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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i am spending too much hours here. can delete my account completely please?
  2. sister when will my topic get moved back? or do you want me to start a new one?
  3. it requires an action. planning . going to the toilet. walking there. buying toilet accessories. thats my analogy. a desire which is so strong it does that to many males. it makes it very hard for them not to do these planned actions. not doubt it is a sin. but we need to understand that mere supression is near impossible. he needs another way out. he either needs to get married or to get wet dreams.
  4. there is a difference between a natural sexual attraction and a pervertion. some men are attracted to kids which doesnt justify poor hijab. you cant say that because if the reponsibility was on men only then why did Allah order hijab in the first place? Allah should have just forced men to lower gaze and have no hijab, the fact is Allah wants us to do both. lady fatimah didnt wear burkini and i doubt she would sell her akhirah for some enjoyment in the pool if she was alive today. its up to women if they want to wear it. i am not stopping them. all i am doing is telling them to cover to the extent that men find women naturally attractive. women have no need to go beyond that which is natural eg if a man finds niqab attractive then the man is a perv and his attraction is not a natural physical attraction but a fetish. that man is sick. Allah himself blames both men and women for the sexual attraction. its not a one way street.
  5. i agree with the above posters. you have no idea what you are talking about. for males the desire is natural and its not easy to control in the slightest to say the very least. i give an example of a prophet in the above post who couldnt control this desire. its like having a drug addiction but much worse. no doubt the act of this sin is voluntary but it cannot be compared to other sins. the only way i can describe it is by comparing it to the call of nature. if someone told you not to go to the toilet because its a sin, do you think you could do it? would you be able to keep it in. abu hadi is right. these boys need to get married and they need to take it into their own hands. Allah didnt create mutah for nothing. whether yo like it or not. this is the truth.
  6. thank you no sister i dont want the sisters to decide what they wear by following the opinions of males only. they should follow the opinions of Allah and not of males. but i want the sisters to take into consideration the fact that it is men who know what attracts them sexually.
  7. here is something that few seem to consider: do you honestly think that the boy likes what he is doing? from a young age we have been told not to do things like this. the boy is probably feeling huge amounts of guilt and despression. he probably only does porn because he feels like he has to. i know form other men his age that they absolutely hate what is going on and really want to marry to stop their problems. i know of men who had this problem and it stopped once they got married. if he is a sincere boy he wont continue this after marriage. the boy needs to get engaged because it will soothe his mind. sister pather2felicity prophets moses and isa didnt have porn staring in their face all the time. they lived in more conservative communities. whereas prophet yusuf: here an arif tells us the truth: http://www.al-islam.org/secretsofthehajj/5.htm [28] Surah Yusuf (12), Verse 24 [29] Surah Yusuf (12), Verse 33 [30] Sarah Yusuf (12), Verse 33 [31] Surah Yusuf (12), Verse 33 see even prophet yusuf had troubles. so the moral of that story is that the boy needs to be cut off from the porn. like prophet yusuf prayed to go to prison the boy needs to use a computer infront of a family member otherwise he will fall into sin. this 16 year old boy isnt prophet yusuf and even that prophet couldnt take it anymore, he prayed to go to prison.
  8. Thanks for the support. So can i open a topic asking "will you allow your wife to wear a burkini?". this is similar to many of your other topics on shiachat. i will ask people not to post pictures. can the moderators give permission for this?
  9. i didnt post the pictures of burkini. someone else did. i am not telling brothers to look at burkini. i can write that in my topic if you want so that brother dont go looking. if they have seen it then they can comment. similarly you have so many topics like this in sisters forum. discussing hijab and burkini and what not. why ban my one? is it because i am offending the women who wear it by saying that i think it is not islamic? the other topics in sisters forums promotes burkini and all. i am enjoining the good but you are causing it to be cut short by lounging away my topic. why cant you let other brothers also do it so that we know if my opinion is a minority one or not? why cant you clean up the topic and put it back or do you want me to start a new one with different wording? can moderatos please think about this and get back to me?
  10. imams say obey parents. how much do i need to do? eg: can my parents stop me getting a career if my father is rich and will provide for me? can my dad say stand on this spot for 15 minutes? do i have to do it if it makes him angry? can parents stop me visiting my friends? from what i read i have to obey them in all things except haraam. that just seems too much effort. so now my dad can ask me to spend all my time doing what he wants me to do?
  11. i think we need to encourage the boy to mature and he needs to take a decision to mature so that he can marriage and stop sinner. at 18 a boy can be mature enough. at 15?? probably not but his hormones wont be that high at 15 as they will be at 18.
  12. so will i get this topic back to the brothers section or is it lounged forever? if you dont put it back then may i ask you how i should open a topic which ask brothers if the burkini is ok or not in their opinions?
  13. ahsant brother abu hadi. excellent point. the parents take a big share of the blame but its the guy himself who should solve his problem. jihad ul akbar is for him to get married. pornography may not be a problem for the girls but they have great emotional needs instead of physical. when a girl doesnt get married early it spoils her character. she becomes miserable, feels unloved, maybe becomes a man hater.
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