis is Sahih and this one is not. On the other hand we can see
  5. That was the thing that made the history the part of islam. Actually Caliphs were the part of History but Muslim believe them as the part of islam. I asked them that what have they done for islam because islam is "What Muhammad (pbuh) did, What Muhammad (pbuh) said, and what Muhammad (pbuh) left for his Umma, and this thing had only two sources to reach us one was Hadis which was demolished by them and the second was Ahl-e-Bait which was omitted and pushed away by them. and only seven or eight ahadis were narrated through them in sahihain. The biggest narrator was Abu Huraira who came to Madin
  6. SOME HISTORICAL TRUTHS ABOUT AHADIS OF NON SHIA SCHOLERS Dear all (Shia's), Please do not point out any objection over the sahihain or any person how believe on those books because no one would beleive you anymore. The reason is that basically the history has been mixed with islam in their books. it will be an honor if i could explain it in detail. please read it completely and try to understand the reason of this conflict. If you see the histroy of Islam. it starts from the refusal of Iblees. Iblees took an agreement with Allah that he will misguide the people of Allah from Sirat-al-Mustaqim.
  7. Assalam o Allaikum, Very nice topic. i wish i should join you. i simply describe the meanings of OOLILAMR for those who think that our knowledge of Arabic language is weeker than them. The word OOLILAMR contains two arabic words i.e. OOLA & AMR. OOLA meanins someone or something Greater or has authority on the word coming after i.e. AMR. And AMR means the orders of Allah as Allah himself called in Quraan regarding the soul (ROOH) that ªÐÇ ÑæÍ ãä ÇãÑ ÑÈی that the soul is one of the AMRs of Allah. Now according to the meanings of the word OOLILAMR should have the authorities upon some of the
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