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  1. S/A sister (I assume), It is very commonly believed by lranians that seeing blood in a dream renders the dream meaningless i.e. as soon as one sees blood in the dream, the dream is to be taken as just a meaningless dream and figment of imagination. I'm not sure if this has a basis in our religion, though. Regards, Madzi
  2. S/A MashaIIah, the one and only true Hujja (a.j) really knew what he (a.s) was doing when he made sure to tell his final representative: "...soon a time shall come when my Shias will claim to have met me. Beware! For the one who claims that, he has met me before the uprising of Sufyani and a call from the sky is a liar and a deceiver." All of the endlessly long posts with 100 hadiths cleverly woven together by a man who claims his name is Ahmad and Hassan (etc.). In actual fact, there is no need to argue and debate about this. Just like his forefather Imam Ali (a.s), with one single eloquent line, the Hujja (a.s) has cut through the falsehood, refuted 100 cleverly knit lies and misrepresentations. Anyway, after reading endless posts about so-called Ahmad al-Hassan (I say so-called because we haven't seen him, and for all we know, he could not even exist as an actual person) and the following questions summarise why I believe this claimant to be a false one: 1. I am rising up today to claim that my name is Ahmad and title al-Hassan, and I am actually from Yaman (not even Iraq): I am also bringing the will of the Prophet with me and the whole works. Will you now follow me? Of course not. Why? Because for all we know, I may be someone else deputed with the task of misguiding the Shias. Will you now follow me? Claiming is not equal to truly being so. 1b. Following from above, how do we know that this person, who is unseen, is truly who he says he is? It is very easy to claim to be someone without showing any form of identification or proof, and conveniently being in hiding. 2. Let's suppose that the so-called Ahmad Al-Hassan is the yamani. Ok, so what? What am I supposed to do? The hadiths that you all bring forward claim that I am supposed to "go to him" even if it means crawling. Great. I would like to go to him now. Where is he? Or do the hadiths say I must "accept him" and dedicate my life to writing hadiths on forums to recruit others to do the same? 3. Why is the so-called Yamani in occultation? Is there a single hadith that you can produce in which the Yamani will also go into occultation like the Hujja (a.s)? 4. The so-called Ahmad al-Hassan claims to be the direct son or descendent (it doesn't seem like you can make up your minds on this) of the Hujja (a.s). Great. Please produce two male witnesses as to the marriage of the Hujja with whomever Ahmad's mother was. The problem is, if you do produce them, this will mean that they have met with the Hujja (a.s), and based on the explicit instructions of the Hujja (a.s) himself, I will have to treat them as liars. Therefore, you can never produce any valid and credible witnesses. It is simply impossible. Then how can you prove his lineage? If his lineage is not credible, then he has lied. If he has lied, how is he credible? 5. I have heard many a follower of the so-called Ahmad Al-Hassan saying they did Istekhara about it and it came out positive. If any of us know anything about the lsIamic methodology of solving an unknown matter, we should know that it is incumbent on us to follow the correct steps: first and foremost we are obliged to use our brains and intellects, to think and research rigorously; if and only if that fails completely then we have to seek counsel from others with knowledge to get a wider perspective; if and only if that fails completely we should do istekhara. How then do you base your selection of such an important matter on such a shaky and incorrect foundation? 6. There is a recording of so-called Ahmad al-Hassan reciting quran, and in this specific recording, as he is reciting, he goes back and corrects himself. In other words, he recites the words one way (incorrectly) and then goes back and recites it the correct way. In other words, he himself acknowledges that he has made a mistake. How can a so-called lmam not know how to recite quran? 7. There is the continuous claim that one proof that so-called Ahmad is truthful is that some fellow who cursed him died. First of all, I should say that this sounds just like what the Christians said when Ahmad Deedat passed away: they said "AH! you see!! God has finally taken revenge on him." when in actual fact death is a part of life. Anyway, if it is true that that fellow died because he cursed so-called Ahmad, then so-called Ahmad is holier than the Prophet (saww) and lmam Husain (a.s) as we know that the Prophet was cursed and abused for years by the people of Macca, without any form of immediate retribution from AIIah.... and the people of Kufa rose up and tortured and killed Imam Husain (a.s) and his family, and even then there was no immediate retribution from AIIah....? What makes so-called Ahmad so special? (Note: the fact is here that there is almost never an immediate retribution from AIIah with these things. Rather, the death of whoever that fellow was could most likely be attributed to random factors. This is further evidenced by the large number of people on this site who have cursed so-called Ahmad Hassan, and have lived to tell the tale to their grand kids (I'm exaggerating)). 8. Following from 7), how do you then explain all those people who cursed him and didn't die? Why latch onto one (I don't know, maybe two?) cases that did die, and ignore myriads that didn't? 9. The latest hot trend from our Ahmad Hassan supporting brothers is "miracles". Could you please produce hadith that say that the Yamani will have miracles? 10. I also find it extremely comical that so-called Ahmad has taken to social media from his place in hiding. If this approach is such a good approach, why doesn't the Hujja (a.s) do the same? Why is he not on social media? These, and many more, questions are quite rhetorical. They are best answered with silence and contemplation, and then hopefully enlightenment. I pray that we all achieve guidance and our end is good inshaIIah. W/S Madzi
  3. S/A, @MrAnderson: We have plenty hadith describing the ghaybah (both short and long) of Imam Mahdi (a.j). Could you please show us some hadith about the Yamani / 1st of the mahdis succeeding Imam Mahdi (a.j) that he will also have an occultation. If not, then why is he in this so-called occulation? Correct me if I'm wrong, but hadith only ever describe his rising, not his appearance followed by an occulation...? Another question: if he is of the descendants of the 12th Imam, how can he prove this i.e. who were the two witnesses to the marriage of Imam Mahdi (a.j) with whichever lady it was that was the ancestor of your leader? If there were witnesses, that defeats the point of occultation, and we are specifically told to disregard the testimony of anyone who claims to have met with the Imam (a.j) in occulation. Thus, even if they are truthful, we are not allowed to believe them. And if there were no witnesses, then how can he prove it? (Note: yes I've seen the alleged family tree document thing. I want to know who signed off on it?) W/S Madzi
  4. S/A First of all, the hadith you quote to justify your method of "debating" does not apply: there was no debate in the hadith. Imam Ali was rebuking a hypocrite and thief. How does it apply to debating with a believer on a scientific topic? With all due repsect brother, it is my opinion that your understanding of what debating is flawed. While you have the duty to defend this so-called "truth", do you realize you have an equal or greater duty to respect and honour your Shia brother. If you think you are doing "Nahy Anil Munkar", then you also need to know that Nahy anil munkar has a method and a means. It has to be done very very politely. Have you not read the story of how the two Imams Hussein and Hassan (a.s) explained to the old man how to do wudhu correctly? Were there insults when they stood for the truth? Or have you not read that a believer is holier than the Ka'bah? Are you allowed to be rough with or disrespectful of the Ka'bah? The correct way of debating and standing for the "truth" is: you believe this thing, well I respect your belief, but I don't agree. Let's bring our proofs and discuss them very calmly and politely, and if they don't satisfy one or both of us, let's agree to disagree. Life goes on. And if you still believe that debating has to include conversational destroyer tactics which includes a spicy mix of insults, I respect that opinion, but lets just not "debate" then. Having said that, I find extremely amusing the fact that you treat brother peace's opinion of the earth maybe being flat as so very personally hurtful as you said: Brother, realize that this thing called Science that you and so many others seem to treat as being holy is something that has changed extremely radically many times throughout history and absolutely can not be referred to as the "truth". Rather, it is only and only our current understanding, and any rational person accepts that it can change radically once again at any time. Therefore, it is a blunder to identify with it or any part of it and be "hurt" when someone questions it, but rather one should absolutely always be open minded and ready to adapt. As for the flat earth theory, the only thing I can personally say without a doubt is: I call shenanigans. If, amongst other things, photos and video have been taken of many different places from more than 60 miles away from those places, something is wrong. I can't say for certain what is wrong or what is right, but I can say that in this case 2 + 2 seems to be = 3. W/S Madzi
  5. S/A Very well written and interesting. While all of it was interesting, the verse in 2:29 is the most interesting, even shocking... Exact opposite of what we are told about the creation of the Universe via the big bang i.e. space came into being first and then EEEventually a tiny insignificant piece of dust called earth by chance ended up just the right distance away from the sun ... Thanks for the post. W/s Madzi
  6. S/A May we all be sacrificed for him (a.s) whatever his race. He is the most superior human being on this earth at this time however he is. Regardless of that, of all the people that have met with/seen him through time, not one report of him being dark skinned has ever surfaced. And if he were dark skinned, it would certainly have been a feature that at least one person would have noticed (and probably gotten very surprised, not because its good or bad, but simply due to it being so different from the 99% belief) and made very very strong mention about. No report that I've ever seen has said that. It's kind of like when you order a chicken burger, but when you bite into it, its actually beef: when you're asked how it was, the very first thing you're likely to mention is how it was NOT chicken but beef. W/S Madzi
  7. S/A brother, Yes that would be very nice, but I must just say that I think (from what I can see, correct if wrong) you're expecting a miraculous cleaning up of the world when he (a.j) arrives. That is actually not what happens. His followers will have to strive very hard and there will be long years of struggles including losses, hunger etc. and at some point some of his followers will begin to get tired and doubt, wondering why it shouldn't just happen by miracle. All of that i.e. time travel, travel up into the universe etc afaik, only comes after the long struggle is over. I'm just saying this because I've thought about it and I personally try and ready myself mentally (which is what I can do). W/S Madzi
  8. S/A Brother El-Shia, First of all, my personal opinion is that there is nothing wrong with you questioning. This is a religion of reason and understanding, not cramming and blind belief. Its also very clear that you are only trying to get help from your fellow shia to understand not to create confusion, and that, in my opinion, is perfectly fine. I have 2 cents that might be able to help a bit. First and foremost, my few experiences on this earth have taught me one very important thing, and that is that when you have a really confusing and deep question in religion, there is, in fact, only one way to get an answer from the The Divine (s.w.t). And that is: first accept that there is an answer and it does make sense, and approach the question as a humble beggar of knowledge (because in truth we all really know nothing even though we seem to believe that we know it all most of the time) and not as someone contesting a theory. Because one of the truths in the Qur'an is that AIIah never provides an answer until one takes this approach. Do you know why? Because if we take the approach of someone contesting a theory, there is no amount of proof or even miracles that will convince one. Evidence of this is in the Qur'an where many different populations and peoples were shown big miracles but because they hadn't humbled themselves and accepted the truth in their hearts and changed what was in their hearts, the miracles were useless. This is just my own humble opinion which I try to practice in my own life. Anyway, on to your question: I think that there is a fundamental flaw in your argument where you say: and Yes, you are right in that one should not attach him/herself to the world. However, you are mistaken about the meaning of the word "attach" in this way of living in our religion. When we are told not to attach ourselves to this world, it means that we must not attach ourselves to the pleasures and material aspect of this world. It absolutely does not mean we should not attach ourselves to the spiritual aspect of this world. In fact, attaching oneself to the spiritual aspect of this life is extremely encouraged and is the purpose of this life. Secondly, I believe that it is incorrect to say that this world is secondary and the afterlife is primary. Actually it is not. Yes, we are created to shortly journey to the afterlife. But the sole reason for our entire creation is this world here. We were absolutely created in order to strive in this world. The next world is a reaction to this world based on the concept of justice and mercy in which because of the (primary) striving and struggling in this world, it becomes incumbent on The Just One to recompense us accordingly. Imam Ali (a.s) once said: "Sitting in the masjid, to me, is better than sitting in Jannah, because when I am sitting in paradise I am well-pleased, but when I sit in the masjid AIIah is well-pleased". This hadith may show you that you need to re-consider your position: if lmam Ali prefers this world to the next world (provided of course that he is making use of it in the right way and he is attaching himself to the spiritual and not the material), then this world is the primary and the next world is the secondary. In fact, Imam Ali (a.s) regularly praised this world with great praise, provided that one makes correct use of it and takes good lessons from it, e.g. Source: Nahjul-Balagha The thought that the next world is primary and this world is the means to that is, according to lmam Ali (and lmam Sadiq) the worship of traders: The truth is that we were created to come into this world and show AIIah all that we can truly be (hopefully good). For the men of AIIah (and this does not include me at all), this is the primary reason. As a consequence of that, AIIah's justice makes it incumbent upon Himself to reward us in the next world (secondary reason). I wonder if you agree with me? Finally, about why we should then even want to hope for the return of His Eminence (a.j), couple of reasons: 1. The believer yearns to see, speak with and accompany that wonderful personality. Is it not a tragedy for one to be apart from his beloved for his whole life and then leave it? If something (God forbid) happened and someone had to live apart from one's wife for his whole life, even that would be a tragedy. What about the living apart from the person for whose sake the earth remains intact? That most wonderful personality who will never deceive you, whom you know for a fact that anything he does is correct, and anything he says is true, who will never treat you badly, will always welcome you... I can go on and on... May AIIah bless him more and more. 2. The believer feels a restlessness when he sees all the oppression and injustice all around him; when everything that AIIah and human nature condemns becomes common-place and normal. The believer yearns in his heart for Divine help to rid his surroundings this ugliness. On a smaller scale, if you had a gang operating in your neighbourhood, casting fear into the hearts of the inhabitants, selling drugs to the youth, mugging everyone, threatening the honour of young ladies (you know what I mean), would not a normal human being wish that the gang would somehow be dealt with and disappear? If yes, then does not the same feeling arise when injustice and tyranny takes place on a global scale? Just my 2-3 cents (or so :D ). I just tried to give you an alternative perspective. Let me know your opinions. W/S Madzi.
  9. S/A Sami, I made a mistake. I should have asked you to elaborate before calling you a liar, and I did the opposite. My mistake. lnshaIIah I will learn from it and ask for elaborations first in future. I apologize for that. However, as for the questions, I really wish you had answered them and it was deeply disappointing to see you turn the discussion around and reset right to the beginning of the same stuff you have said again and again that never goes anywhere in clever political style when I had actually cornered you with elaborate questions. My brother, there is no such thing as elite-ism in information in our religion. Knowledge is supposed to be openly available to all who seek it. Imam As-Sadig (a.s) said "Everything has its tax and the tax of knowledge is to teach its people". If you have this knowledge, you have a duty to teach it. What makes it even worse is how much you point fingers and tell everyone how badly they are betraying the lmam (a.s), but don't provide solutions. This is wrong my brother. You still have not revealed anything new that isn't already known and well-publicized on the lnternet. As for the brothers who say that he is the first person in the shia world to say this stuff: that is somewhat true (but debatable), but it's extremely common knowledge amongst those that have seeked knowledge on Youtube and the lnternet. He still has only mentioned the problem, but not given any solutions despite numerous requests at numerous times by numerous ShiaChatters (including myself since I really really would like to know!) He has never provided a single solution for us to follow. Please refrain from calling those that are critical of his approach "haters". A previous post by Ultra confirms that a lot of people are frustrated with his claiming to know all things large and lovely, blames those that don't and when requested or even cornered to reveal the info, turns around cleverly and avoids it. If he did tell us, a lot of us (or at least me alone) would have a different opinion of him. W/S Madzi
  10. S/A I really wouldn't like to do an ugly back-and-forth and my intention is not agressive. But in all honesty I am getting more and more suspicious, seeing as you didn't explicitly address any of my points and rather took an emotional approach. I'm going to spell out my points explicitly in case I have misunderstood: 1. Are you visited from time to time by Al-Hujjat (a.s) who listens to you and tells you to be ready for his return? (Yes or No) If yes, was this in person (physically) or in dreams? Note: In any case, anyone who claims to have seen him (in fact, even communicated with him) (and whether in dreams or physical) must be labelled a liar. It is the command of Al-Hujjat. This is very clear and non-negotiable. 2. Will you or will you not actually reveal anything new to us here? For example, your research on the bloodline of Yazid (l.a.) or the secrets of the moon that will blow us off our seats? (Yes or No, and if yes subsequent elaboration required) 3. In order to create a document signed by one's own Shia blood, how do you recommend this blood be obtained in a halal way? Also, does this method not seem quite alarming and like the contracts that the anti-313 force their followers to make, and how will this solve the problems of contracts and betrayal of Al-Hujjat (a.s) that you have repeatedly mentioned all the ignorant Shia masses are doing (which I agree we are!). If it will not solve the problem, then why should one do it and what should one do instead? Please note: I'm not being sarcastic. I actually would like to know, since its quite possible I have misunderstood. Also, please don't defer and get emotional. I'm asking questions and seeking knowledge. Ok, now to respond to your points: I never insulted you. Everything I wrote was objective and to-the-point. If I had insulted you, I would like to kindly request the admins to determine this fairly and then ban me if so. Yes I called you a liar under explicit instructions from Al-Hujjat (a.s.) himself through his 4th and last representative to do so because you claimed that Al-Hujjat (a.s.) visits you from time to time and listen to you and tells you to be ready for his return. It was not an insult. It was a Shia duty which I found no one else taking up. If you felt insulted, I apologize. But no one ever has a right to make this claim until his reappearance. Depending on your response to question number 1 above, I may apologize to you if I was mistaken or misunderstood. I didn't claim I knew anything. Why are you cleverly turning this around?? Why are you using conversation-bulldozing techniques? Strange. Have I ever started a thread telling everyone that they are betraying Al-Hujjat by the things they do. I will never do that. Why? Because, although I fully agree with the stuff you are saying regarding contracts and governments being corporations, I don't have a solution. I never claimed to. You however, do many times over. It is, in fact, you who needs to come forth with a solution. What I did say, though, is that this "theory" is not yours, and has been put forth by others. You are just repeating it here. What I said was that the difference between what you are saying and what they are saying is that they, to a small extent, try to provide solid solutions. All that you are doing is diagnosing the problem and disillusioning the Shia. Ok. We agree. There is a problem. It is a big problem. But Sami, please tell us what we can do to solve the problem. Be explicit please. Anyone who claims they are visited by Al-Hujjah will raise concern like this, at least with me. I didn't say that you claimed to be the Mehdi or his 313. But it always starts with someone claiming connection with Al-Hujjat (a.s) This then follows with several other "elevations". That mal-'un "Baha" of the Bahais first claimed to be a representative of the lmam i.e. in communication with him, then claimed to be the lmam himself and "elevated" to claiming to be God (nauzubiIIah). I'm NOT saying you've done this. But it starts with someone claiming communication with the lmam and I raised concern. And what follows is a huge ugly rift in the religion, with now scores of poor Shia converted into so-called "Ansars" or "Bahais". I didn't label you as any of those. Rather, I'm just worried that it may lead to something similar to that. It may be quite possible that you, your mother or wives or all of you together have seen the lmam. But if you come and say that you did, we have the duty to belie you. Again, depending on your response to question 1 above I may re-post. Like I said, I am objective to the point that, when I hear something new, I don't believe it 100% nor do I reject it 100%. I keep an open-mind to it, unless it explicitly conflicts with the religion. I believe this is the best position to be in. Why would I have to go to another thread?? Strange. Really? So because I challenged what you said, you are politically and politely showing me the door? Am I understanding you correctly or am I mistaken? Are you saying "Leave me to say (or not say) what I want. Go to another thread"?? If that's what you are saying, I'll say: My dear Sami, that's not the way of the Shia. I will 100% continue to read and gain knowledge and definitely respond when I am alarmed. This section of the forum happens to be one of my favourites by the way. But I should also say that: if you are saying what I thought you said (please please correct me if wrong), it is extremely strange for you to be politely trying to get rid of the perceived competition... strange... Please correct me if I have got it wrong. First of all, can we not play the "old man" card please. Your age has nothing to do with what I said or what you said. Let's stick to the matter at hand. Let's not use age to "sway the masses". Anyway, about the last part of the statement i.e. "would you like I refer you too as grasshopper": I'm not sure I understood this statement...? Please elaborate? Madzi S/A My dear sibling, Anyone who claims to have seen lmam, physically or in dreams must be labelled a liar. Doing so is not an insult. It is the explicit instructions of Al-Hujjat (a.s) himself. Whether doing so will "help" or "not help" was determined by Al-Hujjat (a.s) when he wrote his letter to his 4th representative many decades ago and instructed us Shia to do so. Please think about this and come to terms with it. If lmam tells you to do something, you have to do it. The fact is, it is our duty to belie anyone who comes forward claiming to have communicated with the lmam before the advent of the Sufyani (l.a.). We do not make any exceptions, even for brother Sami, despite how much we may love or admire him. I was never "disrespectful" or "inflammatory". I was objective and to-the-point. Please be objective and fair, and reconsider your words. Madzi
  11. S/A, Am I really actually the first and only person who is alarmed by this extremely unacceptable statement of Sami? Really Sami? You are visited by Al-Hujjat from time to time?? I always used to read your posts with an open mind, never accepting 100% nor rejecting 100%, just being open-minded and taking in what I thought made sense. I will continue to do exactly this. But now, under the strict instructions of the same Al-Hujjat that you have just claimed visits you and listens to you, I now say that you are a liar. I will therefore be much more careful with you and what you say. Taken from http://www.afosa.org/connections.pdf: It is certainly true that many people see and meet with the Imam, with a very few of them being aware that it is him when they see him. But no one is allowed to CLAIM that they have seen him. And it is also 100% certain that none of those that are aware that it is him when they are visited by him would ever come out and say it. And this is exactly what you have done. You are a liar my dear friend. I started to wonder: you always try to give the impression of humility and being a sinner and all. And then all of a sudden, in order to give yourself legitimacy in the eyes of others, you play the "I am visited by Al-Hujjat" card. And then even more bizzarre: not a single soul on a shia website challenges you on this or raps you on the fingers, despite the explicit instructions of that same Al-Hujjat (a.s)! Strange indeed. It is, at this very point, that I now begin to wonder who you really are and what your agenda here is. Are you going to come tomorrow and do what people like the so-called "Bab" of the Bahais did or even more recently what Mr. Ahmad Al-Hassan did i.e. come and claim that you are in contact with Al-Hujjat (a.s) and tell people that they are to do x.y.z and rally around you and cause a huge split in the shias just as Mr Ahmad Al-Hassan has just done? I see that your followers are identifying with you and calling themselves "grasshoppers" (innocently no doubt). I'm just warning everyone: be careful of someone who claims they are visited by Al-Hujjat from time to time! If you are Shia, then you are obliged to follow the instructions of your master and label him a liar in this statement, and then be careful of him with his other statements. On this occasion, allow me to, then, also raise concern with a few other things you say. In fact, you point to a few important theories in modern day living which I believe to be true, and given you didn't come up with this stuff, you do provide evidence in the form of videos etc. But then you also make larger-than-life claims that you never back up "because we can't handle it". I can then argue that you have not added a single piece of knowledge to the members here that wasn't already available. The only difference between what you say and what the originators of the info on the Internet say is that they actually provide solutions. You only point to problems. This despite always starting new threads with exciting titles. An example is the quote below: So I'm wondering: if you've done this and you really want to keep the info safe: why not upload to the internet?? That is no doubt that the safest place on earth at the moment is the Internet. It will be copied and replicated and backed up and shared so many times that it cannot ever possibly disappear as long as the Internet lives. Take a look at archive.org for example. To claim that you gave it to "2 trusted momins to witness and guard"... hmmmm... Maybe you actually do have such a piece of research, its possible. Like I say I read your stuff (and most other stuff) not 100% in or out. But what use is your research in safe keeping with 2 momins?? This is just a single example of huge claims that you make without backing it up. Ever. OH MY! So the solution to this big problem of being enslaved by a system is to do your satanic-style Islamic contract? That will solve everything?? Once one has done that, they will no longer have to pay taxes, they can travel freely without needing passes and docs etc?? Really?? Ridiculous. Yes, I see that you've said that this is the first step of many. But, first of all let's just probe this: how, in your opinion, would one then get hold of their own blood? Would one, say, cut themselves? Is this not haram?? So then you're indirectly instructing shia to commit haram? And then second of all, you never ever provide the subsequent steps. Why? Either because you don't know, or because that's not your agenda here. Here's another example of a tall claim that you don't actually back up or elaborate on. Except in this case, you just conveniently rode off the back of the Brother/Sister's own post. "they cannot handle the truth" Really? Why not try us. Why not actually say something of that expansive knowledge for a change? Sami, who are you really? What is your purpose here? (No I don't expect an answer. These questions are rhetorical and are for others reading this) Don't regurgitate the same old stuff. Yes, what you're probably going to say is that you're here to "wake people up" and so on and so forth. But remember, as someone who just claimed they are visited from time to time by Al-Hujjat, you a liar and liars tell... lies. Madzi
  12. Fellow brothers and sisters, "Syed"s views are strange and un-mainstream to say the least. But what sets us apart from ALL other religions is: you are free to question, and there is nothing wrong with concluding with "I don't know, but I may try and find out". I'm all for asking away, as long as the asking happens without the slightest bit of "you-see-I'm-right-you're-all-stumped". As for the question..... I don't know :) . There is no doubt in my mind that the Ka'ba is a very holy place since it is the centre of Hajj and His Emminence Imam Ali was born inside it. This leads me to believe that it would have had to be the direction for prayer. But I don't have sources. Madzi
  13. S/A LOL! :) Getting very technical here hey? But read what I said carefully: "If the sun was to disappear for 8 minutes or more, all life on earth would cease to exist instantly." Yes the earth would continue to exist, but life would end immediately because of a deep freeze. But I actually hadn't thought of the fact that, even though light takes >8mins to reach earth (meaning that if the sun ceased to exist, we wouldn't notice for at least that amount of time), the fact that the earth would break orbit would probably mean that all life would probably end long before 8 minutes, due to a distancing from the light source, or maybe a collision etc... interesting... Well done :) Take care, Madzi
  14. SaIam brother, As far as I am aware, the meaning of that hadith is that, similar to how the sun still provides life to the earth and all its inhabitants even on cloudy days when you don't directly see the sun, the lmam provides life and benefit to the inhabitants of the earth even though he is concealed behind a curtain of occultation. If the sun was to disappear for 8 minutes or more, all life on earth would cease to exist instantly. Similarly, if the lmam (a.s) ceased to be on the earth for even an instant, The Creator (a.j) would not allow the earth to continue to exist for even a single second more due to all the wrong doing etc. Apart from this very important point, while we don't see the lmam (a.s), he sees us, watches us, and more importantly, constantly prays for us and our forgiveness for all the evil we 'secretly' get up to. And don't doubt for a second that if it wasn't for this, and his secret pleading with our Lord and Creator to forgive and ignore our wrongdoing, we may have all met with the Creator's wrath a long time ago and not been allowed respite to change our ways. In many instances, he directly (yet secretly) influences our lives while we don't even know it. Various events/people/circumstances carefully planned by Shaitan to deceive us and send us far far astray are deflected by the kind lmam (a.s) either through his prayers or by his direct intervention. So, afaik, the meaning of the hadith is that: although we can't see the lmam, we still benefit from his presence on the earth in a huge way, just like the earth still benefits from the warmth of the sun even on days when it is cloudy and the sun is not visible, but still provides its warmth. Madzi
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