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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam If a moderator could please delete this subject thank you wasalaam [MOD NOTE: Salam. Members have spent their time and effort to reply to this topic. Topic will not be deleted.]
  2. Salam ok thanks for all your opinions... I wish to delete the subject and if any one could advice me how to do that? wasalaam
  3. salam, in regards with my thread pervious, yes i had problems, but alhamdullilah its all fine now, but my new posts to zanjeer it is not relating to me, I am talking about someone i know off, but would not liek to mention any names. so please dont try assuming anything. I have brothers who all are engaged with zanjeer zani so I personally have no problem with that. Khojas also do zanjeer zani. But I just felt for the someone i know very well for long time, and wanted to know what would be a decent islamic ruling regarding the issue. wasalaam
  4. Salam I havent really dissapeared, I have just been extremmely busy with work and all. However I have come online reading to what you all have had to say. The only reason I touched on this topic here was purely due to the fact I felt it had made a major affect on her. I wanted to see what everyone of you opinions were. She is not somewhat a monster trying to controll her husband at all times. Shes very down to earth, very religious and she does a lot in the name of Imam Hussain. She is strong follower of Ahlulbayt so please dont get any wrong ideas. She has never controlled him as to what some
  5. Salam Alaikum Its more the marks and the sight that is left on his back, I mean she cant bear to see his back or anything. and due to that, her Intimate relationship is shattering. I do not wish to talk about this openly, but i hope you all understand what i am trying to say. But she has adviced him to many alternate, ofcourse but he argues and tries to win over her that shes wrong and hes right in everything he does. The upseting thing is he is doing something and her relationship is destroying. It feels as if he cares nothing about the relationship, as long as he gets to do what he wants. wa
  6. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullah I would like islamic advice regarding the follwoing issue. A married man who has engaged in zanjeer zani for many years on the 10th of muharram and arbaeen. He has just recently got married been a yr and a half or so. His zanjeer is having an effect on his wife in a way that her intimate relationship is being destroyed. She cannot deal with this, somethign happens to her the moment she knows he will be performing the act, its a bad effect. her relationship is shattering due to this act of his. She has tried telling him, but he refuses and argues saying 2 different o
  7. Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters in islam I would like to ask, well first of all, I am sure everyone is aware of the bollywood music or song and I dont really know the words, but all I know is it goes something liek "subhanallah.. subhanallah" now is this song considered haram? if yes please give reasons, and if no please give reasons. I personally dont listen to music and am against it but i would liek to clarify this by your opionions or facts.
  8. salam I never tried to start an argument. But i'd hope that they'd be a little understanding. Also, his family members have been very inturrepting in our married life. we do thigns togetehr and they interfeare a lot. at times they occupy him for a whole day and i would be left aside, at times when we're out they call him and tell him to go back home as another family member needs help with something. They do not realise we are married and out of the house. How can they interfeare with our lives? it frustrates me a lot. I have tried to make him understand that this is not on its not right, but
  9. Salam You know there was a tragic that took place recently, in their village in pakistan. So i was downstairs with my hubby and i was giving him my sympathy and re-assured him that inshallah they will all enter jannat for sure, and not to be too upset as they have now gone to a better place. He lost his uncle and cousin. I was wearing my jeans and long beggy kurti top. very modest. Guests started entering the house for absos, so his dad from upstairs told my hubby to tell me to dress up wearing shalwar kameez. so i said to my hubby this is what i mean when i say i feel very controlled, as ther
  10. Salam If i never had any problems, then i would have obv worn what they wnated me to, however i refused as i had reasons. I never felt comfortable in it, and it made me feel liek trapped with them. I feel free with my social clothes. i tried to tell them that and i had to hear " practise makes it perfect" and other harsh comments such as " how can a girl move to another heritage and keep her heritage" indirectly, its like they're expecting me to change and forget my heritage. I tried to talk to my husband but he refused to listen as he was supporting his family. shouldnt a husband try and be a
  11. Salam Well, I married a pakistani, and I am a khoja. I am living with his family, now being a khoja I have my style of dressing, which is trousers or jeans with long beggy kurti top. So it is islamically modest dressing. Them being pakistani they wear shalwar kamees, in the begining i wore and never said anything as I was new in their living, but i then said i do not like it, i do not feel comfortable i only wear this style when i go to mosque, but i am into my casuals. now personally clothes for me is clothes. if i wore something un-islamic then yes ofcourse they have every right to say and s
  12. Salam Alaikum I want to know what you guys all think in regarding the marriage between panjabi pakistani and khojas. do they last for a life time or no? Do you agree that the girl should sacrifice what she is and whom she is to keep peace in the pakistani living? as that is what the husband tells her to do. shouldnt anythign be between the married couple and for each other? It's all what the family want! Wasalaam
  13. is there a written fact that a daughter in law has to abide by the rules and adapt to the husbands family living????? is it said in islam that this is suppsoe to happen? form where im coming form.. im not heard of this and therefore dont belive in it... but i need to know or want to know is theres such a fact???? or is it a pakistani mentality
  14. it is a love marriage... but it wasnt a quick thing... he started coming home every wekends.. and thats when my whole fmaily started to know him... infact my daadi and naani. liekd him sooo much she said to me.. where did you find this man?? family really liked him too.. the way he respected them and all.. and ofcourse.. family did the checking of his family and himself..and then it was approved. othewise being the only daughter my family wouldnt give me to anyone just like that. family also started to know his family.. and everythign was fine. i had asked him everything... and he understood m
  15. * the times he has asked me out.... im never agasint.. im always up for it. and i have never said not to spend time.. as yes goign out with him is also spending time.. sis i think you might have mis-understood.. what i did mention is the fact he wnats to stick to his hobby he has said come and watch us play... the fact i dont lik staying home.. and thats what i have not been happy about.. im not into sports and to go and watch guys play crikcet for hrs is a bore for me. i cant sit and watch the game like that. thats what im not for it. and iv lost.. he's won. the week he works.. sat and sun he
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