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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. S/A sister (I assume), It is very commonly believed by lranians that seeing blood in a dream renders the dream meaningless i.e. as soon as one sees blood in the dream, the dream is to be taken as just a meaningless dream and figment of imagination. I'm not sure if this has a basis in our religion, though. Regards, Madzi
  2. S/A MashaIIah, the one and only true Hujja (a.j) really knew what he (a.s) was doing when he made sure to tell his final representative: "...soon a time shall come when my Shias will claim to have met me. Beware! For the one who claims that, he has met me before the uprising of Sufyani and a call from the sky is a liar and a deceiver." All of the endlessly long posts with 100 hadiths cleverly woven together by a man who claims his name is Ahmad and Hassan (etc.). In actual fact, there is no need to argue and debate about this. Just like his forefather Imam Ali (a.s), with one si
  3. S/A, @MrAnderson: We have plenty hadith describing the ghaybah (both short and long) of Imam Mahdi (a.j). Could you please show us some hadith about the Yamani / 1st of the mahdis succeeding Imam Mahdi (a.j) that he will also have an occultation. If not, then why is he in this so-called occulation? Correct me if I'm wrong, but hadith only ever describe his rising, not his appearance followed by an occulation...? Another question: if he is of the descendants of the 12th Imam, how can he prove this i.e. who were the two witnesses to the marriage of Imam Mahdi (a.j) with whichever
  4. S/A First of all, the hadith you quote to justify your method of "debating" does not apply: there was no debate in the hadith. Imam Ali was rebuking a hypocrite and thief. How does it apply to debating with a believer on a scientific topic? With all due repsect brother, it is my opinion that your understanding of what debating is flawed. While you have the duty to defend this so-called "truth", do you realize you have an equal or greater duty to respect and honour your Shia brother. If you think you are doing "Nahy Anil Munkar", then you also need to know that Nahy anil munkar has a
  5. S/A Very well written and interesting. While all of it was interesting, the verse in 2:29 is the most interesting, even shocking... Exact opposite of what we are told about the creation of the Universe via the big bang i.e. space came into being first and then EEEventually a tiny insignificant piece of dust called earth by chance ended up just the right distance away from the sun ... Thanks for the post. W/s Madzi
  6. S/A May we all be sacrificed for him (a.s) whatever his race. He is the most superior human being on this earth at this time however he is. Regardless of that, of all the people that have met with/seen him through time, not one report of him being dark skinned has ever surfaced. And if he were dark skinned, it would certainly have been a feature that at least one person would have noticed (and probably gotten very surprised, not because its good or bad, but simply due to it being so different from the 99% belief) and made very very strong mention about. No report that I've ever seen
  7. S/A brother, Yes that would be very nice, but I must just say that I think (from what I can see, correct if wrong) you're expecting a miraculous cleaning up of the world when he (a.j) arrives. That is actually not what happens. His followers will have to strive very hard and there will be long years of struggles including losses, hunger etc. and at some point some of his followers will begin to get tired and doubt, wondering why it shouldn't just happen by miracle. All of that i.e. time travel, travel up into the universe etc afaik, only comes after the long struggle is over. I'm just saying
  8. S/A Brother El-Shia, First of all, my personal opinion is that there is nothing wrong with you questioning. This is a religion of reason and understanding, not cramming and blind belief. Its also very clear that you are only trying to get help from your fellow shia to understand not to create confusion, and that, in my opinion, is perfectly fine. I have 2 cents that might be able to help a bit. First and foremost, my few experiences on this earth have taught me one very important thing, and that is that when you have a really confusing and deep question in religion, there is, in fact, only
  9. S/A Sami, I made a mistake. I should have asked you to elaborate before calling you a liar, and I did the opposite. My mistake. lnshaIIah I will learn from it and ask for elaborations first in future. I apologize for that. However, as for the questions, I really wish you had answered them and it was deeply disappointing to see you turn the discussion around and reset right to the beginning of the same stuff you have said again and again that never goes anywhere in clever political style when I had actually cornered you with elaborate questions. My brother, there is no such thing as elite-i
  10. S/A I really wouldn't like to do an ugly back-and-forth and my intention is not agressive. But in all honesty I am getting more and more suspicious, seeing as you didn't explicitly address any of my points and rather took an emotional approach. I'm going to spell out my points explicitly in case I have misunderstood: 1. Are you visited from time to time by Al-Hujjat (a.s) who listens to you and tells you to be ready for his return? (Yes or No) If yes, was this in person (physically) or in dreams? Note: In any case, anyone who claims to have seen him (in fact, even communicated with him)
  11. S/A, Am I really actually the first and only person who is alarmed by this extremely unacceptable statement of Sami? Really Sami? You are visited by Al-Hujjat from time to time?? I always used to read your posts with an open mind, never accepting 100% nor rejecting 100%, just being open-minded and taking in what I thought made sense. I will continue to do exactly this. But now, under the strict instructions of the same Al-Hujjat that you have just claimed visits you and listens to you, I now say that you are a liar. I will therefore be much more careful with you and what you say. Taken
  12. Fellow brothers and sisters, "Syed"s views are strange and un-mainstream to say the least. But what sets us apart from ALL other religions is: you are free to question, and there is nothing wrong with concluding with "I don't know, but I may try and find out". I'm all for asking away, as long as the asking happens without the slightest bit of "you-see-I'm-right-you're-all-stumped". As for the question..... I don't know :) . There is no doubt in my mind that the Ka'ba is a very holy place since it is the centre of Hajj and His Emminence Imam Ali was born inside it. This leads me to believe
  13. S/A LOL! :) Getting very technical here hey? But read what I said carefully: "If the sun was to disappear for 8 minutes or more, all life on earth would cease to exist instantly." Yes the earth would continue to exist, but life would end immediately because of a deep freeze. But I actually hadn't thought of the fact that, even though light takes >8mins to reach earth (meaning that if the sun ceased to exist, we wouldn't notice for at least that amount of time), the fact that the earth would break orbit would probably mean that all life would probably end long before 8 minutes, due to a
  14. SaIam brother, As far as I am aware, the meaning of that hadith is that, similar to how the sun still provides life to the earth and all its inhabitants even on cloudy days when you don't directly see the sun, the lmam provides life and benefit to the inhabitants of the earth even though he is concealed behind a curtain of occultation. If the sun was to disappear for 8 minutes or more, all life on earth would cease to exist instantly. Similarly, if the lmam (a.s) ceased to be on the earth for even an instant, The Creator (a.j) would not allow the earth to continue to exist for even a single
  15. S/A Note: do your own research please. Just saying what i discovered in this post. I used to keep a beard by all circumstances. Then i came to know that Ayat. Sistani (whom i follow) had ruled keeping a beard as ehtiyate wajib or obligatory precaution. In such cases, a person is allowed to follow any other marja' on that ruling. Then i came to know that Ayat. Saanei has not ruled keeping a beard wajib, not at all. From that time on i don't keep a beard at all. Once again do your own research please. Just saying what i discovered. And please refrain from becoming irrational or providing non-ru
  16. Somehow... I feel deep down in the roots of my hairs that khamaila is eventually going to play the (much debated and refuted) Ahmad Al-Hassan card... Let's wait and see B) Madzi
  17. S/A Could you elaborate (interested to know the hadiths please)? Earnestly following the happenings in Iraq especially. Many thanks in advance. Madzi
  18. S/A brothers, First of all, it is most definately a big problem amongst us males. It is very strange that I was thinking about this issue a mere 2 weeks ago and then log on here and see a topic on the very same issue. Very... coincidental. Anyway, I tried to think of the whole thing in depth and determine why it is a problem. Here is what I found in my own opinion and experience: I found that there are very distinct phases: Phase 1: when I am "looking". In other words, I am in a prolonged state of mind or phase in which I am generally swinging the eyes every which way and soaking up ev
  19. (bismillah) @Knowledgeislam W/S my dear sibling, First and foremost, ghusl takes me about 1 min. It used to take me 60 min, sometimes more, which was a wrong way of doing things. Before I respond, I will say, read this entire thread and my previous posts, and I will also say this to you, which is a repeat of what I said before: lets say for instance that you don't wipe EVERY part of your body, and you even end up leaving out some parts by mistake. Do you honestly think that the Almighty, in his infinite mercy and kindness, is going to say to you on the day of judgement "My slave, you p
  20. S/A Really?? His family? Well, hearing that I immediately thought one thing.... Do they have a picture that we could please see? Apparently the dude has never been seen. Madzi
  21. Ayatullah Saanei: Q1017: Is it permissible to shave one’ beard with a razor or a shaver? A: In my view, it is not clear whether it is illegal to shave the beard or not and it does not seem to be illegal, although it is better to avoid it as a precaution. http://saanei.org/index.php?view=02,02,09,213,0
  22. Yes. Precisely. So whenever I doubted whether water had reached x or y part (which was then main problem), I would ignore it.
  23. Brother, I think you need to sit down with the tauzeehul masail and read it. Each issue is different. For example: if you are unsure whether you performed wudhu or not, you must perform wudhu before you can pray etc. However, if you ARE sure that you performed wudhu but you are really not sure (can't remember) whether or not you broke it, then you can safely assume that you still have wudhu and you can pray etc... Each issue is different. You asked specifically about semen and I responded with the specific ruling about that. But I should say this: was-wasa is disallowed. The late Ayat Khui (r.
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