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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yep. I don't care if it was a contractor, a prisoner or a soldier. The video shows a very slow, very painful and very unhumanly act. Very similar to the Daniel Pearl execution but more graphic. I don't even think soldiers on either side would do this to each other. I'm wondering since the Prison abuse whistle blower was a US Soldier. Do you think a Muslim will blow the whistle on these guys?
  2. I've seen the video. God is Great - does that not irritate any of the Muslims that they chant this as they saw off some guys head? Savages. I'm sure there will be celebrating.
  3. Tell me you're kidding. I'm not sweating and quite honestly you don't have the capacity to make me sweat. Why would I sweat? Should I be nervous about how wrong you will prove me to be with all the open societies and culturally accepted groups that live and work in the ME. It's not a coincidence and it's nothing you can blame on anybody else.
  4. Frodo, Please point me to the perfect prison system that we should model ours after. I'm curious. As for wrongful punishment - the % of people wrongfully convicted is extremely low and to imply that it's inherently part of the US justice system seems like a huge exageration on your part. Exactly. People are people. And when it comes down to it we're all the same in terms of basic wants and needs. However, Americans are some of the most liberal and open minded people on Earth. Laugh all you want but walk down the street and you will see that most people could care less if you are black
  5. You're right. Our soldiers should not be used as policemen - they are not trained for that and it shows. They are for fighting wars - not nation building. I think we can all agree that removing Saddam is good, lifting sanctions is good, rebuilding the infrastructure and government could be good. Unfortunately, they didnt plan on the level of instability. I have no idea why? I think they thought they could impliment a structure run by Iraqi's that could quickly take hold. Look, the troops see themselves largely as liberators and that is a good thing. Whether or not the government has
  6. Everybody hates us - boo hoo. It's a cycle that will be repeated thougout time and it's been that way thougout our history. It matters none. What are the results going to be to this "hate". Are these countries governments going to side with other countries, switch allies, somehow start conding the activities of ME countries? Doubt it. Ok - I quit. America is evil. Bush is part of the NWO. Middle Eastern countries are helpless, little children who have no responsibility in regards to their own people, actions or lack therof I should say. Quoting Friedman on this site is humourous to
  7. It's not a good idea to try to prove what the American Army did wasn't so bad b/c Muslims have done worst to other Muslims. If you're going to hold yourself to a higher standard you can't go any allow something like this [Edited Out] to happen. It's bad precedent. As for the constant rationalization and acceptance of Muslim violence and hatred. Get used to it. I've given up trying to point out that responsibility is more than pointing fingers.
  8. The American prison system, as with any prison, is a harsh place. I don't really feel sorry for prisoners to be honest. If one is convicted of a crime that requires them to be sent to a high security prison - that's life. However, Prisoners of War and foreign prisoners under US control should not be treated as such by the Army of whoever is in control. Again - let me reiterate. Americans are disgusted by this. I'm disgusted by it. Who isn't? I find it completely ridiculous that one would think that this is common activity by Americans or accepted by American people.
  9. You're talking about "hazing". It's illegal, and again, is not representative of most frats. I know - I've been part of stuff like that. Back to the subject. If you think this is something accepted in American society you are way off. Just look at the comments of people over here. Not acceptable is the common thread. They will be punished and the fact that it's being investigated, was brought to light by the military establishment itself and is all over the news means we'll see punishment and responsibility.
  10. I wanted to share my views of the recent abuse photos and stories as an American citizen. I'm disgusted and very angry. Whether or not I agree with the war or not isn't the issue - it's whether or not the behavior is acceptable or tolerable - it isn't and 99% of Americans feel the same way. Nobody I've spoken to accepts it. Americans feel that our troops must hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to prisoners or war or human rights in general. This does not support that standard or vision. Here is what I think should be done: 1. Public trials for the guilty. 2. Punishment
  11. Why would the West "meddle" in this situation? It's handling itself nicely. People will be mad, autocratic and hardliners will look bad to the population and the Western way of life will be even more appealing. We'll just sit back and watch - thank you.
  12. This is so stupid but I should have known you would write something as such. Yep, blame the zionist regimes for the ills of Muslim society. No, the people who disregard the rights of the populations are other Muslims. Israel isn't influencing Iran. Israel isn't influencing Saudi policy. It's based upon a bad interpretation of the Koran - not a western philosophy. Supporting. You mean making an attempt to put forth a peace plan? Oh, wait a minute. Lets evaluate all the plans put forth by Muslims nations around the world to solve the problem. Wait a minute - there isnt one since they
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