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  1. Kahan kho gaye????....should I put out a lost ad for ya??? (J/K)

  2. Hahahha...so far so good....but something tells me it's inevitable....fight that is :p

  3. Dude m defahnetly not from Paki...me from your neighboring not so friendly country INDIA :P

  4. Just one thing bro...don't use violence. The best thing you can do is walk away...it makes you a bigger person than him :)

  5. Zindagi ka kya hai...woh to chalti rahegi...tum sunao bro

  6. Hey wassup? Long time no see bro....where art thou??

  7. I agree with dumbo...you sound waaayyy to mature for a 19 yr old :P

  8. not good at all...read the posts and you will know :(

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