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  1. Salams Pals,, Do you know about any Farsi Summer intensive courses in Mashhad? or Farsi private (but established) tutors who are there? Thank you! :)
  2. Iran is such a nice place. My cuz married a guy and moved there with him and they seem to really love it. Plus, if you really hate it you can always leave or at least go for a holiday in the many close by countries. Any new place will be hard at first, but then when you learn the language, make new friends and find new fav spots things will get easier,, best of luck!
  3. wow this thread is still going! :D thought: I need to leave the house at some point today another thought: I need to stop being angry at some people meh life last thought: my tea got cold and I think I need to drink it at some point too
  4. That looks handy! Thank you sister :)
  5. Salams,, Is there a nice, short book on how to become a muslim (a shia muslim) in English/Italian? Like the requirements, the practice and the rest of the basics. I saw a million sunni ones, but can't seem to find a shia one. I have been googling and looking at Al-islam.org, but so far nothing.. Ideas?
  6. Salams all,, Thank you to your contributions,, it's good to hear from you all just few clarifications: The guy only drinks socially and isn't a drunk or alcoholic. From what I know, he never gets drunk, he is passed that stage of his life. He drinks a beer after work every few days or have a glass of wine with some dinners. It's just something he is used to and enjoys. He did convert for the sake of the marriage, but he is a believer in God, the prophets and the other holy personalities. So, we can't say he isn't a muslim. He is a very new revert, so no idea if he will ever actually practice the religion. People and relationships are so complicated and the girl's family isn't involved with her choices. That's the West life for you.
  7. Salams people! I got a quick question and I would like some opinions and ideas, please remember to be respectful and thoughtful in your responses. How would you deal with a non practicing revert who drinks in the frame of marriage, while the wife is a practicing Muslimah? Would that marriage be doomed to fail because of the drinking or would it workout if they are both going to compromise? Keep in mind the husband isn't willing to give up drinking. Thank you!
  8. wow,, this thread is funny,, ok let me answer you all and put your minds to ease with actual REAL info Saudi women (Shias or Sunnies) can marry non Saudi and non Arab men, BUT (and this is a big but) the paper work and the approval takes over a year to be approved by the government. Chances of approval are higher when the girl is divorced and over 25. I know many cases of Saudi women who got married to non Saudi and non Arab men, but it took them a while and some connections. The end.
  9. just be yourself. listen to her and respond. share experiences and activities. read books and discuss them. plus don't worry about keeping anyone interested just enjoy the moment and live in the NOW
  10. Thought: I can't believe that people on this site STILL talk about tatbir, like for REALZ!? Few other thoughts: I am tired. I want to go skiing. Babies are too cute. cheesecake in fridge. workout. shias. eh
  11. AstagfurAllah! He's really ruining the image of shia islam :cy:
  12. wonderer


    heheheh, for the morning I have darjeeling 2nd flush from good and proper During the day, it will be green tea and for evening, white tea with peach or just mint :) nom nom mashallah lol
  13. wonderer


    Great thread! I love tea so much! The more I get into it the more I get addicted lol I like loose tea coz it has more flavour and you can really appreciate tea. I lately discovered Good&Proper tea, better than any tea bag in the world! amazing stuff, worth every penny. Other loose tea brand is Tea House Emporium. Delicious! but if I am on the go I take teapigs tea bags with me since they are the nicest ones in the market so far don't like twining. It just doesn't compare to the other stuff lol I also like going to nice tea houses, they are great. Tea really is the one of life's pleasures!
  14. "A Takfiri terrorist cult who supposedly bringing democracy and human rights in" that really sums up Syria. Whoever disagrees should go educate themselves. I just don't get why they hate shias so much! Like leave us alone. UGH
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