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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May Allah, glory be to Him, bless the souls of Sheikh Hassan and the others who were martyred with him in Egypt, such a shocking and horrendous crime. I saw the video on youtube and its absolutely a barbaric incident. Could you elaborate on the said Saudi Scholars who were killed, any details , any articles or books on the same, plus where can the Shaikhs' lectures ( english subtitled) be acquired (any websites or publications). And overall what was the social impact in Eqypt of Shaikh Hassans' acceptance of the Shii' creed , since his conversion in the mid 90's , any info would be highly
  2. Couldn't control my tears after seeing this barbarism, made me think about Karbala, made me think about Saqifa, Wallah i think all the bloodshed and tryanny that has taken place is solely due to what they did at Saqifa, Allah humma laan Fulaan o Fulaan wa bani umayya, ya Allah hasten the appeareance of the Imam (atfs), al ajjal ya Imam, al ajjal ya Sahib e zamaan.
  3. Salaam Alykum, Well, four years now, am still waiting for the reply to post no 39. And my appologies to "saheb" for my harsh language, i was kinda young and hasty those days !! P.S. am waiting for my reply.... Wasallam
  4. Salaam alykum, I just came across a hadith mentioned in a Shi'i webpage about Dajjal , the hadith in question is via a viz : Asbagh bin Nubatah asked Imam Ali (a.s.): O Maula! Who would Dajjal be? He (a.s.) replied, ‘The name of Dajjal is Saeed bin Saeed. Thus one who supports him is unfortunate. And are fortunate who deny him. He shall emerge from Yahoodiya village of Isfahan. He shall be blind in the right eye. The left would be on the forehead like a bloody piece, which would be glinting like the morning star. On his forehead would be inscribed: ‘ Kafir’ (disbeliever) which would readable
  5. On page 42 of Wilfred Madelungs' book, there is this passage about " Ali's (as) advice to the Prophet (SAAW) to divorce A'isha after 'the event of the necklace' ( i remember reading exactly the same in Barnaby Rogersons' book too). How accurate is this account ? Plus , what is the Shi'i opinion about the" event of the necklace', for, as far as i know of what i have heard or read in our sources, the event of the necklace didnt happen, and the accusation was instead made on Mariyah Qutubia in regards to birth of Hadrat Ibrahim. And i have always wondered , what is the source of the allegation
  6. I have read only parts of the book before, glad its full text is available online now http://books.google....epage&q&f=false. Wilferd Madelung's position is Shi'i leaning (if i may) considering in the past Western authors like Barnaby Rogerson who wrote "Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad" , a book which was trying to amalgate both shi'i and sunni views as correct, kinda sitting on the fence. Madelun's work is definitely more shi'i leaning, although as was pointed out earlier by panzerwaffe it does not establish the Im'ama as such. But then again why should it, the onus for that lies on t
  7. Totally off topic i know, but always wanted to know what height Rasulallah( SAAW ) was, i know in literature he (SAAW) is mentioned as a man of medium height, neither tall nor short, well what would that correspond to 5'8, 5'10 or what ?
  8. Salaam alykum. If fajr prayers are missed and we offer them at time of dhuhr, since fajr prayers are recited loudly and at the time of dhuhr ,prayers are recited quietly, so in the scenario of offering qadha fajr prayers at dhuhr time do we have to recite qadha fajr prayers loudly or quietly ? Similarly if dhuhr/ asr prayers are missed and to be recited as qadha at magrib time ( which we recite loudly), do we have to recite them (dhuhr) quietly ( as they were meant to be originally recited) or loudly ? And what is the concept of zawal time in Shi'a itna asharia fiqh ? If someone could answ
  9. Forgive my ignorance, but isnt life in heaven and hell eternal ? So Allah (swt) destroying people in there ? No , my query was not about the Imam (as) being born at a said time and being a proof at a later time......I had problems with understanding PEOPLE IN OTHER WORLDS DONT KNOW ABOUT THE OTHER WORLDS, SO HOW COME "THEY" WOULD KNOW ABOUT Imam -a' Sadiq (as), and whether The Holy Prophet (SAAW) and his Ahlul Bayt(AS) are Hujjah' upon all the said WORLDS and PEOPLE ? Would highly appreciate your info. Wasallam
  10. To be honest, i did not get it. Could you reply using some explinatory ahadiths or tasfeer of Shi'i scholars on the said issues...............
  11. Does this mean all the other worlds people have to believe in the wilayah of Ahlul Bayt (as) ? , but according to the said hadith : " None of these worlds know that God the Honorable the Exalted has any other worlds except their own world............." so how does it work ????? If someone could provide some details and shed some light on the issue, i did' be grateful... Wasallam
  12. Salaam Alykum, I have read this ahadith before as well, but have ever since been in a way awestruck ( i think thats the word ) by it. Honestly i have not been able to comprehend it , what it actually signifies, more so in worldly terms so as to say, are these cities in a way " Angelic " , what exactly do they signify, if someone could explain i would be highly grateful ......
  13. Independence , alas ! is a costly, costly term. Its very complicated, and that might be an understatement. What would independence mean ? would it be for Indian administered ( occupied if you may ) Kashmir only ? What about POK, what about the part annexed by China, what about Jammu and its people, How do you define J & K ? Kashmir is landlocked between three nuclear powered and highly militirised countries, economic super powers if you may. Our resourses have been drained, our reserviours of water et all are annexed by treatises between these powers. How will Kashmir survive ? These are a
  14. I as a Kashmiri myself ( am from Srinagar) would say that the majority of the people of Kashmir would want an independant nation. People outside Kashmir dont realise certain facts. Kashmir is culturally, geographically ,ethnically totally different from main land India and Pakistan.Kashmir always was an independant nation until if you have read our history , The Mughal emperor Akbar tricked by deciet our last independant ruler Yusuf Shah Chak ( of a Shi;ite dynasty) and annexed Kashmir. After partition when Indian army arrived in our lands, the United Nations orderd a Plebisite, for Kashmiri
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