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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wouldnt be surprised. 2012 is a significant number in most culture and 'prediction scenes'..but hey so was Y2K..what I do know is that: 1) This is the worst economic crisis in history (just look at all the century old retailers shutting down) 2) This fabulous Stimulus plan is a horrible idea..but now that Ive read it here it would support two sort of outlandish ideas: 1) Creating jobs within the US by deferring all Military troops on regional soil for 'Civilian Matters', and 2) Knowingly decrease the value of the dollar and making way for the alleged 'Amero' and the UNA (which isn't that mu
  2. Salam Alaykum I posted this in another forum but decided to begin a new thread because I believe that there can be alot of discussion on this topic. People this is a dialogue and a conversation, I wanted to start off by saying that Nobody is right and Nobody is wrong..these will inshallah provide us all with a channel of challenge thought-provoking questions and thereby, enlightenment. And this being the thinkers discourse, I should assume that if these subjects are too weighty for you, you would not be here. It is impossible to denounce evolution. If anything, we can see that Alberuni's phil
  3. It is impossible to denounce evolution. If anything, we can see that Alberuni's philosophical and astronomical studies provided evidence that such a phenomenon exists. And with modern technology, anthropologists have found fossilized remains of everything from mammoths and dinosaurs to Homo erectus and every primate in between. These 'darwinism' creatures may be concluded to be just ornate extinct species, which can be a relevant statement. However, logically, 'Survival of the Fittest' is a very apt theory: Scientific research proves how environment can have profound effects on the human body
  4. Salams all, I was (as usual) googling stuff and came across this article, it was really interesting and for the most part felt unbiased and tactful which is always good. However I did come across something that surprised me and Im wondering if anybody has ever heard of it before? It says: "As a point of interest, the Jafari School is named after its founder Imam Jafaf Sidiq who was a direct descendent through two different lines of the Sunni Caliph Abu Bakr. And Al Azhar University, though now Sunni, was actually founded by the Shia Fatimid dynasty in 969CE" Im putting the entire article as
  5. Uhh heres my picks: 9to9 - Sheikh 212 Men - Carolina Harrera Aqua - Bulgari Brit - Burberry Angel - Thierry Mugler Black XS - Paco Raban and the list goes on. But yeh Armani and Boss are waayyy too played out. So Kenneth Cole.
  6. Alaykum Salam, I completely agree with you; the aspect of Mehndi is irrelevant to me, Everyone on this thread has agreed that the Carrying of the Mehndi is just a means of symbolism, the question of his Nikah (not marriage) is completely different. I thank you for giving relevant information and citing appropriately 'sahih' sources (like Ayatullah Sistani for example..) You've taken the question of ' how could H. Qasim be wedded when books like bihar and maqtal say he had not hit puberty', However the question does come to mind of Janabe Fatima Sughra, it seems a lot of sources agree Imam Hus
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