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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hi. i am not sure how to private message you, but hopefully you can get this message. do you have an msn or yahoo chat?

  2. The traditions regarding the asceticism of Imam Ali a.s. do not imply that Imam Ali a.s. could not afford the luxuries he abstained from. Google "Imam ali" + asceticism. My statements have nothing to do with abstaining from meat because it is meat. My statements are in regards to the forms of asceticism that are regarded as noble and have been practiced by the holy imams a.s. which do not involve abstaining from things because of the thing itself (which is a trait of many people's vegetarianism and likely why you are against it) but because forgoing luxuries and living simply is a noble virtue. Do you think that when Imam Ali was the head of the Islamic state that he could not obtain meat if he desired? Reference: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22imam+ali%22+asceticism It is true that Imam Ali had the virtue of not using the caliphate for his own benefit. However, he could have used the resources of the caliphate to procure meat if he needed to. Pineapple is halal. Is it a sin if I do not eat it? If it is regarded as a luxury in my community, would it be wrong if I abstained from it because I wanted to live a simple life like Imam Ali? Be reasonable, please. And read about the example that our Master a.s. set for us in asceticism. again: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22imam+ali%22+asceticism
  3. another forum was having this same discussion today... I will paste my reply: Choosing to abstain from meat for a reason such as asceticism (I have heard that Imam Ali a.s. only ate meat a few times in his lifetime) is regarded by some as pious. One should not do it with the belief that eating meat is haram, but if you feel that abstaining from luxuries of this world, including luxurious foods, will help you in nearness to Allah swt, then by all means abstain from luxuries. The amount of grains, vegetables, and water it takes to raise a kilogram of beef, for example, is obscene (5 kg of grain and vegetable per 1 kg of beef, plus 100,000 liters of water!). If there was a king of all of the vegetables, who taxed them to death to build a luxurious palace the likes of which no man has ever seen, that palace would be beef. If you choose to spurn luxuries, and as a result, eat only "rough foods" like Ali a.s., who can criticise? edit: I would like to add that in many poor parts of the world, meat is unaffordable for the majority of people except on special occasions. It is not good etiquette to refuse something that is halal when you are a guest without a good reason (such as allergies), but if you are given meat, use it to remind yourself about the people who can never afford it and thank god that you are given such a luxury.
  4. Is it possible to be buried in Karbala or other Holy sites in Iraq nowadays with their situation if you die in the west? How much does it cost? What are sites other than Karbala? What are the names of the graveyards? Are there any hadith supporting this? Thank you.
  5. Also, I would like to ask you: what is your belief about the Imams (Ali, Hassan, Hussain, etc)? Do you believe that they are prophets as well (in the Christian, not Muslim sense of the word "prophet") or do you accept some sort of concept of Imamate or do you just feel they were saintly persons or...?
  6. I don't know if anyone has responded to this yet because I haven't read all the posts, so, my apology in advance if I am in any way redundant. This is one of the most obnoxious and hypocritical arguments coming from western persons. If you want to play this game, you could say that in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan (these are all huge Muslim countries) there have been women serving as Prime Ministers and Presidents and in a number of western countries there have never been. For example, the United States has never had a woman serve as President or Vice President (Iran had a woman serve as Vice President). It did not even have a female Speaker of the House until Nancy Pelosi (which was much loater than South Asia's female leaders or Iran's). In addition to this, the first women serving as Prime Ministers in the world were in India and Sri Lanka--South Asian nations. True, these Asian nations have substantial Muslim minorities rather than Muslim majorities, but share much of the same culture with South Asian Muslim nations (who also have elected women leaders long before many Western nations, some of which, such as the US, Italy, Greece, &c, have never had them). Based on your argument, Women in Muslim societies (including Iran, but especially Pakistan and other South Asian nations) are better off.
  7. This view I think is a very balanced view for a Christian to have. Some might accuse me of attempting to create an unequal playing ground as it were for religions by saying that, and might say it encourages "dhimmitude" or some such nonsense. I disagree. I think it is the responsibility of all religions to come to an understanding of why exactly it is so many people are fulfilled just as they are and have similar arguments, proofs, and experiences as people in their own. For muslims, this has lead to similar speculation as your own (i.e., founders of world religions such as Buddha and Krishna may have been prophets of God who were or were not mentioned in the Quran). My understanding is that Christianity's view of prophecy is that it is much different than the way Islam understands it. That "prophecy" could be considered to be any kind of mystical revelatory experience and as such is a normal and not unusual "gift of the spirit". This is different from Islam in that Islam distinguishes from a mystical revelatory experience and prophecy. For example, the man who had the vision of the Mehdi that told him to build Masjid e Jamkaran is commonly regarded as having an authentic revelation or mystical experience but that in no way contradicts the concept in Islam of Muhammad as the "Last Prophet" because such experiences are regarded as inherently distinct from Prophecy. Am I correct in thinking that Christianity, generally speaking, holds to the opposing view on this?
  8. I think here the quran and bible agree, and even before I read that they agreed I felt that this argument was wrong. It reminds me of arguments by certain evangelists who claim that Allah swt is not God on account of Allah having names like the abaser, the causer of death (al mumeetu), the dishonorer. They claim that so called "negative" attributes like these are not compatable with the known "positive" attributes like mercy, forgiveness, etc. Here there is a problem of not accepting things that appear evil or negative to a human as good and positive in a divine way. As an example, when Musa was following Khizr and was told not to question him, and he did things that seemed evil... I think you know the rest of the story. When God causes something that seems evil to happen it is for a good purpose.
  9. you can email me at 92.128.92@gmail.com salam
  10. My understanding is that this is a Bedouin custom. Saudis friends have told me it is somewhat popular in KSA (though I don't personally know anyone who has eaten a lizard). If it is a Bedouin custom, I would guess that Lebanese and Iraqis (for example) would not eat them unless they were Bedouin, and people in countries with large Bedouin populations (such as KSA) would be more familiar with it. I used to think that lizard eating was just a anti-Arab stereotype held by Iranis until I met some Saudis that it was true. I am curious if it is allowed to eat lizards by the shia, because my the wahhabi saudi kids I knew told me the Prophet (as) was known to abstain from lizard but that he allowed it. This could have been fabricated though,
  11. I am in the united states (DC). Most welfare programmes here take a long time to take effect and are not that helpful. I will try to get emergency homelessness assistance though. I don't know how long it takes to get it either. Disability for example takes a long time to get, the government usually denies your first attempt, you usually need an expensive lawyer, they give you a maximum of $650 per month (this is not enough to pay for a flat in most cities) and government health insurance takes even longer to get once you have it. Also it has no bearing on your qualifying for public housing. Public housing (section eight) also takes a long time to get, I don't know if I can afford it and I think they may make you work full time if you have it which I would not be able to do if I were a full time student. My parents live almost a thousand miles away from my university and have made it fairly clear that if I went to live with them they would not assist me in going back to university in any way. So I would be essentially be stuck living with my parents for the rest of my life (or until I panhandled enough for a bus ticket back and stayed in a shelter and got financial aid from my university, by which time I would need to reapply). So I think it would be better long term to tough it out for a couple months if I had to (in January a friend of mine is leaving the country for four months, during which time he wants me to take care of his flat and cats etc). I am going to try to stay in shelters or get emergency assistance or maybe just couch surf until I can take care of my friend's apartment. Unless you live in the DC area, I mostly just ask that you pray for me. If you live in the DC area, I could use information such as if you know of a good shelter or couch or something. Thank you all for your concern.
  12. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakata Unfortunately I have been asked to leave from the place I have stayed for the past three months, the winter months are approaching, and I have a severe physical condition. I am trying to get financial aid in order to finish my degree (I am a senior in university), because my parents decided to stop supporting me when I became ill while implying that they were going to continue to support me and just needed to talk things over. We have been talking things over for a year and they still aren't coming through. I ask you all to keep me in your dua and pray that I do not end up on the street in the cold. Jazakallahu Khariun
  13. The word here that is translated "friends" is wilayat, which also can be translated sainthood, leadership, or statehood. For example "united states of america" is al wilayat al motahida al amreekiya in arabic, with wilayat meaning states. Therefore, this verse could mean do not take Jews and Christians as friends, as saints, as states, or as leaders. The context of the surah and the ayat make it clear (as has been explained to me many times by muslim sheikhs) that the meaning of this verse is not to make jews and christians as leaders over the muslim state. Similarly, in the torat, the jewish state spoken of only allows having a jew as leader and the christian church only allows having a christian as a leader (i.e., I could not become the pope, nor could I have become a king of Israel in biblical times). This is in relation to a religious institution and does not mandate that I cannot talk to you, go out to the movies or the mall with you, or invite you to a BBQ in my back yard.
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