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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well the shadi season is up and goin and ive been thinkin lately bout what im lookin fo in my wife syed shia character personality patience prudence honesty loyalty looks ive kept looks at the last of my list cuz i knw so many ppl that look very good on the outside but arnt mentally or emotionally attractive on the inside. Sometimes personality can also decieve a person, btw personality comes from the greek word "persona" which means "mask". What really does matter is charcter, which can only be known with the passage of time with respect to an individuals emotional intelligence. Some people i
  2. hey, jus been busy.....cant keep up with this and fb at the same time.....hows life? u in india yet?

  3. Kahan kho gaye????....should I put out a lost ad for ya??? (J/K)

  4. nothing much mr baqir shah. how are you bro?

  5. neva heard of bones, will chk it out
  6. just 5 more posts to becom an advance member
  7. ??????????????? need 5 more posts to become an advance member
  8. hey wasup sareena?

  9. man the apprentice uk is da bomb....the only problem is that here in pakistan we aint got the channels that broadcast it......all we got is the american apprentice which sucks cuz its kinda dramatized compared to the uk one........what channel will the new apprentice broadcast on? ill tell my cable oprtr to tune in........we got bbc prime but they got the older seasons
  10. hey wassup 2099?

  11. i personally believe that adoption is the best, cause im adopted too......Allah has blessed me with the best parents.....Inshallah one day i will adopt a child too and i think every couple should at least adopt one child
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