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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamun 'Alaikum, There are quite a few references available regarding Halal or Haram acts , foods etc but we all know that both shia and Sunni fiqh talks about Makruhaat as well. I was trying to find some exact quotes of Aima(as) or Prophet(sawa) from any authentic source describing exactly Makruhaat or atleast the defination or subject. In other words, what are the references behind the rulings of Mujtahid concerning the issues of Makruhaat i.e Makruhaat while Fasting. I would highly appreciate the references with complete book name and page#.
  2. If there are some steps taken by the Govt for bridge building purpose then certainly, these steps must be either in the papers only or for show off. The fact is that conventional harsh wahabi thoughts are spreading day in and day out through the chain of Dawa centers all around the kingdom and world. I have personally seen CDs and books, against almost every non salafi, avialble in Dawa Centers. There are big TV screen right in the middle of cities showing harsh lectures in all the major languages. These lectures are mostly against, Deobandis, Barelvis, Sufis, Shias etc. I am keen to know if D
  3. How come Hammas is wahabi and royal mufti gave verdict against it? Its interesting to note that Twelver Iran is the biggest supporter of Wahabi Hammas.
  4. Its not a matter of funding only my dear. We must consider the agenda. A country who is willing to spread Salafi belief in muslim world ends up in supporting and backing US and West and one of their major allies, Its religious authorities give verdicts againts Hammas and Hizbollah and Its royal Mufti gives a verdict in favor of Yazid(la) and against Imam Hussain(as). This is not the case with Iran.
  5. Respectfully dear, but its not just a symbolic seat. Aal Al Sheikh have complete hold over education system and religious affairs of the kingdom. I do not agree that there is kind of bridge building between sufis and salafis in saudia. I find harsh lectures in all languages and bunch of books against sufis / tareeqa in Dawa centers running by Salafis. Infact, I hardly find any bridge building b/w sunnis and 7% saudi shias in eastern province. The fact is that Saudi society is full of hatred due to conventional harsh behavior of salafis. Although, its worthy to mention that people do have bette
  6. I have not gone through with all the posts but one more thing about salafis which is I think one of the major point of clash between them and sunnis is issue of Taqleed. I found so many books against taqleed and four school of thoughts in in their book stores / libraries . One more point is that Salafis are in power in Saudi bcz of Aal Al Sheikh but It does not mean that whole sunni population is Salafi. As far as I have heard, the majority of Saudis follow Shafa'ee school.
  7. Thanks brother! My question is the same as brother malang has asked. I would only like to add : 1- Some sunnis claims that his book Ghunya Al Talebeen is fabricated by wahabis and actual book is preserved in some library in Iraq. What are your views about this book and which book is currently used by his followers? 2- Can you tell about the scholar who is mentioned by Dr. tijani in his book "thumma ahdayto" ? The scholar who did research on Abdul Qadir? 3- I am very keen to know the view of our top 'ulema about him. 4- As brother malang has said, please share with us anything which you feel i
  8. I visited the website and managed to have some english translation of it, thoug not sure if it is correct or no. Anyway just putting it here: Kilaon: descent back to the Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, a Persian origin, and necklaces of gems Tadwi Hanbali Husniyya proportions that it is: (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Bin Musa Cengi Douste bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Yahya Zahid bin Daud bin Musa bin Abdullah bin Musa Ergun Abdullah bin Hassan bin purely Muthanna Al-Imam Al-Hassan fine, peace be upon him) this ratio can not be bought because Yahya did not have a son named Abdullah pursuer, and Sheikh Abdul
  9. Thanx brother! If you can kindly spare sometime to discuss this topic then it will be a great favor. I was badly criticized by many followers of Sheikh when I questioned about his lineage. they used to quote lot of references from the ghunya al talebeen by Sheikh which are seriously controversial or anti shia. While few people claim that this book is fabricated by salafis / wahabis and orginal book is preserved in Iraq in some library. It looks quite strange to me. Shaheed Murtada Mutahari in a book Light within Me has mentioned him as Sayed while in umdat al talib he has been declared non say
  10. The shortest and complete answer for your baseless and knowledgeless questions can be "Ayat Al Mubahila", and the last part of the verse you can recite as a du'a! :lol: ...but don forget to say Aamin!
  11. true or sometimes they have sunnis and shias both in their families, like PM of Pakistan :lol:
  12. Brother, If I am not mistaken then I have seen your views in a 5 years old thread of shiachat.com in which you are rejecting the claim that he was a hasnai Sayed. Can you kindly clarify? thanx
  13. Yes, Just like Murtaza Mutahari and Dr. Tijani Samawi.
  14. As Salam 'Alaikum! Hope all of you are with the best of health by the grace of Allah. Just would like to have your opinions about the above mentioned topic. Although, It has been discussed several times in other threads but I could not find any conclusion in those threads. My question is specifically about the opinions of knows Shia Mujtahids or Scholars about Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani(ra). We know Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahari has confimed him a Sayed in one of his book. While in of the discussion threads of shiachat, I found references of other Mujtahids which deny this fact. Ayatullah Jafar Al
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