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  1. Hey sisters, everyones skin type is different. Not one skin is the same! So what could work for someone, could actually make someone elses skin worse! you should really visit a beauty salon and get a diagnosis of your skin, and see what you need to work on! Nothing you put on your hair will make your hair grow faster, your hair grows from its matrix inside of your head, in its follicle, so the best thing you can do is get regular head massages for blood supply, as blood carries essential nutrients for your hair :) dont waste your time on garbage! Source: I am a beauty therapist :)
  2. I feel sorry for Man Sewer, Sorry i meant City lol.. You guys are going to buckle SO HARD, when you choke and play a decent NORMAL team !!!! dont get too excited lol blackpool had the same start last year and like ended in relegation where your team shall go !!!!

  3. Thanks everyone for replying. I went to a doctor, he said I might have depression, so getting angry could just be me acting out to numb myself but acting like im hurt etc.This may be possible, but i am also very stressed in my life. I am partly to blame, as I let things in my life happen, that are within my control, but i am not strong enough to stop it or to put things straight. So i am angry at myself too. I dont like being such an angry person. I think I will go to a doctor and ask them why I feel the way I do, and what happens to me when I do get angry. People around me have learnt the way I am, and I have pushed people away due to it. Maybe due to all the hurt I have had in my life, I dont let people get close to me anymore. Im not sure what it is, maybe its a mix of all of it. Thanks for all your replies and taking out your time to read and reply to me. InshaAllah I do resolve this, sooner rather than later.
  4. I wish it was that simply. I dont have the patience to sit there and take deep breaths.
  5. Ive tried taking up boxing, thinking it would fit my anger perfecting. But it didnt, it seemed to make me more angry and more tired! Which is weird! It kinda made me rely on boxing to calm me down also - which wasnt good, since it started to cost me a few bob.
  6. (bismillah) (salam) do any other sisters suffer from severe anger issues? I seem to get really angry over nothing. I feel myself get tense and i shake. i was driving the other day and I ended getting really bad road rage and getting out of the car to scream at the other driver. Once I got back into the car, i was seeing black spots and i couldnt grip the steering wheel because i was shaking so much! I have tried talking to counsellors, but they make me more angry with their "soothing" voices. Noone I talk to even makes me calm one bit, they just infuriate me more! As you can see I am angry at the moment, and I dont know why. I try making dua, but im still angry. I pray, and whilst in prayer im still thinking of how angry I am and how I just want to lash out. I dont know how to handle my anger problem. It seems to be getting worse as time goes by. It isnt nice to see anyone get angry the way I do, especially a female. Im tired of getting so stressed. After my episode, i get really tired and weak and then just sleep. Once I wake up, im fine, then something else annoys me and i flip out again! this is just emotionally and physically draining. I cry sometimes because of how angry I am. has anyone had any anger issues? or have had them but knows of ways to channel their energy into other things? sorry this is just a ramble. im just so angry at the moment and im at wits end trying to find a solution to calm me down! my parents just ignore me when im in a rage, they know nothing works anymore!! :( I have physically harmed myself whilst being angry, eg. punching/headbutting the wall (silly i know). Ive broke my TV, a laptop, my mobile, even smashed someones car window. I dont like who I am. I know im a nice gentle person, but i also have this really bad side and a VERY short fuse. HELP ME!!
  7. i never said he places his morals over the religion. if the heart contradicts religion, obviously religion comes first... what now your putting words in my mouth? tsk honestly is this whole argument even getting you anywhere?
  8. once again over analysing everything that we write. dont you get what I said? he speaks from his HEART on what this sister should do. he DOESNT go out of the islamic VALUES to write a reference with what advice he gives her from his HEART. get it now? or would you like me to open my oxford dictionary and rewrite it so im intellectually up to your standard? sir? i totally forgot that a lot of people on this forum dont have hearts and simply cant write advice based upon it.
  9. sorry, im not involved in this conversation at all but let me say something, who are you to judge Deeebo on his iman? you dont know him, i do. Mashallah this guy has iman, but is also inbetween with the way he thinks, hes half morals and half religion. he will give advice on the religious aspect but also will empathise with her and help her that way. the way advice should be. he doesnt step out of the religious value whilst giving advice. does every single post he submits have to have quotes from the quran or hadiths etc to back up advice? he isnt going agaisnt any islamic principle to place any sort of references to back himself up. he is simply stating an opinion and to me, that doesnt require any sort of reference. what an insult to say he is far from religion. astaghfirAllah. honestly the people on this forum are nothing but fake morons that sticky beak in peoples posts. this is about the SISTER wanting ADVICE. not having one up on each other in religion. either stick to the subject or simply just dont post. its a serious issue were a sister really needs serious answers. inshaAllah you all realise what your doing and actually help this poor sister. Salam sis. Sorry i do not have much advice to give you, all i say is please talk to your husband, what he did was not right. I do not have any references to give you, but i do have my self respect and dignity which i go by. He should NEVER do what he did. Please talk to him and try to resolve the issue where you will feel comfortable about the situation and help you live a happy life and marriage. i wish you all the best and inshaAllah Allah blesses you with a happy future. I hope you find the right thing to you, both islamically and for yourself.
  10. who cares if he is or isnt.. he is in a powerful position in politics, yet he does nothing to make the muslims in america have any easier life. he doesnt do anything to benefit the muslims he also goes onto other interviews and doesnt admit he is muslim - he changes depending on which country he is in.
  11. Salam 1. I am trying to become the best muslim I can be (inshallah) 2. be the best wife I can be that is the order. But, they both interlink (of course). by me being a good wife, i am being a good muslim, and vice versa. I just dont see why it is so hard for them to see the iman I have.. thanks for the advice, but like i said, I reverted to ISLAM i didnt convert into a lebanese girl. I learn to make lebanese food because i know my fiancee absolutely loves it (duh!) and i also love it myself, i dont do it to prove myself to his parents. It kind of aggravates me that I need to put on an act to get in their good books, rather then just focus on my deen and my husband. I am scared for when i have children, because he always told me his parents thought I would take the baby away from him, which i never would. His parents (well mother) are basically trying to control everything. I am scared for my future but I leave it with Allah and I trust in Him that whatever he wills is right for me inshallah. I am trying to put on an act at the moment, which im not very good at. I dont like being fake, or pretending. I am a true person, who is true to myself, so i find it very difficult to pretend. I think his mother sees that, lol.
  12. deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebo. how are ya cuz habib uleh hahaaaaa bye.

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