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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. F.A.O ! S.H.Rizvi SALAMS! I would like to know where does your mum come from which part of the country and the name of the country, if you can ask your mother where is her father from we maybe able to locate the link. If your mother is from Ishaaq the son of Imam Musa Al-Kazim then definately she is my relation and can help to build an awarness for your understanding and maybe we are related. I can be contacted via e-mail on sajid.kazmi@hotmail.com! I look forward to see where the link joins to. Ma'a Salam Sajid Kazmi
  2. Dear All! I know plenty of families in Sunni and Shia world who emotionally blackmail their children to marry, but were forced to accept the idea of getting married. I do believe there are many cases of men and women who have tried to understand the chemistry between the 2 parties but later in life have failed to be together. However failed marriages or forced marriages can lead to adultry if not dealt with, which this in Islam is haram, Islam deals with prevention is better than cure first although the concept of Tauba is to seek forgiveness. My point is there are cases of domestic violence abuse aswell as honour killing which is infact haram in the eyes of Islam, but this is all cultural practice and ones pride. Pride inteslf is a another faculty of feeling or intellect that is deemed haram for being proud of themselves in an unjustly manner. I am well experienced and have knowledge in these areas and various testimonies from specially ladies but few men, there are centers for men and women who go through domestic violance issues and are beeing catered by local authorities. The only thing with regards to keeping the peach in the house for a long term will cause anger and domestic issues within the families, although controling anger is emphasized in Islam is sweater than honey but regarding an issue that is for long term it can cause dangerous consequences later in life. This is why we need to act quickly and think positively and move forward, if a father or mother or any memeber of the family poses an emotional threat or blackmail, this is because they want to do it their way if you don't stand up for your rights. The only way to deal with it is if do the reverse of what they say, for example say you will disown them or move out, believe me this has worked with most of families and I know after few years they have got back together and they are one happy family. This might sound easy but if you can deal with it, it can take upto few months to few years depending on how bad the circumstances are, time heals. I have been in this situation myself and I know many who are. I am looking to run a campaign and set up a team that can collaborate on Islamic and English legal system level that both authorities can control the situation and bring the criminals to justice in the eyes of Islam and in the eyes of English law. This is one of the very reasons why some of our people are blaming Islam when they have not seen the justice through Islam but cultural practices pose threat to Islam. we need to eradicatge this sort of ideaologie by educating people and try to bring peac and equality for both sides.
  3. Dear viewers Salam Alaikum

  4. Salam! I have a link from Ishaaq, but I am still trying to locate the name Qutb e Ishaaq, maybe Ishaaq is called Qutb e Ishaaq as a title... I am writing my family tree and have the whole link to Imam musa kazim. I come from that family and in our family tree Imam Khomeini is part of it. If you have any further questions or wish to get to know me then e-mail me or add me on msn. my correspondance e-mail is sajid.kazmi@hotmail.com and my msn id is armaniicode@hotmail.com. I hope to hear form you in the near future.
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