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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam aleykom, Can someone explain this to me (the bold part) . Hasham became furious and inflamed and sent Nafey, one of the wise men, to ask questions from Imam (A.S.) and according to his idea enfeeble and debilitate him, and devalue him in the eyes of the people. The court scholar came forward, saluted and asked for his permission to make queries and interrogate him. Imam (A.S.) replied, "Do ask what ever you wish!" Nafeh asked him, "What was the length of the duration of period between Christ Essa (A.S.) and Mohammad (P.B.U.H.). Imam said, "In our opinion Five Hundred years." Nafeh asked,
  2. I hate how guys think its normal to have female friends and think its okay to hang around females all the time..Cant u find some male friends and hang around them :wacko: Is it that u guys dont realise that its not okay or u just dont care. I know that mayb ur not gonna sin or anything with hanging/talking to them, but to me it just became 2 normal for guys to be around females all the time. I dont wanna judge and say, look what a bad guy,but it doesnt give me a good impression of u either.
  3. SA, now that u have changed ur stance, how is it gonna affect ur life?
  4. We had fishes but they died, we had a hamster, she died, we had a bird,,he died :no: Now we have a couple of fish, alhamdulilah they havent died :shifty: I heard the hasad goes to your pets :shaytan:
  5. U shouldnt judge people. Try to be more busy with bettering urself than to think about these things.I think people go through different stages in their life. Ive learned that people can be religious and wear make up and tight clothes and stuff. Nobody is perfect. We all have things we struggle with. U can c this girl struggling with this. And the perfect hijabi could be struggling with things that u dont c. I think as long as people are trying to better themselves, we shouldnt judge them. People change in stages and not overnight. I think its really mean to call people drag queens and clowns,
  6. Well my parents made me leave =( And plus its hard getting a iranian passport if ur dad is a iraqi. I do think thats unfair =( lol propagenda
  7. Dont underestimate the power of the mind. Reminds me of those monks that can do strange stuff, And people walking on hot stones, and not feeling any pain.
  8. Hmm i wonder why she just didnt let herself die. Is this hadith telling us to do whatever you can to survive? Cause i would think death is much better then doing that. Why not there are so many people dying of hunger
  9. lol i love baby vids i remember when i saw this the first time i laughed so much...auto tuned is funny 2...but its sad at the same 2 xD
  10. I think most sunnis dont know what infailibility actually entails
  11. Hmm reminds me of the rulings that if you find ur husband incapable of something after u married him then u can also dissolve it. Not sure if im saying it right. Bit its kinda sad tho
  12. Thats interesting..my mum is really into hair masks and stuff..and she always urges me to use hair masks,,because im becoming bold in her opinion.... But i googled it and i saw some violet oils out there..i would just order 1 and try it i guess if i were u. Have u seen some changes in ur hair already due to the sidr? =p
  13. My family actually never celebrate birthdays. We always forget about eachothers bdays xD. I actually dont know how old my parents are if u ask me on the spot. And i get confused about my brothers ages as well :donno: My lil brother makes his bday important tho and he starts speaking about his bday months before.and asks for presents. I do congratulate my friends tho if i remember their bdays and if they have partys ill go to them. Im doing shirk by the way. Oh yeah i have a sunni friend who doesnt like it when people congratulate her on her bday.. but theyre not all like that i guess
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