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  1. It's hard in the beginning but once you wear it....you feel like it's the best decision you have made :) You get beautiful hijaabs now that you can match with your wedding dress or if you are custom making your dress they will be more than glad to make a scarf out of it. Or like most hijaabi's you can have a segregated ceremony and then when the men come over to the girl's side you can don your hijaab. Hope this helps!!!! :)
  2. nusu603

    Solve the Riddles!

    You definitely got me thinkin..... :donno:
  3. I guess 23 - 27 for men and 20 - 25 for women Again it varies for each individual...
  4. Salaams, I totally sympathize with you and looks like you have been given loads of advice, so I am not going to bore you with mine. I recently got married as well and to a paki but at least his friends gave him space and moreover he is a very private person and his best friend is doing his residency and is very busy so I guess I lucked out. I also think my hubby spend more time with me because he knew I was just going to be there for 3 months before I flew back to the states (our wedding took place in Pakistan). I honestly don't know what to say....I guess it's a cultural thing in Pakistan...maybe??? Let's just say paki men are very controlling and conservative (though not all :) ) I just hope things work out for you :)
  5. If you have a beef with someone keep it to them....please don't involve their families into this -_-
  6. I don't think so buddy....unless your perspective of her is that she is flawless
  7. I don't think the OP asked members to support their answer with empirical data?? I don't see any such indication in his question....it looks like it's more about discussing your views....maybe you could start by supporting it with "empirical data"??
  8. Kahan kho gaye????....should I put out a lost ad for ya??? (J/K)

  9. FYI I don't like discussing my personal life here hence the words "worked fine for me" meaning I am happy and I was born and brought up in this country hence "recent immigrants" doesn't apply to me and I would appreciate you not patronizing me
  10. From personal experience and living in the West I would say arranged marriage has just worked fine for me. As a lot of ppl before me have mentioned arranged marriage is more of a bond between two families and not just the couple. I think there is definitely room for love before marriage depending on how your family is....most families these days in the west...let the guy and girl meet spend time with each other and let them decide if they are compatible or not
  11. hhhmmmm..... what one might consider average the other might consider beautiful/handsome....every one has a different perspective caucasian men and women are the best looking people.. and what's wrong with our south asian clan?? :blink:
  12. Hahahhaah....good one but god created the draft (men) before he created the masterpiece (women) :P
  13. Definitely Ziyaraat....when the call comes from maula's house....you go.
  14. Wearing hijaab in the west...well sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. Most of it is out of ignorance, after 9/11 it is surprising how many people don't even know the religion one belongs to when they wear hijaab...I have been asked a lot of things but the best one that takes the cake is someone asking me if I was having a bad hair day and I just looked at her dumbfounded thinking where in the hell where you when 9/11 happened? I am not implying that everyone should know our religion that way but the truth is after 9/11 is when Islam came into the mainstream west. I have also had some positive reactions from people when they instantly recognize "oh you are a muslim and you cover your hair to protect your modesty/beauty" It is also surprising when people know that you eat only halal meat etc...There are moments like these that make me think maybe the world is not that ignorant :D
  15. I was 9 when I started wearing hijaab....again it wasn't the proper hijaab though....when it would rain I would wear the raincoat and forget to wear the hijaab only to have it stop raining when it was time to come home and feeling weird about not wearing the hijaab :o Living in a south asian country where everyone I know wore hijaab it wasn't really a choice. If everyone is wearing hijaab you don't want to be shunned by your peers. That was then this is now....though there were times in my teens when I removed my hijaab and my parent's did not know about it :unsure: not too proud of doing it :squeez: But I guess it's my choice now and I am proud to say I do it coz I truly believe in doing it....not because I am afraid of looking different :Hijabi: :)
  16. I read Ziyarate Ashura and Ziyarate Warisa
  17. Asalam Alaikum I was wondering if someone could give me the english transliteration of surah al-imran ayat 74 & 75. Just wanted to share this FYI with everyone if these two ayat's are recited daily 350 times in one sitting insha Allah there is increase in rizq (rozi). Sorry I don't have the source of this but it was one of the chain emails forwarded to me. Can someone authenticate this for me??? Thank You in advance!!!! KH
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