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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. To OP: I dunno if you will read it Talk to your wife about everything that is working and inst working for both of you in all aspect of your life together. It very important since most divorces could have been avoid if the couple did have a good communication between them. If you do not develop a good communication skill with her, you will have a high chance of getting a divorce soon enough. In my experience and a lots of my coworkers, a lot of married woman (muslims and non muslims) told me that they feel sexuality repressed because their hubsand are not fullfilling their sexual need/want but
  2. @ AlAbd AlThaleel, since im married with two small kids and all my friends are also married, i went to diffrents kinds of wedding. I can tell you that wedding style differ from couples to couples. My wedding was held at my house, my husband, the sheikh and our family came here. The total of the wedding cost less than 100$. Some of my friends held their wedding at the mosque, had a small celebration with close relatives and friends. They had a really simple cake and the whole total was also less than 100$. They also didnt have any music and the men were seperate from the woman. Other wedding co
  3. We dont want to names them fatima or ali since there WAY too much in our fmaily, i know it good but there is still a limit, when u call someone and everyone turning to u it not good. A name should be beautiful and should be abale to identify you. So we are considering other names that are from ahlulbayt ^_^ thanks everyone for all your help
  4. assalam alikum, i'm expecting a second child and i'm due in a few months, can you please give me suggestion for naming a baby girl as other name of Fatima the daughter of Mohammad(saw) and also name for girls or boys of the imams or their children. I don't want the usual popular name such as Ali, Hassan, Fatima since there is a lots of those names in our family, so much that no one know who we are calling who. thank you wa alikum assalam Fatima
  5. Assalam alikum, im somalian shia woman married with a morrocan man. I went for 3 months to live with him and his mother and uncle with our 6 years old daughter. His family are really nice, i love his mother and uncle. The only problem is how to deal with his mother about disciplining our child? For exemple, our daughter hit or bite others kids and I so my husband will punish her and put her in a time out. His mother was angry at him and run to my daughter to tell her not to cry and told her son never punish her. My daughter never ate foods, all she ate was candies and chips and my mother in la
  6. hi, Asalam-o-alikum,

    how are you ?

  7. ^^ This verse actually talk about polytheists. I think the OP asked about the unbelivers which is the peoples who dont believe in Allah or peoples who dont associate anything Allah.
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