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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well the shadi season is up and goin and ive been thinkin lately bout what im lookin fo in my wife syed shia character personality patience prudence honesty loyalty looks ive kept looks at the last of my list cuz i knw so many ppl that look very good on the outside but arnt mentally or emotionally attractive on the inside. Sometimes personality can also decieve a person, btw personality comes from the greek word "persona" which means "mask". What really does matter is charcter, which can only be known with the passage of time with respect to an individuals emotional intelligence. Some people i
  2. hey, jus been busy.....cant keep up with this and fb at the same time.....hows life? u in india yet?

  3. neva heard of bones, will chk it out
  4. just 5 more posts to becom an advance member
  5. ??????????????? need 5 more posts to become an advance member
  6. hey wasup sareena?

  7. man the apprentice uk is da bomb....the only problem is that here in pakistan we aint got the channels that broadcast it......all we got is the american apprentice which sucks cuz its kinda dramatized compared to the uk one........what channel will the new apprentice broadcast on? ill tell my cable oprtr to tune in........we got bbc prime but they got the older seasons
  8. hey wassup 2099?

  9. i personally believe that adoption is the best, cause im adopted too......Allah has blessed me with the best parents.....Inshallah one day i will adopt a child too and i think every couple should at least adopt one child
  10. hey thats just what i think......u should share ur opinion on the matter not on what i think of the matter
  11. Today Muslims are probably at their worst stage. The facts are rarely put straight, which i hope to change. Ive brought this matter to your attention in light of the present crisis we Muslims face, mostly because of ourselves. Many British Pakistanis and probably other overseas Pakistanis complain and criticize Pakistan (Please note that the purpose of this topic is not pro Pakistan) I have personally come across many such people. Hearing all those criticisms makes me wonder if its the right thing to do. Its really sad to say, but i know many Overseas Pakistanis feel ashamed of their heritage
  12. this is a very serious matter.....people can be quite predictable......just the day b4 yesterday i was tellin my bro that an important member of the ppp will probably resign.....i made that comment in view of the present situation that ppp is going through, which is HELL.......this guy u talk about is another example of those weak hearted ppl that criticize something closely related to them just so ppl may feel that they are not a part of the problem.......i was bred in kenya but im presently in mirpur a.k pakistan....i remember how i felt when i came, i hated pakistan, but that didnt help....
  13. lolz well i hope we can set an example of how nicely we could get along wid each otha

  14. nice to knw u can write urdu....wht part of pakistan r u frm?

  15. when im depressed or feeling down i just sit down and go in to this very deep sorta mood.....i start thinkin positive and big.....or sometimes i just listen to plain music, which i knw may sound kinda weird but i give my own words to it which helps me fell less stressed out
  16. whateva the case i personaly feel that girls with hijaab look prettier ;)
  17. thanx nusu but im talkin just general, even the unmarried girls always dress like theyre competin for miss universe or sumfin
  18. i just noticed something that people usually dont notice why do girls dress up more than men? i knw it sounds funny but lately ive been reading history and ive come to knw that throughout history men have loved women for thier beauty and women like men for thier bravery, intelligence and probably money so i guess men have a sentimental weakness for beauty and women for words
  19. i read this very interesting arabic proverb which says "The intelligence of a woman is in her beauty and the beauty of a man is in his intelligence"
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